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'Founded in 1987 to provide professional rehearsal and performance opportunities for emerging singers, musicians and technical trainees on the threshold of their careers. Now regarded as one of the country's foremost opera training companies, it works to provide the very best professional development through an annual programme of workshops, masterclasses and fully-staged operas.'

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'Want to sing in a competition and raise money for your charity? We provide opportunities for choirs connected to the legal sector to sing in competitions and raise money for their own chosen charities.'

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'Offers a one year, full-time course, designed for those who wish to realise their full potential as musical theatre performers. We are widely recognised as unique in our approach, and our ethos is to create the environment of a professional company in rehearsal rather than that of an educational institution. LSMT offer only the one course, that has been refined and developed ... and has a proven track record of success.'

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'Formed in 2009 and is independent and self-governing ... The choir gives regular concerts, and engages in other activities such as singing for charity. Numbering around 30 members, the choir focuses on the small ensemble "high art" repertoire across the historical range from Medieval to Contemporary, occasionally inviting additional singers to join in putting on larger scale works ...'

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'The International Staff Band, or ISB as it is now known still has around twenty percent of its members working for the Salvation Army, with the remaining members employed in a variety of occupations and professions. All are active members of their own particular local Salvation Army corps (Church), with membership spread as far afield as Leeds, Norwich, Bristol, London [and many centres in between]. Many of the band's members are also musical leaders in their local corps (Church) and membership of the ISB is undertaken in addition to their local church commitments ...'

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'Southwark Cathedral is a popular venue for concerts and recitals ... The Cathedral ... has boasted a fine Choir of boys and men for many years, offering pupils at day schools, both independent and state, the opportunity to learn music in the unique English Cathedral tradition. They have become well known through their broadcasts, tours and recordings. As part of the Millennium Project, marking the year 2000, Southwark Cathedral Girls' Choir was formed, on similar lines to the boys, to enrich the Cathedral's musical heritage and to offer the same opportunity for musical, spiritual and social development ... The Cathedral's organ was built by Lewis & Co. of Ferndale Road, Brixton, south London, and completed in 1897 ... The stop list is now as Lewis left it, except for the Viola 4' which was retained because it was a gift in memoriam.'

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