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'It was in 1987 that David and Linda Holmes founded a series of chamber concerts; these began at the Walpole Old Chapel, moving in 1991 to Cratfield. The creation and registration of a charitable trust, Blyth Valley Chamber Music, followed in 1993. By then the format of six fortnightly Sunday afternoon concerts was firmly established, though with some occasional winter extra concerts ... We aim in each season to combine well-known combinations of instruments for which there is an abundant repertoire – like the string quartet and piano trio – with less usual groups of instruments whose repertoire may therefore be smaller, but no less worth hearing. We also intend to offer in each concert enough of what could be called the "core" repertoire to give us a good chance of filling the church – ticket sales being our largest source of income – but to spice this with new or less well-known works.'

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Held Late June.

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'Join in our exciting series of concerts.  No auditions. If you have been a singer, are a singer, would like to become a singer, come to a rehearsal and find out what we do ...'

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