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- Essex Yeomanry Band


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! Chelmsford KEY
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‘Almost every month Chelmsford Jazz Club puts on music ranging from swing and mainstream to a touch of modern, and plan to keep doing so for a long time to come. As well as old favourites, there are always new names to discover and new approaches to explore.’


Category Jazz Clubs
* Chelmsford Jazz Club
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‘A mixed choir numbering about 30 members which performs a wide repertoire from sacred to secular music, from anthems and other major sacred works such as Handel's The Messiah and John Rutter's Requiem, to folksong arrangements and selections from shows ... The Anglia Singers Choir was formed in 1992 to give a Christmas carol service in Chelmsford, on the site now occupied by Anglia Ruskin University. We now give three concerts a year, raising money for local charities.’


Category Chamber Choirs
+ Anglia Singers
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‘Chelmsford’s leading amateur musical and dramatic society. Providing local audiences with West End style quality productions since November 1920 ... We welcome new members both acting and non acting at all times. You are sure of a warm welcome from all ... From classical to contemporary, we always deliver an eclectic mix of musicals. Regional premieres rub shoulders with time-honoured favourites.’


+ CAODS [Chelmsford]
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‘A wind orchestra based in Chelmsford and which performs regularly at a range of venues in the surrounding area ... The eighty-strong orchestra plays a wide-ranging repertoire of classics, themes from stage and screen and arrangements of popular music. It has a loyal following of concert goers and a reputation for providing accessible, quality concerts which are enjoyed by players and audiences alike. Caprice gives four to five concerts a year, raising money for local and national charities.’


Category Chelmsford
+ Caprice: The Essex Wind Orchestra
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‘There are relatively few classical guitar orchestras in existence compared to the many and varied groups of assorted strings, woodwind, brass and percussion which have the ability to sustain notes and employ a wide range of dynamics and tone colours. However, guitar players are very keen to show what can be done with six nylon strings stretched across a wooden box; each string can be an instrument; melody, harmony and bass lines can all be played simultaneously by one player and when those resources are shared amongst a group of players the possibilities are even greater. Chego consists of some of the best guitar players in our city and who have come together to show what can be done with such instruments and with a bit of imagination and ingenuity.’


Category Chelmsford
+ Chelmsford Guitar Orchestra
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‘Can trace its origins back to 1903 when it sang to raise funds for British troops fighting in the Boer war. The choir was re-formed in 1948 by Bill Gane, who was eventually succeeded by his son Jack ... The choir has a membership in excess of 70, drawn from many walks of life. Our repertoire includes many modern as well as traditional male voice choir pieces ... We sing locally, throughout East Anglia and other parts of the British Isles - proud of the widely acknowledged reputation we have achieved. But we are only as good as the members we have and we are keen to have you. For whilst we know we sing very well, you can help us to sing even better!‘

+ Chelmsford Male Voice Choir
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‘Have been making music in Chelmsford since 1927. As one of the leading amateur choirs in Essex, we perform regular concerts both in Chelmsford and farther afield ... We would hope that as a member of The Chelmsford Singers you would: * enjoy making music; * improve your singing technique; * benefit from the Singers workshops; * develop your vocal skills; * increase your musical repertoire.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Chelmsford Singers
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‘In the late 1940s a few police officers and their wives started a group called “The New Court Players” and performed small plays in an old wooden hut near Police Headquarters, Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex. Several of the original members were moved from Headquarters and this, together with retirements, meant the members sadly depleted. However, a small number remained and the decision was taken to perform a musical and The New Court Players became The Police Headquarters Musical Society. Our first musical, Calamity Jane was performed in 1966 in the newly constructed Assembly Hall at Headquarters. Back in the 1980s the society was renamed The Essex Police Musical Society and since then the Society has produced two shows each year at the Assembly Hall.’

+ Essex Police Musical Society
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‘A Chelmsford based Orchestra typically performing 4 to 5 concerts each season. Formed in 1949 we try to choose adventurous programmes and have the resources to bring to our audiences the large symphonic works of the 19th and 20th centuries. Over the years we have been able to bring to Chelmsford some of the finest international soloists and in addition we have provided a platform for many young artists both from Essex and the national scene.‘


Category Chelmsford
+ Essex Symphony Orchestra
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The Choir can trace its history back to the 1920s and 1930s and a male voice choir and ladies choir which then combined to form a choral society: ‘We continue to learn and strive to perform to a high standard and our broad repertoire suits a range of tastes, from Handel's Messiah to Gilbert & Sullivan's fun-loving operettas, from Bach to The Beatles. And, we like to involve youngsters singing with the choir by participating in joint concerts particularly at the Christmas Carol Concert in Maldon town’.

Category Choral Societies
+ Maldon Choral Society
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‘Our aim is to allow local amateur musicians aged 18 or over of all standards, the experience of making music in an orchestral setting within a friendly and relaxed environment.’


+ Maldon Orchestra
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‘A locally acclaimed chamber choir of about 25 singers, performing a wide variety of music from the very early to the present day ... The choir was formed in 1968, initially to perform the works of William Byrd at Stondon Massey, Essex, where the composer spent the last thirty years of his life. Whilst the singers remain committed to the music of the Renaissance, a far broader repertoire is now presented ... The choir gives several concerts a year ... Performances may be a cappella, accompanied by organ or piano, or with full orchestra and soloists.’

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Stondon Singers
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‘We are one of the foremost mixed, adult choirs in Essex, rehearsing in Chelmsford town centre with 90+ members. Come and join us! ... There are no auditions, but we set ourselves high standards and relish the challenge of performing a wide range of choral music ... Waltham Singers gives three or four concerts each year.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Waltham Singers
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‘A highly respected mixed-voice choir dedicated to performing music to the highest standard and enjoying ourselves doing it – that way, we know our audience will enjoy themselves too. Our repertoire is varied ... We are never afraid to mix the old with the new in the same concert ... With fewer than 30 singers, every voice makes a difference. Development of good singing technique is encouraged in our warm-ups ... and by workshops with an internationally renowned vocal coach. Unsurprisingly, then, our soloists are usually drawn from the choir.’


Category Chamber Choirs
+ Writtle Singers
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‘Since 1914 the Cathedral (and before that the Parish Church) has been filled with the sound of music and worship; a sound that attracts thousands of worshippers, visitors and music lovers each year and has led to the Cathedral becoming known as a centre for musical excellence ... The Choral Foundation helps to provide superb musical opportunities for the choristers, choral and organ scholars, lay clerks and singing men of the choir; it is responsible for ensuring a secure financial base for the development of music at Chelmsford Cathedral ... The Cathedral is available to hire and hosts concerts, meetings and lectures throughout the year ... Many concert organisers choose to hire staging for their event and a dance floor can be hired.’


Category Cathedrals
@ Chelmsford Cathedral
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‘Offer entertainment to the people of Essex and beyond. Situated in the heart of Chelmsford's West End, the Civic Theatre and Cramphorn Studio provide entertainment including concerts, plays, ballet, pantomime, opera, jazz, dance, musicals, comedy, cinema, live music and children shows.'


@ Chelmsford City Theatres
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