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'We aim to provide a quality guest list with the emphasis on entertainment. Come along and listen in a friendly atmosphere. During Singers' nights we feature local singers and musicians, as well as those visiting Crail. All are welcome. If you don’t want to make music then just come along and tap your feet.'

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BEWARE! 'The East Neuk is a rural area, and it is common to find yourself behind a tractor or heavy vehicle. This has the great side-effect of making travel a leisurely experience, allowing you all the more opportunity to enjoy the landscape. But please remember to allow plenty of time to reach your concert venue. Latecomers are not guaranteed admission to any event, in whole or in part. If admitted, it may not be possible to take the seat you booked – standing may be the only option.'

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'Over 9 days, we offer our 25, 000 visitors a wide variety of exhibitions, workshops, talks, children’s events and evening performances, all related to the arts.' Held Early August.

Category:Arts Festivals
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