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- Bourne Choral

- Divers Voyces

- Glebe Singers

- South Holland Centre

- South Holland Singers

- Ukulele Orchestra of Spalding


‘In the mid 1990's a group of like minded amateur organ players in the Bourne area decided they would like to get together to hear each other play music and enjoy each others' company ...'. Monthly evening meetings.


'The Burtey Fen Collection Is a privately owned music hall in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire, housing three pipe organs - a Compton cinema organ, a Wurlitzer cinema organ and a classical pipe organ. The venue also features a vast collection of original memorabilia in tribute to the stars of entertainment 1940-1965. A small "fairground organ" made by the late Denis Matthews of the "M Ranch" has been re-housed on the balcony. Organ concerts by top names of the organ world are a monthly feature ...'


Typically four concerts per season, Sunday afternoons.


‘Spalding Folk Club has been running continuously since 1979 - and a couple of the original members are still coming along. We aim to have a good time, encourage local performers and to present the best professional guests that we can afford. There has been a strong tradition of songwriting from many of the residents over many years, including awards at the “Write a Lincolnshire Folk Song” competition. Despite this, most of the regular performers have a repertoire of traditional material as well.’ The Main Club usually meets first Wednesday of each month.


’Being part of Spalding Music Centre gives young people the opportunity to play a musical instrument or sing as part of a group, in a fun and supportive environment.‘


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