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'The Society comprises three sections: Celebrity Concerts; Club Concerts and Choir. We present more than 20 concerts and musical events in Chester each year. Our concert season begins in October and continues through May.'

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'Best known for its critically acclaimed performances of baroque music, especially Bach and Handel and with a burgeoning reputation for championing the music of contemporary British composers, Chester Bach Singers performs a broad spectrum of choral music from the fifteenth to twenty-first centuries.'

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'They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for the Waverton Handbell Ringers. Inspirational artists, Waverton Handbell Ringers have earned their reputation as talented musicians and skillful performers. From Weddings, live concerts to social sessions and more, Waverton Handbell Ringers continue to touch fans around the North West with their distinct and enjoyable musical style.'

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