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- Manor Farm

- Oxford Cherwell Brass




'BCOS is a performing musical society with a difference: we rehearse and present works from both the choral and operatic disciplines, usually performing a major choral work in the spring and a staged musical production in the late autumn, both with orchestra. We see this wide repertoire as a strength, combining a wide range of singing styles with the opportunity for socialising which is a characteristic of societies presenting stage productions. We also normally draw our soloists from the society's membership, and are fortunate to have a number of excellent soloists to draw on.'


‘Provides all of its members with a nurturing environment in which to improve their skills ... While we would still like to accommodate all players, these days we tend to work on more challenging music, and new members find it more rewarding if they have enough playing experience to be able to sight-read our easier pieces, and to play harder pieces by putting in some practice at home in between rehearsals. We do not expect perfection (we'd all have to leave if that were the case!), but a certain amount of playing experience is desirable.‘



'A small, high quality amateur orchestra based in north Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire ... We have developed a fine reputation for our performances of Classical, Baroque and early Romantic music - with occasional ventures into the 20th or 21st century. Ideally suited to smaller-scale orchestral works, we also enjoy airing music that tends to be neglected by larger ensembles - like serenades, octets and decets. We strive to make our programmes both enjoyable to play and to listen to, and warmly welcome children of all ages, whose enthusiasm we warmly support.'


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