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'Free entrance. We have several regular hosts who take it in turns to run the evening using small PA systems, and we welcome all styles of performer. If you would like to perform, then just come along and introduce yourself to the host for that evening. We try to give everyone a spot, and work on a first come first serve basis, with everyone usually getting at least 3 numbers. Some of our evenings can be very busy, so come early or you may miss out.'

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* Buckingham Acoustic Club
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Founded 1989: ‘Over the years it has brought top quality musical performers to the town and has become an eagerly anticipated part of the summer's activities and an important cultural event in the Aylesbury Vale area. The Festival is a registered charity and relies entirely on volunteer effort, local sponsorship, individual donations and grants to keep ticket prices affordable’.

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* Buckingham Summer Festival
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'The Society is probably one of the oldest and long-established choirs with its roots going back to 1859 ... Concerts are usually held 3 times a year at the end of each term ... We perform a wide variety of choral music and engage professional musicians and soloists, when appropriate.'

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+ Buckingham Choral Society
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'Enthusiastic amateur choir with members drawn from the area around Gawcott, Padbury, Nash, Winslow, Lenborough and Buckingham ... We sing a variety of pieces, mixing classical, popular, choral and show tunes. Each term we hold a concert in one of the local venues and raise money from ticket sales and donations to support a local Charity. The Charities are chosen by members of the singers who usually have a connection with the nominated Charity or a special interest in the work it does.'

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+ Lenborough Singers
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

‘A true community band, welcoming musicians of all ages and standards. It is made up of a very friendly group of players, and less experienced musicians get plenty of encouragement from more experienced members and from the musical director ... Members agree that their playing, especially their sight-reading, has improved since they joined, and the overall standard of the Band continues to progress.’

+ Winslow Concert Band
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‘Welcome to Arts at Stowe, bringing incredible music, art, and theatre, for all ages and tastes to Stowe. We are also very proud to celebrate the talents of our young people at Stowe and we extend an open invitation for our audience to come and enjoy a selection of their performances.’

@ Stowe School
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The Concerts & Lectures Series is an ongoing cultural extravaganza of classical music and fascinating lectures on a wide variety of subjects, performed by talented (often visiting) musicians, academics and experts. They are all open to the public, so whether you’re staff, a student, alumni or just interested please come along and see what we’ve got to offer!'

@ University of Buckingham
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