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‘The Association is a friendly group of people, both performers and listeners, who are interested in the organ and its music and the world of choral music. Each year we have a varied programme of events, which include lectures and workshops on aspects of organ and choral music, recitals, visits to interesting organs and social events.’


'Its "vision" is that the highest quality and range of music making opportunities are available to all children and young people in Wiltshire. And to achieve that, its "mission" is to support & develop a vibrant community of music makers and a diverse range of high quality learning opportunities, which are open to all and celebrate achievement. As well as working with schools and music teachers we work with a growing group of people involved in a much wider range of music activity, including bands, clubs and groups, promoters, festivals and venues – with both professional and volunteer musicians and music supporters.'


'We believe that singing is your birthright and that everybody (no matter what they were told at school) can sing. We’ll never ask you to sing on your own and we never use scores so you don’t have to read music. There are no auditions and all of our choirs learn the same material each term and, in normal circumstances perform, usually two or three times a year at local events in their own right or as part of the Wiltshire Wailers.'

‘Established by Wiltshire Council in partnership with parents and supporters to create bands, orchestras and choirs for children of primary and secondary school age in Wiltshire. Professional staff  coach and conduct the large number of ensembles on offer. The bands, orchestras and choirs are split into three groups. There is Wiltshire Young Musicians (WYM) which include West Wiltshire Young Musicians (WWYM) and North Wiltshire Young Musicians (NWYM). (There is also a group based in the Salisbury area called Salisbury Area Young Musicians (SAYM).)


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