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'The Club was founded nearly 70 years ago by Miss Gladys New who was a well-known singer in Andover. Not just the founder of the club, Gladys was also the Secretary for 46 years and the Treasurer for many years. "Her" Music Club has steadily developed, to become one of the best-supported in Southern England ... We present six concerts every season. The aim is to offer a wide range of music performed by professional artists.'

* Andover Music Club
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'Stockbridge Music has as its objective to provide high quality classical music at affordable prices to residents of the central Test Valley area. We also attract attendance from the Cathedral cities of Winchester and Salisbury and from the market towns of Romsey and Andover.'

* Stockbridge Music
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‘An independent charity which supports arts and culture in our local communities ... Our Mission is to inspire creative development in the Test Valley: * By attracting national recognition for the arts in the area; * By generating opportunities for community participation, especially among young people; * By working in partnership to extend our reach and increase our impact.’

* Test Valley Arts Foundation
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‘Mindful of the continual need to maintain an interest in its activities, and the world of electronic keyboard music in general, the Society is not afraid to attempt “something different” from time to time – especially when charities can frequently benefit from their efforts. The Club does not consist of organ aficionados: those who attend the monthly concerts simply do so because they enjoy music and live entertainment.’

* Weyhill Electronic Organ Society
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Re-launched in October 2017: ‘Runs once a month at either the Parish Hall or the Gill Nethercott Centre in Whitchurch, Hampshire. We book artists performing traditional music from the UK and Ireland’.


Category Folk Clubs
* Whitchurch Folk Club
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‘A friendly, non-auditioned choir ... We perform two concerts per year, usually with orchestra. New members are always welcome!’

Category Choral Societies
+ Andover Choral Society
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'Our line-up includes all the usual orchestral instruments, plus some band instruments such as saxophones which help to create our unique ALO sound. We play a variety of music: light classics, music from the shows, film music, folk songs and dances, extracts from the romantic classics, and many others ... We aim to to enjoy ourselves making music, practising instrument technique, and improving our musicianship and sight-reading by playing together with others.'

Category Light Orchestras
+ Andover Light Orchestra
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'The choir sings in three or four part unaccompanied harmony in a style that borrows much from the “West Gallery” and other largely rural singing traditions such as that exemplified by the Copper family of West Sussex. Much of the repertoire is local and is arranged for unaccompanied voices by local musicians.'

+ Andover Museum Loft Singers
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‘An enthusiastic group of local people bringing you the chance to enjoy listening and taking part in the pleasure of brass band music. Re-formed in 2011, this friendly, progressive, busy band has been promoted to the 1st section in 2018. The Band enjoys a good mixture of concerts, other events, foreign tours & contests. We offer a full education programme for children and adults and are always open to new members. Why not join the band for the next exciting stage of its journey?’


+ Andover Town Band
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‘The group was formed originally in 1971 with friends getting together to sing Christmas carols to the accompaniment of an antique portable harmonium. The instrument itself has long been left behind but the group has gone from strength to strength and established itself as a successful local chamber choir ... The choir has a fairly stable membership and we like to limit numbers to the low 20s. However we are always on the lookout for good voices and there are sometimes opportunities to cover when somone has to stand down for a time.‘

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Harmonium Singers
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