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‘Each year it has provided a full symphony orchestra with internationally renowned soloists producing four concerts in a week in West Somerset.’ Held Late July.

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‘Brings top quality classical music performance to West Somerset ... Our annual programme offers a wide variety of performances by internationally known artists as well as introducing younger musicians with a promising future.’ Typically, now offers four recitals per season, October - March.

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‘A non profit making community venture which celebrates the cultural heritage of Exmoor, while inviting top musicians from abroad to celebrate theirs in the six weeks between May Day and Midsummer. In the spirit of diversity the festival also offers a variety of other events and activities including walks, talks, classical music, jazz and opera and an art exhibition.‘

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'Stogumber Festival is a celebration of the performing arts. For a few days in September each year this quiet West Somerset village is transformed into a centre for musical and other events ...'

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A flute choir for adult learners and those returning to the instrument. Alto flute and Piccolo available. Occasional performances at local events.'

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‘We enjoy singing a wide range of choral music, from great classics such as "Messiah" to modern works including the incredible "Armed Man" by Karl Jenkins. We have a lot of fun in our rehearsals and performances and are always happy to welcome new members - no audition needed! Our concert season includes an Autumn / Christmas concert and a Spring / Easter concert, each preceeded by approximately 10 weekly rehearsals.’

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'Founded in 2000 ... and started with around 12 members. We now have around 40 members ... We extend a warm welcome to all new members; all you need is enthusiasm and we will do the rest! No auditions are necessary. We undertake around 10 – 12 concerts a year and raise thousands of pounds for charity.'

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‘Founded in 1941. Apart from a few years in the 1950’s we have been providing entertainment and raising funds for various local charities ever since. We are a mixed voice choir with a range of musical abilities and are always ready to welcome new members ... We perform our concerts at Christmas and in Spring and rehearse for about fourteen weeks prior to the performances ... We sing a wide variety of pieces - from Irving Berlin to William Crotch! We don't hold auditions.’

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'Loved by the people of West Somerset for its wide ranging programme of professional and community entertainment that includes drama, film, comedy, dance, music and performance of all kinds ... We have successfully hosted large and small scale performances in the auditorium of drama, ballet, contemporary dance, classical and all styles of music by large and small drama companies, choirs, full scale orchestras, small bands and individuals.'

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