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'Founded in 1993 by the late Evelyn Barbirolli, an outstanding oboist, this is an event of exceptional quality which stands as a lasting memorial to her. The festival, now based in the Erin Arts Centre, has attracted competitors from as far away as Australia, China and the United States.' Held triennially [2020] Late March - Early April.


Culture Vannin has a strong and proud history of supporting and promoting Manx culture through development, education and grant-giving work since we were established as the Manx Heritage Foundation by Act of Tynwald in 1982. Inspired by the Island of Culture celebrations throughout 2014, we adopted the trading name Culture Vannin, reflecting our continued work to promote our culture in inclusive, engaging and creative ways.’ Also access to: manxmusic.com - manx celtic music and dance - ’where you’ll find everything you need to know about the music and dance of the Isle of Man’.


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‘Provides vital support and advice to individuals and organisations wishing to help advance the arts within the Manx community. The Council aims to increase involvement with the arts, from the youngest in the community to the oldest. We do this through a number of initiatives and funding schemes ... A vibrant arts and cultural scene is not just “nice to have”; it's vital both to our wellbeing and our sense of place. We want the very best for our creative and cultural communities. We want to support people to take part in whichever way is best for them. We want to make sure arts and culture belong to everyone.’


‘From its inception in 2010 the Festival has quickly established itself and is now recognised as a serious, yet friendly, musical competition of stature and attracts choirs from around the UK and Ireland and wherever choral singing is enjoyed and celebrated ... Although competition remains at the heart of the Festival, it is aimed at supporting and nurturing the continuance of choirs and choral groups. We also strive to include family and friends during the weekend to ensure that they too can enjoy the many unique aspects of our Island while others sing!’ Held Mid October.


‘Provides instrumental and vocal tuition in schools. The service aims to provide every school child with the opportunity to participate in music and to inspire a lifelong love of music ... As students progress they may join one or more of the centrally run groups which take place on Saturday mornings ... All groups give public concerts throughout the year and senior groups tour to the UK or further afield.‘


'Due to our location here in the Isle of Man we have found in the past that it was expensive to get visiting organists here and also we had at times to cover two nights accommodation as well as the cost of travel. Recently, things have improved as regards travel costs and timings, thus reducing the overnight stays to a single night with more flights and sailings being available and at more acceptable costs. Nevertheless, we find that we would be unable to risk putting on more than four concerts each year. Our Club Nights are, therefore, mainly put on with our members doing their own thing on our club organ {which is the latest in home organs from Orla). Members also bring along their own keyboards and join in the fun. During several Club Nights we devote the first half of the evening to "Speciality Nights".'


'This triennial competition is welll-established and known throughout the musical world. Players of all nationalities are invited to take part in the competition, workshops and masterclasses which attract participants from all over the World. The event is administered by the Erin Arts Centre with funding from the Lionel Tertis Foundation and the Isle of Man Arts Council.' Held April [2019].


‘The International Mananan Festival of Music & the Arts was founded in 1975 and comprise two major annual events. The Mananan Festival held in June each year, and Mananan Opera held in September each year.’ The Mananan Festival is ‘mainly classical music but the festival has also included folk, jazz, cabaret, drama, dance, puppets, indian music, lectures, talks, films, BBC Radio 3 broadcasts, art exhibition, youth competitions’. The Opera Festival ‘brings together singers from all over the British Isles for one week to rehearse and then perform an opera’.


'The Manx Competitive Music, Speech and Dance Festival or The Manx Music Festival, as it is more commonly known, or The Guild as it is known locally, had its origins in The Isle of Man Fine Art and Industrial Guild. It was during the fifth Annual Exhibition of this organisation, held in December 1892, that choir competitions were held for the first time. These were organised by Miss M L Wood, who became known as “the Mother of Manx Music”, and took place over just one day. Competition was accepted as the motivation for improvement in many spheres. From this humble beginning the “Music Guild” developed ...' Held Late April - Early May.


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Created in 1974 at the Isle of Man Ramsey Grammar School ‘to fill a gap in the cultural life of Ramsey and to make professional standard classical music available to the School’s students’. Typically half a dozen recitals per annum, November - March.


'In September 1987, a group of Gilbert and Sullivan enthusiasts met in Ramsey and formed the Ramsey G&S Society ... The society has since grown over the years and has performed most of the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. Unfortunately Gilbert & Sullivan operettas no longer attract audiences and so the decision was taken to perform other musicals. We did this for the first time with "The Merry Widow" in 2006. In April 2018, Centre Stage Productions was founded as a subsidiary company of the Manx G&S Society, for when the group perform any non Gilbert and Sullivan shows. We continue to sometimes perform G&S concerts, as well as smaller concerts around the Isle of Man and will consider performing for any charitable concern.'


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Douglas Town Band was formed in 1887 making it the longest running brass band on the Isle of Man ... We are a community brass band and are proud of our heritage and can often be seen performing at various events and venues around the Island. The Band also represent Douglas Borough Council at various civic events throughout the year ... We welcome new or returning members to all of our bands. We are currently recruiting for our Youth and Training Bands. If you or a child are interested in learning a brass instrument or percussion please get in touch, and let yours or your child's musical journey begin with us at Douglas Town Band.’


‘The Society started with a strong nucleus of teachers from all parts of the Isle of Man and, while maintaining those links, has over the years expanded to become a real community choral society ... The members of the society now come from all walks of life but all with the common purpose of enjoying and performing good music.’

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The origin of the Orchestra can be traced back to the formation of the Douglas Amateur Orchestral Society following which there was a varied series of events leading to today's full-scale orchestra. Two or three concerts each season, often with other groups.


‘Formerly the Manx Girls Choir, was formed in 1952  ... The choir is SSA, (soprano, mezzo-soprano and alto) and has a membership base of around 40 members ... Our repertoire is varied, ranging from early music all the way up to modern classics  and songs from the musicals.’

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'One of the leading arts centres in the British Isles. Known for its ground-breaking music and opera festivals and its international competitions for the double bass, viola and oboe, the Erin Arts Centre acts as a prestigious venue for artists and a model for arts centres across the country. These events have and continue to attract artists and participants of the highest stature ... The Erin Arts Centre's activities are supported by an active and involved corps of members, audience supporters and volunteers.'


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