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! Walsall KEY
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Walsall Music Education Hub is renowned for its high quality music provision and resides in the Walsall Arena and Arts Centre (formerly Forest Arts Centre). Providing the rhythm of life to everything from jazz to samba from heavy metal to Indonesian folk music. Walsall Music Education Hub is the place to come to listen, learn and enjoy music ... Arts Council England provide a network of music education hubs across England.‘


* Walsall Music Education Hub & Service
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Also indexedWalsall Music Education Hub
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Aldridge Musical Comedy Society, or AMCS for short, is a Drama and Theatre group that prides itself on musical prowess and acting talent. Formed in 1967 in a corroboration with Brownhills, we have performed over 70 shows in a wide variety of theatres in the West Midlands area.’


+ Aldridge Musical Comedy Society
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‘The Society's year includes two seasons: September to January and January to May. Each season ends with a concert and the first also includes a pre-Christmas carol concert. Members thus have the opportunity to sing a variety of popular items and major works of the choral reportoire.'

+ Walsall Choral Society
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‘In 1897, Walsall Harmonic & Social Society was founded “for gentlemen to cultivate a taste in music”. The Male Voice Choir was formed from that Society’s membership in 1970 and since then has continued to present a range of musical styles. Unfortunately, the Harmonic Society was disbanded in 2009, but we are proud to maintain their memory through our name. We perform for charity events, local community- and church-based activities, and also in joint concerts with other local choirs and ensembles.’


+ Walsall Harmonic Male Voice Choir
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‘Founded in 1955, Walsall Operatic Society is a vibrant and friendly society with a strong reputation for producing outstanding musical theatre. Though our members come from a range of different backgrounds and cover a huge age range (7 to 70), they share the same passion and are dedicated to staging only the highest quality productions.’

+ Walsall Operatic Society
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‘Formed over 35 years ago ... We perform a concert at the Forest Arts Centre at 2pm usually on the first Thursday of each month. The cost is only £2.00 ... If you play an instrument - or used to play and want to start again - why not come along to our rehearsals on Wednesday mornings? ...  There is no audition; we welcome all who are keen to play. We are particularly keen to recruit string players.The repertoire for our concerts normally comprises an overture, a selection from a popular show and light classical music.’


+ Walsall Senior Citizens Orchestra
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'Exists to enable the young and not so young to experience the excitement and enjoyment of playing in a full Orchestra ... The WSO would not exist without players and, although it has a good membership, is always on the lookout for more ... If you're not sure if the orchestra is for you, then why not come along to a rehearsal to find out? Even if you feel you may be a little rusty, we'd love you to come along and give it a try ...'

+ Walsall Symphony Orchestra
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‘Renowned for its high quality music provision and is now home to the Walsall Music Education Hub. Providing the rhythm of life to everything from jazz to samba from heavy metal to Indonesian folk music, Forest Arts Centre is the place to come to listen, learn and enjoy music.'


@ Forest Arts Centre
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