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- Auriga Capella

- Beccles Public Hall & Theatre

- Bungay Choral Society

- Waveney Strings


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- Felixstowe Children's Choir

- Felixstowe Community Choir

- Suffolk Community Strings


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- Blythburgh Singers

- Tallis Chamber Orchestra


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- Balsham Singers

- Haverhill Arts Centre

- Haverhill Singers

- Treble C Clare Community Choir


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- A New Song Community Choir

- Ipswich Recorded Music Society

- Orwell Singers

The VIPs


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- Lowestoft Choral Society

- Marina Theatre Lowestoft

- Waveney Sinfonia


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- John Peel Centre for the Creative Arts

- Jubilee Ladies Choir

- Lark Folk Choir


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- Woodbridge Orchestral Society


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'Founded in 1948 by Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears and Eric Crozier.' Held Late June. Snape Proms runs During August.


* Aldeburgh Festival
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Also indexedSnape Proms
VIEWS (of this Record)561

‘A distinctive Centre for Advanced Training designed to realise the artistic potential of our 60 exceptionally talented young musicians (8-18 years) across a wide range of music. AYM combines a tailored, Individual Learning Programme with intensive “courses”. The programme can include individual lessons, intensive weekends and residential courses, expert professional advice, mentoring and performance opportunities.’


Category Aldeburgh
* Aldeburgh Young Musicians
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VIEWS (of this Record)288

‘Residential projects and masterclasses take place throughout the year in the beautiful surroundings of the Suffolk Coast where Britten lived and worked. Participants benefit from an exceptional campus of performance spaces and studios, which has grown around the iconic Snape Maltings Concert Hall, home of the Aldeburgh Festival. The BPYAP hosts some of the premier performers and teachers who lead intensive projects, which culminate in high profile performances.’


* Britten–Pears Young Artist Programme
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VIEWS (of this Record)538

Originated as the Music Lovers' Concert Club :  'In wartime Bury St Edmunds, local music-loving residents and visiting forces personnel created an audience for classical music, both live and recorded. The national Council for Encouragement of Music and the Arts – a war-time precursor of the Arts Council – recruited groups of professional musicians brave enough to undertake tours to blacked-out towns outside blitzed London.' The Club continued after the war and now offers about half a dozen evening recitals per season.


* Bury St Edmunds Concert Club
VISITS (to Website)282
VIEWS (of this Record)560

Bury Festival gives us an opportunity each year to enjoy a wide range of music and other artforms over eleven packed days of entertainment in venues and spaces all around the town. Bury St Edmunds is a vibrant town with plenty of arts and entertainment on offer throughout the year and the Festival draws a lot of that together in a wonderful concentration and celebration of activity.’ Held Mid May.


Category Arts Festivals
* Bury St Edmunds Festival
VISITS (to Website)111
VIEWS (of this Record)242

'It was in 1987 that David and Linda Holmes founded a series of chamber concerts; these began at the Walpole Old Chapel, moving in 1991 to Cratfield. The creation and registration of a charitable trust, Blyth Valley Chamber Music, followed in 1993. By then the format of six fortnightly Sunday afternoon concerts was firmly established, though with some occasional winter extra concerts ... We aim in each season to combine well-known combinations of instruments for which there is an abundant repertoire – like the string quartet and piano trio – with less usual groups of instruments whose repertoire may therefore be smaller, but no less worth hearing. We also intend to offer in each concert enough of what could be called the "core" repertoire to give us a good chance of filling the church – ticket sales being our largest source of income – but to spice this with new or less well-known works.'


* Concerts at Cratfield
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Also indexedBlyth Valley Chamber Music
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Saxmundham: 'Aims to promote traditional and modern folk music in Suffolk, England ... The Everyman meets on the last Friday of each month during January to May and September to November ... With Residents, Floor Singers and a Booked Guest Artist on every occasion, there is always a warm welcome for new performers and audience members’.


Category Folk Clubs
* Everyman Folk Club
VISITS (to Website)247
VIEWS (of this Record)367

‘Meetings held on the first Wednesday of the month ... New members always welcome.’


* Felixstowe Recorded Music Society
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VIEWS (of this Record)381

Jazz at the Fleece is an association of people interested in jazz. They volunteer their time, and draw no funds from the club. The club is non-profit (you better believe it), and receives no subsidies from any person or organization. In other words, the people who come to listen to some of the best jazz available in the country, pay for the musicians and the running costs. We do try to keep the latter to a minimum ... We are delighted to be at this lovely venue. The quality of sound in the room is excellent. The facilities seem boundless, with golf, other sports, bar and lounge food as well as fine dining, spa and health facilities, a great hotel, and every Friday night, the best in modern jazz.‘


Category Jazz Clubs
* Fleece Jazz
VISITS (to Website)335
VIEWS (of this Record)263

'A fresh approach to a timeless tradition ... FolkEast feels more like a very English village fete than a festival, with the good humour and unpretentiousness of its patrons, the “Young-uns”, the guiding vibe.' Held Mid August.


Category Folk Festivals
* FolkEast Festival
VISITS (to Website)473
VIEWS (of this Record)371

‘Normally held on the first Friday of the month – from September to July ... We feature folk music in the broadest sense of the word. In addition to “traditional” and “contemporary” folk music, you can expect to hear hints of pop, country, jazz or even classical music.’


Category Folk Clubs
* Hadleigh Folk & Acoustic Music Nights
VISITS (to Website)224
VIEWS (of this Record)294

'Do you play the ukulele? Are you a beginner, an intermediate player or an expert? Would you like to meet up with other uke players and play together, chat, share ideas and maybe put on a gig or two? ... The ukulele, the first of which was made in 1879, is a member of the lute family of instruments and is derived from a stringed instrument that first appeared in Portugal in 139BC. The ukulele is even more popular than it ever was ... There are approx 250 ukulele groups on the UK ... The ukulele is an ego-free zone.'


Category Ukulele Clubs
* Hadleigh Ukulele Group
VISITS (to Website)259
VIEWS (of this Record)573

'Has 50+ member organisations, which means also that hundreds of individuals are associated with its activities ... The Website is one of a number of ways in which IAA aims to keep in touch not only with its members but also with the wider community. It provides an excellent way for societies to publicise their events as well as a diary of proposed events, which has long proved invaluable to those keen to avoid clashes with other events of the same kind or in the same locality.'


* Ipswich Arts Association
VISITS (to Website)307
VIEWS (of this Record)454

'Each year the Society arranges four Saturday concerts of chamber music, usually held in October, November, January and February. All concerts start at 7:30 pm. Concerts are held in an intimate concert hall in the centre of Ipswich, UK.'


* Ipswich Chamber Music Society
VISITS (to Website)202
VIEWS (of this Record)294

‘We are a non-profit organisation, run by a group of friends, bringing the best live mainstream jazz to Ipswich. Students half price, parking available.’


Category Jazz Clubs
* Ipswich Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)243
VIEWS (of this Record)264

‘Outrageously good live modern jazz! ...  A Sunday evening jazz club that brings some of the UK's greatest Jazz musicians to Felixstowe. World class music, a great atmosphere, and free entrance - the best Sunday night out for miles around!’


Category Felixstowe
* Jazz East at The Alex
VISITS (to Website)82
VIEWS (of this Record)194

‘Offers a programme of fabulous music and musicians throughout the year in the Cambridgeshire village of Linton ... The series of concerts concentrates on the more intimate chamber music settings whilst also catering for different tastes in music such as jazz, folk and world music.’


* Linton Music Series
VISITS (to Website)246
Also indexedLinton Music Society
VIEWS (of this Record)433

‘If you enjoy good music in good company please join us. Meetings are held every fortnight from September to December & January to June ... You can be sure of a warm welcome!‘


* Lowestoft Recorded Music Society
VISITS (to Website)183
VIEWS (of this Record)370

'The long-held club policy is of opening the doors to everyone, of all ages. We have tried to avoid the twin traps of lowest-common-denominator shallowness or pompous jazz snobs who know the middle name of Miles Davis. Older jazz aficionados are welcomed alongside those new to the music to enjoy the visceral experience of live improvised music.'


Category Jazz Clubs
* Milestones Jazz Club
VISITS (to Website)305
VIEWS (of this Record)479

Bury St Edmunds: ‘The first Friday of the month is usually our guest night, where we feature well known artists ... On a guest night we have a booked support act. The third Friday of the month is our Showcase night, featuring a (usually fairly local) act with an hour long set, and two other acts for a half hour set each’.


Category Folk Clubs
* Milkmaid Folk Club
VISITS (to Website)315
VIEWS (of this Record)521

'Audiences have the opportunity to hear the finest musicians many of whom live in East Anglia. It has become very clear that concertgoers appreciate professional live music in the town. A special rapport has been built up between performers and listeners, thanks partly to the special nature of each venue. Music in Felixstowe embraces most genres of music and also hosts a very popular lunchtime series given by young Suffolk musicians.'


* Music in Felixstowe
VISITS (to Website)376
VIEWS (of this Record)378

'We are the UK's leading chamber music organisation specialising in small ensemble musical training.'


* Pro Corda
VISITS (to Website)297
Also indexedLeiston Abbey
VIEWS (of this Record)580

‘An umbrella organisation which coordinates, encourages, and promotes artistic enterprises of all kinds in the Saffron Walden area. We provide practical support to local artists and performers to help them display their talents, with initiatives such as music festivals, open studio events, and craft fairs.’


* Saffron Walden Arts Trust
VISITS (to Website)122
VIEWS (of this Record)220

‘A festival of music & family fun held annually in Saxmundham.’ Held Late July.


* Sax Music Fest
VISITS (to Website)288
VIEWS (of this Record)376

‘An eight-day celebration of the arts – music, drama, poetry, visual art, photography, dance, talks and literature. It appeals to all ages and tastes; to local residents and to visitors to our vibrant seaside town. We invite national performers as well as local celebrities; professional, well-established names as well as those starting out on their careers.’ Held Late June.


Category Arts Festivals
* Southwold Arts Festival
VISITS (to Website)231
VIEWS (of this Record)549

‘SVAM arranges five concerts and one lecture, plus one or two extra events each season, usually between October and April. Our events are held at the beautiful parish church of St Mary's, East Bergholt and at the Constable Hall, East Bergholt. We are proud to present a mixture of well-established professionals and promising young artists each season. Our events are open to all, and most concerts are free for children accompanied by paying adults. Free programmes are provided, and refreshments are available at all our events.’


* Stour Valley Arts & Music
VISITS (to Website)192
VIEWS (of this Record)335

'A friendly, competitive Festival open to people of all ages, to perform as a soloist or part of a group. Entrants receive a professional adjudication.' Held Late February - Early March.


* Sudbury Festival of Performing Arts
VISITS (to Website)209
VIEWS (of this Record)599

‘Seeks to encourage participation, enjoyment, and achievement in music for all Children and Young People. SMEH is an advocate for, and promoter and provider of good value, inclusive and diverse high quality music education and performance opportunities. SMEH aims to: nurture talent and creativity at all levels; build self-esteem and discipline; widen horizons; and bring music to all ages, abilities and backgrounds. This will be achieved through effective partnerships that join up delivery, identify and tackle gaps in provision and ensure strong progression routes that raise the standards and well-being of all young people.’


* Suffolk Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)428
VIEWS (of this Record)401

‘Do you love listening to organ music or playing the instrument? If so, we welcome you to join us for organ crawls, recitals, and social activities!‘


* Suffolk Organists’ Association
VISITS (to Website)144
VIEWS (of this Record)296

'Renaissance, Baroque and Classical music for voices and period instruments in beautiful old East Anglian churches ... Based  in "Constable Country" on the Suffolk-Essex border, offers about ten concerts throughout the year, four at the Festival itself during the August Bank Holiday Weekend and more in its Winter Series, from October to May.'


* Suffolk Villages Festival
VISITS (to Website)254
VIEWS (of this Record)452

'Club meetings are every two weeks between 8pm and 11pm. The club books guest singers and groups from all over the country, and has a friendly informal atmosphere that welcomes floor singers, but if you want to sing, please arrive early to avoid disappointment.'


Category Folk Clubs
* Waveney Folk Club
VISITS (to Website)180
VIEWS (of this Record)497

'Aldeburgh Music Club was founded in 1952 by Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears and has evolved over the years into one of East Anglia's leading choral societies with over one hundred members and supported by more than 120 patrons ...'


Category Choral Societies
+ Aldeburgh Music Club
VISITS (to Website)250
VIEWS (of this Record)587

'The Choir history goes back over 150 years. We are a friendly amateur choir who enjoy singing and welcome new members without audition. Performing a wide variety of major choral works; supported by professional soloists and orchestra as necessary. The breadth of our repertoire extends from oratorio to opera and folk to specially commissioned pieces. December brings our locally famous Christmas concert where we are supported by children from local schools.'

Category Choral Societies
+ Beccles Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)291
VIEWS (of this Record)758

‘Set up in 2010 to promote singing for wellbeing and explore the positive health benefits of singing ... Beccles Community Choir welcomes ANYBODY and EVERYBODY. We sing Jazz, Musicals, Pop, Spirituals, Gospel, Ska and other styles based on a list of songs that the choir decides to sing ... In 2012, our sister choir Bungay Community Choir started ... and carries on our ethos – to be a small and friendly community; welcoming and fun. All the things we believe music should be.’

Category Beccles
+ Beccles Community Choir
VISITS (to Website)298
Also indexedBungay Community Choir
VIEWS (of this Record)361

'A group of enthusiastic people who love to perform the great choral works in wonderful surroundings ... We were founded in 1932 so have a long and interesting history. Over the years our repertoire has included all the great composers of choral music. We increase our horizons every year by mixing the familiar with the unfamiliar, including twentieth and twenty first century music.'

Category Choral Societies
+ Bury Bach Choir
VISITS (to Website)298
VIEWS (of this Record)436

Formed in 1902 and typically stages two shows per annum: ‘We’re a NODA award-winning theatre company ... ​We all share one common interest – providing high-quality, entertaining, live performances to the general public ... Bury St Edmunds Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society is always looking for aspiring actors, singers and dancers of all ages, so why not pop along to one of our rehearsals, have a cup of coffee and a chat, and let us persuade you to take up one of the most rewarding of hobbies a person can have? Or join our talent backstage!’


+ Bury St Edmunds Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society
VISITS (to Website)106
VIEWS (of this Record)383

‘Comprises some 40 talented amateur musicians, with members' ages ranging from their early 20's through to retirees ... We aim to present around a dozen public performances each year, including free-to-all summer concerts in Bury St Edmunds's renowned Abbey Gardens.’


+ Bury St Edmunds Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)167
VIEWS (of this Record)263

‘We are a full symphony orchestra of 60 players, playing an exciting mix of music from the classic Haydn symphony to fiery rhythms from South America, and everything in between! ... We would like new players to join us, especially players of the viola, double bass and bassoon. There is a waiting list for some other instruments. Our minimum playing standard is around Grade 5. If you are interested in joining the orchestra, or would like to play with us as a soloist, please email us.’


+ Bury St Edmunds’ Friendly Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)147
VIEWS (of this Record)319

‘Orchestra of around 70 amateur and semi-professional musicians who meet ... every Tuesday morning during school term times. We perform concerts of “light classical” and popular music in aid of charities ... We expect members to attend rehearsals and to participate in our Saturday evening concerts (normally three per year).’


Category Light Orchestras
+ Community Light Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)256
VIEWS (of this Record)481

Founded 1981: ‘Originally just an evening choral class at Felixstowe College, the group soon decided to become a self-supporting mixed-voice chamber choir ... From the outset, The Dorian Singers have performed a wide variety of sacred and secular music, from Masses and motets to Broadway melodies and pop songs. Particularly popular is our annual summer concert, when lighter music is the order of the day and wine and strawberries are served in the interval’.


Category Chamber Choirs
+ Dorian Singers
VISITS (to Website)229
VIEWS (of this Record)350

Founded 2016: ‘The orchestra is formed of friendly and talented local musicians from Lowestoft, Waveney and surrounding areas. The orchestra aims to provide live music to the local area by giving three or more concerts a year. We also aim to encourage any musicians in the surrounding communities that have not yet had the opportunity or experience to play or perform in such an orchestra, or . . . maybe they used to play and miss it’.


+ East Coast Sinfonietta
VISITS (to Website)92
VIEWS (of this Record)217

‘A 35 strong vocal harmony group which performs songs from the light classical repertoire, folk, jazz and blues to pop, swing and songs from the big band era ... We hold 3 fundraising concerts a year in aid of Suffolk charities, perform at Art on the Prom and other events in Felixstowe, as well as at various venues in Suffolk.‘


Category Community Choirs
+ Felixstowe Harmonies
VISITS (to Website)222
VIEWS (of this Record)408

Felixstowe Musical Theatre has been producing musicals in Felixstowe since its formation in 1966 winning various awards along the way. We always welcome new members to join us for any of our performances. So pop in and see us.’


+ Felixstowe Musical Theatre
VISITS (to Website)101
VIEWS (of this Record)201

‘Formed in 2007 - a chamber choir of 24 to 30 singers from Saffron Walden and Cambridge, and the surrounding area. We perform a wide variety of music from the renaissance to the present day, much of it a cappella, and our programmes often juxtapose music in contrasting styles. We enjoy exploring the acoustics of the historic churches we sing in, sometimes using less obvious performing spaces to unusual effect.’


Category Chamber Choirs
+ Granta Chorale
VISITS (to Website)72
VIEWS (of this Record)241

‘We are a 100-strong mixed choir with roots that go back over 120 years. We enjoy singing mainly from the established choral repertoire when we perform with the Colchester Symphony Orchestra and professional soloists. We have two main concerts each year ... We also perform a mix of lighter music at Christmas and two summer concerts ... Hadleigh Choral Society has a popular Friends' section of local music lovers who support us with subscriptions.’


Category Choral Societies
+ Hadleigh Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)128
VIEWS (of this Record)288

‘The Silver Band is currently ranked nationally as a Championship Section brass band and performs in concerts and contests across the region ... Haverhill Youth & Community Band is a supporting group that has its own engagements and helps train players for the Silver Band ... The aim of this band is to train players to the standard where they can join the senior band and so maintain the long tradition and high standard of brass playing in Haverhill. We also, however, hope to give all the players an enthusiasm for playing and for brass bands that they can take with them wherever they go.‘



+ Haverhill Silver Band
VISITS (to Website)141
Also indexedHaverhill Youth & Community Band
VIEWS (of this Record)721

‘The present choir has a membership of around forty and enjoys performing a wide repertoire of music, including songs from the shows, anthems, oratorios, Gilbert & Sullivan, requiems, John Rutter, folk songs, and, of course, Christmas carols! We are based and rehearse in Horringer, 2.5 miles south west of Bury St Edmunds, and our members come from not only Horringer but also Bury St Edmunds and the surrounding villages.’


Category Bury St Edmunds
+ Horringer Singers
VISITS (to Website)135
VIEWS (of this Record)304

‘Founded in 1984 by Martyn Bagnall to fill a perceived gap in the musical scene in Suffolk at the time. Although there were several large choral societies, there were no quality chamber choirs for good singers to experience the wealth of repertoire available to smaller groups. The Choir quickly established a name for itself in terms of the music undertaken and the quality of the singing ... We are a friendly choir of around 40 voices and are pleased to collaborate with other groups ... Membership is by application with a voice check carried out by the Music Director after one or two rehearsals.’


Category Chamber Choirs
+ Ipswich Chamber Choir
VISITS (to Website)186
VIEWS (of this Record)279

‘A friendly choir of around 100 members. It was formed in 1824 and is the second longest established choral society in the UK. The Society has attracted a membership with a wide range of musical experiences and has entertained the public with performances across a wide musical repertoire.‘


Category Choral Societies
+ Ipswich Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)139
VIEWS (of this Record)345

‘Band membership is open to all adult members of the local community who are suitably proficient (grade 4 and above) and are willing to pay an annual subscription. We play all types of wind band music, including original wind band scores and arrangements by our musical director or other musicians. This includes popular classics, show songs, and marches. We perform on request at local summer fetes, fairs and bandstands as well as formal concerts.’


+ Ipswich Community Wind Band
VISITS (to Website)123
VIEWS (of this Record)417

'We are a community theatre group based in Suffolk, UK. We have been performing for over 60 years. Whether it’s classic shows such as Oklahoma or regional premieres such as The Producers and Sunset Boulevard, we have a rich history of performing award-winning musical theatre.'


+ Ipswich Operatic & Dramatic Society
VISITS (to Website)202
Also indexedIODS Theatre Company
VIEWS (of this Record)381

‘The Ipswich Symphony Orchestra Society has performed concerts in Ipswich since 1902 and has built up an enviable reputation for high quality music making. We pride ourselves in offering our players and our audiences the chance to explore the full orchestral repertoire, ranging from well known favourites to the lesser known challenging works not often performed live in East Anglia. We welcome local amateur and professional players alike, rehearsing weekly to prepare three concerts each year, and we are extremely pleased to invite world-renowned soloists to perform with us – bringing some of the very best talent to Ipswich audiences every season. Working within our community is important to us. Our summer concert has been a significant component of the Ip-Art Festival for many years and, in March each year, we present an afternoon Family Concert which, by careful choice of popular music, aims to inspire our young audience to take part in live musical performance.’


+ Ipswich Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)125
VIEWS (of this Record)225

‘The Kingfisher Sinfonietta was founded in 2011 by its Leader/Director Beth Spendlove. In a short but very busy time, it has become a much respected orchestra, performing to high professional standards in a variety of venues across Suffolk and Essex. As well as some of the best orchestral musicians in East Anglia, the KFS occasionally helps young musicians to experience and gain confidence in orchestral playing. Soloists are drawn from the profession and from principal players within the orchestra ... Together with the Kingfisher Ensemble, audiences can enjoy our programmes of music for duo, trio, quartet - up to large-scale orchestral works requiring 40-50 players! We delight in supporting a number of important choral societies in small and large-scale works and also performing works by living composers ... Ensemble concerts are usually held at Lion Walk Church in Colchester ... Sinfonietta concerts are held at a variety of venues in East Anglia.’


+ Kingfisher Sinfonietta
VISITS (to Website)132
Also indexedKingfisher Ensemble
VIEWS (of this Record)405

‘An established choir of around 30 experienced voices drawn from the Bury St Edmunds area where it is based which specialises in unaccompanied choral music of all periods, both sacred and secular ... George Kirbye (c.1565 - October 6th 1634) was an English composer of the late Tudor period and early Jacobean era. He was one of the members of the English Madrigal School, but also composed sacred music ... Our repertoire is wide and varied, equally at home singing Byrd, Handel & Howells as Elgar, Sullivan & close harmonies in King's Singers arrangements!‘

Category Chamber Choirs
+ Kirbye Voices
VISITS (to Website)142
VIEWS (of this Record)320

‘Based in Linton, Cambridgeshire. We love playing popular tunes for charity.  We hope you enjoy our music or come and join us.  We’d love to hear from you ... Linton Jazz was established in 1999 and has grown from strength to strength every since. We started the band with just a handful of youngsters, little suspecting that ... we would be still be going strong with around 30 regular players and quite a reputation locally. A few of our members have been there since the beginning, but our focus on including young people, a central part of our ethos, means that there is a lot of turnover as members grow up and move on to college and University. The most important ingredient of success for us has not been the quality of the playing, though we certainly do our best, but to have fun.’


Category Big Bands
+ Linton Jazz
VISITS (to Website)130
VIEWS (of this Record)302

'Formed on 13th September 1996. In response to a great demand from brass musicians in the Martlesham area ... Martlesham Brass is split into 4 bands (beginners, preliminaries, intermediates and main). Most people play in one band only, with new entrants being placed in a band depending on musical ability. No previous experience is required to join Martlesham Brass - all we ask for from our members is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.'


+ Martlesham Brass
VISITS (to Website)255
VIEWS (of this Record)377

‘Set up in the summer of 2017, by a small group of musicians aiming to bring high quality classical music to the town of Newmarket and surrounding area ... We play a great variety of classical music. This ranges from popular classical works such as Haydn symphonies to lesser known composers such as William Sterndale Bennett. We would like to encourage local musicians to get in touch.’

+ Newmarket Chamber Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)73
VIEWS (of this Record)253

‘An amateur choir based in Pakefield near Lowestoft, Suffolk. We are a unique choir with an extensive and varied repertoire and performance history, spanning all types of music ... Being part of our community and sharing music with local musicians and audiences is central to our philosophy. The choir welcomes singers from the local community to join us on a permanent basis or for one off events which bring together local people to experience live performances of major works ... We believe that Pakefield Singers makes a positive contribution to the community by promoting well-being and mental health, combating social isolation and providing our audiences with opportunities to listen to live music ... We perform up to five concerts a year across the region, both by ourselves and in conjunction with soloists, other choirs and orchestras.‘


Category Lowestoft
+ Pakefield Singers
VISITS (to Website)69
VIEWS (of this Record)147

'Amateur choral society that was founded by musician Malcolm Russell in 1976 ... With a choir of some 60 mixed voices we perform three concerts a year, mainly of sacred/liturgical but occasionally secular music ... Sometimes we combine forces with other choirs to perform a major work.'

Category Choral Societies
+ Phoenix Singers Suffolk
VISITS (to Website)210
VIEWS (of this Record)550

'Founded in 2008, draws on a pool of talented musicians based in Suffolk and environs, and performs core classical repertoire at accessible venues in East Anglia.'


+ Prometheus Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)235
VIEWS (of this Record)505

‘We are one of the country's biggest community choirs of around 340 singers, based in Suffolk and split into four rehearsal groups, one based in Easton, near Framlingham, one in Woodbridge, one in Saxmundham and one in Needham Market. We sing for our own and our audiences pleasure and to raise thousands of pounds for local and national charities each year. We also support entrepreneurs throughout the third world to lift their communities out of poverty with microloans ... It’s really all about the sense of achievement, community and fun to be had from singing together. We are always happy to have new members. Just get in touch ... or turn up to a rehearsal.’

Category Community Choirs
+ Rabble Chorus
VISITS (to Website)213
VIEWS (of this Record)364

Founded 1883: ‘With professional orchestras and soloists, we undertake a broad repertoire from Renaissance and Baroque works to contemporary pieces – mostly drawn from the large choral and orchestral repertoire but with occasional smaller works and a capella singing ... Saffron Walden’s youth choir SignuptoSing is now an important part of the Choral Society family’.


Category Choral Societies
+ Saffron Walden Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)276
Also indexedSignuptoSing
VIEWS (of this Record)244

'An award-winning theatre group which presents popular musicals, operas and light operettas ... The company presents two shows a year through its adult group and its youth wing ... In its history there is hardly a show that SWMTC has not tackled, performing works by all the major musical theatre composers ...'


+ Saffron Walden Musical Theatre Company
VISITS (to Website)218
VIEWS (of this Record)397

‘We generally perform 4-5 concerts each year, in and around Saffron Walden ... We do not audition members, but do ask for a minimum standard (generally at least grade six depending on the instrument). We are always pleased to hear from string and brass players in particular ... While many of our players travel some distance to play with us, we are of course particularly interested to hear from orchestral musicians who live near Saffron Walden or in the district of Uttlesford ... Saffron Walden Orchestral Society ... oversees the running of both the Saffron Walden Symphony Orchestra (SWSO; previously known as Uttlesforde Orchestra) and the Saffron Walden Childrens Orchestra (SWCO).‘


+ Saffron Walden Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)157
Also indexedSaffron Walden Childrens Orchestra
VIEWS (of this Record)184

‘Formed in 1988 by four teachers, St Edmundsbury Male Voice Choir currently numbers approximately 90 members drawn from Bury St Edmunds and its surrounding villages and as far afield as Ipswich, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. The Choir has a wide repertoire of songs from 1940s swing, Welsh hymns, spirituals, folk songs and material from musical theatre, to tunes from the charts. Besides performing locally in Suffolk, the choir has toured extensively both within the United Kingdom and Europe assisting many charitable organisations in their fund raising activities. We regularly sing with other choirs, groups, bands, orchestras or solo artists.’


+ St Edmundsbury Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)235
VIEWS (of this Record)366

‘An ambitious choir of friendly and enthusiastic singers who perform a wide repertoire of the very best in choral works.’


Category Chamber Choirs
+ Stowmarket Chorale
VISITS (to Website)159
VIEWS (of this Record)301

‘Suffolk based non-contesting brass band ... Formed in 1962 as a schools band. Over the years it has developed into a band for players of any age. The band has a main band and a training band, providing tuition, instruments and support to wannabe or returning players of any age or ability.’

+ Stowmarket Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)108
VIEWS (of this Record)299

Formed 1922: ‘Affectionately known to members and friends as SODS ... a friendly group with a reputation for presenting high quality and award winning plays, musicals and pantomimes. We are always keen to welcome enthusiastic and talented new members aged 16 and over. Children from Year 4 – Year 13 can apply to join the SODS Youth Group’.


+ Stowmarket Operatic & Dramatic Society
VISITS (to Website)140
Also indexedSODS Youth Group
VIEWS (of this Record)290

'We are a very friendly group of about 60 members of varying abilities and ages who share a love of singing. We give four concerts a year, frequently with soloists and an orchestra usually held in St Peters, Sudbury. As well as large choral works, our programmes feature a variety of music, from Bach to the Beatles, and include folk music, madrigals and carols.'


Category Choral Societies
+ Sudbury Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)147
VIEWS (of this Record)402

'Formed in 1993 ... aims to enable amateur instrumentalists to play challenging music whilst having fun. The orchestra plays a range of classical and light music in three or four concerts each year ... As well as regular concerts, the orchestra meets for day or weekend events a couple of times a year to work on repertoire other than the concert programmes ... Anyone is welcome to join; there are no auditions but usually a trial period to make sure everyone is happy, and a minimum of grade 5 is probably needed to keep up. We are always interested in hearing from new players ...'


+ Sudbury Symphony Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)183
VIEWS (of this Record)413

‘The Band was formed in 1967, when several amateur musicians attended an adult education class. The class was run by the Ipswich Civic College (now Suffolk College) for people interested in playing military and brass band music. The nucleus of the class were members of the Ipswich Town Brass Band, and the Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Territorial Regimental Band. The band split from the College and became the Suffolk Military Band ... In 1992 the band changed its name to the Suffolk Concert Band in order to reflect the full range of the ensemble's repertoire ... We are available all year round for concerts, fetes, weddings, dinners and garden parties. We rehearse on Wednesday evenings ... Visitors and potential new members are always welcome.’


+ Suffolk Concert Band
VISITS (to Website)119
VIEWS (of this Record)286

‘Has built a tradition of music to entertain a wide variety of audiences whilst enhancing the reputation of the Suffolk Constabulary within the community. Membership is now open to all ranks of serving and retired police officers, members of the Special Constabulary, police employed personnel and friends of the Suffolk Constabulary. Over the years concerts throughout Suffolk and beyond have raised thousands of pounds for local causes.’


+ Suffolk Constabulary Male Voice Choir
VISITS (to Website)174
VIEWS (of this Record)824

Ipswich-based: ‘The Band enjoys a local following, providing a number of indoor concerts during the year and performing in the various local parks throughout the summer. The band also plays at a number of fetes and charity events. Currently, the band is not contesting but this is not necessarily ruled out in the future if that is the will of the members. Visitors and new members are welcome ... The Band has evolved from the Suffolk Fire Service Band and has been in existence for over thirty years. The band is now fully independent and self-financing’.



+ Suffolk Phoenix Brass
VISITS (to Website)143
VIEWS (of this Record)275

‘We're a group of non-professional musicians and dancers, from across East Anglia.  We love playing music and dancing but most importantly we love having fun.  We call ourselves a samba school after the large samba groups in Brazil.  These groups often have thousands of members, and spend all year working towards a carnival where they compete against other schools in the area ... We perform music and dance inspired by Brazil, Cuba, Africa and our home town of Ipswich.’


+ Suffolk School of Samba
VISITS (to Website)210
VIEWS (of this Record)272

'A symphony orchestra based at Bury St Edmunds in West Suffolk. Many concerts are given in and around Bury St Edmunds, and the orchestra also gives performances in the surrounding region. Professional music teachers make up the core of the orchestra which rehearses regularly on Wednesdays during term time. Music students and gifted amateurs also help to maintain the high standard of playing.'


+ Suffolk Sinfonia
VISITS (to Website)294
VIEWS (of this Record)346

''Previous experience of singing in a choir and moderate sight-reading ability would be beneficial and you will need to be confident with singing unaccompanied music. You will be invited to attend a couple of rehearsals to find out what sort of group we are and how well you will fit in. If you like us, and our music, you will be asked to have a short informal audition. You do not need to prepare anything for the audition beforehand as it will involve singing something we have been working on in the rehearsal. If successful, should there be no vacancy available for your voice at that point, you will be placed on a waiting list and advised as soon as one becomes available ...'


+ Suffolk Singers
VISITS (to Website)404
VIEWS (of this Record)498

Suffolk Youth Music (SYM) is Suffolk County Music Service's (SCMS) programme of musical activities for children and young people who live or are educated in Suffolk. Young musicians will have access to a progressive range of professionally led and coached ensemble opportunities from beginner to advanced level. SCMS offers a range of genres, styles and traditions, with sign-posted routes to national programmes for the most advanced.‘

+ Suffolk Youth Music Activities
VISITS (to Website)180
VIEWS (of this Record)191

The Voice Squad came into being in 1992, when 10 little girls crammed themselves into the lounge of Birgitta’s terraced house, and sang for half an hour on Saturdays. The sweetshop on the corner was a major incentive, and the gigs and Festival successes began immediately. As the troupes spilled out of the back door, new premises were found, and small boys initiated into the growing forces. Today there are 3 Squads, each with around 40 members, embracing young singers aged 4-20+. The cross-section of repertoire is huge, catering for all tastes and stretching the singers to pull off entertainment in a style unique to Voice Squad which has had audiences expanding to fill sell-out gigs.’


+ The Voice Squad
VISITS (to Website)167
VIEWS (of this Record)273

‘A non professional symphony orchestra and choir, with 220 regularly performing members. Originally formed as an orchestra in 1959 the addition of the choir led to the creation of Trianon Music Group in September 1963. The Group performs three major concerts each year ... In addition, groups of singers and instrumentalists perform smaller scale concerts across the region at local venues to help local projects and charities with with fundraising ... Trianon has developed a tradition of rehearsing for and performing major concerts during university holidays. In this way we can include students who live away. This also suits those who are members of other groups which meet during term time as they have the opportunity to perform with us as well as their regular groups.‘



+ Trianon Music Group
VISITS (to Website)217
VIEWS (of this Record)321

Founded 2009: ‘Community choirs in Norfolk and Suffolk for everyone who loves singing! ... We have choirs in Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket, Stowmarket and Wymondham ... At VivaVoices we sing a lively and eclectic mix of pop, easy listening, musicals, classical, and songs from around the world, with something to suit all tastes and each term we also include some song requests from the group.’


Category Community Choirs
+ VivaVoices
VISITS (to Website)314
VIEWS (of this Record)371

‘Constituted in its present form in 1965 by singers in and around the market town of Beccles, which lies on the River Waveney (hence the Group's name) ... The Society has gone from strength to strength since its inception and is now one of the premier entertainment societies in its area, drawing audiences from far and wide. The Group is purely amateur, but always aims to present a professional approach in all it does ... Until 1978, productions were taken solely from the works of Gilbert & Sullivan but since then all forms of light opera have been attempted, ranging from classical favourites to modern comedies. A further advance was made in 1992, when we began to present a show in the spring as well as our main production in the autumn ... Our most recent endeavour was the establishment in 2010 of a "youth section", known as WLOG Rising Stars, devoted to developing the talents of performers up to the age of 19yrs.’


+ Waveney Light Opera Group
VISITS (to Website)142
Also indexedWLOG Rising Stars
VIEWS (of this Record)292

‘On 29 October 1972, a small group of enthusiastic Ipswich musicians walked on stage in the Ipswich Council Chamber to give their first public performance as the Wolsey Chamber Orchestra. We spent the following years performing three concerts per season, always to an exceptionally high standard, often playing challenging modern works which normally only got an airing in London's contemporary music scene. Wolsey Orchestra later developed into a full-scale symphony orchestra pioneering the performance of large scale works, bringing high quality performances to Ipswich audiences of such landmark pieces as Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, Firebird and Petrushka ballet scores, Mahler Symphonies Nos. 1, 5 and 8 [Symphony of a Thousand], to select but a few.’


+ Wolsey Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)147
VIEWS (of this Record)227

'Founded in 1883, we are a friendly choir who welcome all voices, young and old.'


Category Choral Societies
+ Woodbridge Choral Society
VISITS (to Website)206
VIEWS (of this Record)400

'A community brass band based in the town of Woodbridge, Suffolk where the band has been in residence since 1846. Available for hire all year round, we play at a wide variety of functions ranging from concerts, beer festivals, weddings, fetes and private parties. During the Christmas season we are often to be seen playing carols in Woodbridge and Ipswich area. During the summer months we can often be found performing in local parks, on seafronts and in bandstands. We have a long tradition of providing free concerts and generally put on four such concerts a year at the Woodbridge Community Hall. These are non-ticket events and well attended by the local community. We are a contesting band that constantly strives to improve our performances and we are proud to represent Woodbridge when we go away to national competitions.'

+ Woodbridge Excelsior Band
VISITS (to Website)173
VIEWS (of this Record)717

Formed 1919: ‘A friendly and progressive brass band that welcomes new players. We are a non-contesting band of 3-4th section standard (Class A locally) with a diary of diverse engagements at various venues in the Suffolk and Norfolk area. Our concerts are interesting and challenging and are enjoyed by our audiences and members. Instruments are usually available on loan and there are no subscriptions to pay’.


+ Wrentham Band
VISITS (to Website)126
VIEWS (of this Record)260

'Holy Trinity is a popular venue to hold events, ranging from concerts, art exhibitions, to textile exhibitions. Many visiting artistes comment on the beautiful and inspiring setting and musicians often comment on the "generous" acoustics ... Melford Music is a charity which hosts lunchtime recitals through the summer months starting at 1.10pm every Wednesday. Admission is free.'


Category Churches
@ Holy Trinity Long Melford
VISITS (to Website)485
Also indexedMelford Music
VIEWS (of this Record)643

‘The School is well known for its musical excellence and music is embedded in the School’s wider culture and ethos. The facilities offered through the Music School are outstanding, with a concert hall, recital rooms, practice rooms, recording studio, music technology suite ... Over 400 pupils learn to play at least one instrument and there is an orchestra, 80-strong chapel choir, chamber choir, ceremonial marching band, concert band, big band and numerous ensembles, including many rock and pop groups ... Situated beside the Music School is the magnificent 1930s chapel which is of cathedral proportions and has seating for over 1000 people. It is famed for its exceptional four-manual “romantic” organ and the smaller two-manual “classical” instrument.’


@ Royal Hospital School
VISITS (to Website)150
VIEWS (of this Record)247

@ Saffron Hall Featured

'An award-winning 740-seat performance space built in the grounds of Saffron Walden County High School. The hall’s critically acclaimed acoustic and state-of-the-art facilities surpass many of the world’s more established venues ... Close to Saffron Walden’s historic town centre, the £10-million venue is the result of a partnership between the School and Yellow Car Charitable Trust and is believed to be the largest gift of its kind to a state school. Saffron Hall is becoming a vibrant cultural centre for the region, offering outstanding artistic encounters in an expanding programme that weaves international artists together with local performance groups and learning and participation activities.'


@ Saffron Hall
VISITS (to Website)355
VIEWS (of this Record)489

@ Snape Maltings Featured

'An international performance centre based at one of the world’s best-loved music venues, Snape Maltings Concert Hall, and set against a stunning backdrop of reeds, water and big skies ... The creative campus is home to Aldeburgh Music, a year-round programme with a unique artistic model. Having grown out of the Aldeburgh Festival, it has realised founder Benjamin Britten’s vision for an international centre of music whose performance programme makes its mark on the world’s stage and which has artist development, learning and community inclusion as its creative engine. Aldeburgh Music’s programme ranges from development opportunities for musicians at all career stages to work that explores music’s ability to have a positive impact on people’s lives when they need it most.'

@ Snape Maltings
VISITS (to Website)204
Also indexedAldeburgh Music
VIEWS (of this Record)492

‘Since 2007 a series of concerts has been held on five consecutive Sunday afternoons every spring and autumn; these have become a regular feature not only of our Church calendar but also of Ipswich’s musical life. A wide variety of music is performed by soloists, instrumental ensembles and choirs, and an emphasis is placed on encouraging young local talent ... Other occasional concerts take place throughout the year.’


Category Churches
@ St Andrew’s Rushmere
VISITS (to Website)123
Also indexedMusic at Rushmere | Friends of Rushmere Organ
VIEWS (of this Record)244

'A popular venue for concerts and a major venue for the annual Bury St Edmunds Festival. It regularly hosts international performers, and boasts two superb musical instruments: the Cathedral organ is a large four manual instrument built in 2010 by Harrison and Harrison and the grand piano is a Steinway model D (2007).'


Category Cathedrals
@ St Edmundsbury Cathedral
VISITS (to Website)271
VIEWS (of this Record)472

‘St Mary’s has a rich musical life: as well as music on Sunday services, there is also a programme of concerts ... The main function of the Choir is to sing at services at St. Mary’s Church but several concerts are given each year, either in aid of a charity or music funds ... St Mary’s Brass plays at various events including St. Mary’s Summer and Christmas Fairs and at an annual concert ... Numerous musical groups, organisations, schools and societies have used our church as a venue for their events due to its size, splendour and acoustics.‘


Category Greater Churches
@ St Mary’s Saffron Walden
VISITS (to Website)225
Also indexedSt Mary’s Brass
VIEWS (of this Record)298

‘Important during the times of Henry VIII when it was the base of Cardinal Wolsey's short-lived college the Church has now been regenerated for the 21st Century. As well as being a heritage centre St Peter's is a venue for music and the arts, and is home to the Ipswich Hospital Band, Suffolk School of Samba and Ipswich Youth Steel Band, who all use the centre for rehearsals and concerts ... There is live music in St Peter’s every Wednesday lunchtime, which is free for visitors to listen to while exploring the centre, as well as the many concerts and events which happen throughout the year, performed by local, national and international groups.’



@ St Peter’s by the Waterfront
VISITS (to Website)189
VIEWS (of this Record)299

‘Opened in 2004, The Cut has been giving Halesworth quality theatre and music for over 10 years, hosted mainly in the Alan Bates Auditorium, which was opened by the late Sir Alan Bates himself. Not only has The Cut been praised for showing fantastic shows and musical numbers over the years but for showing fabulous artworks from some of the most brilliant local artists in the Suffolk and Norfolk region and also for its superb café that supplies delicious homemade pastries and cakes, all set in a beautifully restored Maltings workhouse that still keeps some of its old world charm.’


@ The Cut Halesworth
VISITS (to Website)188
Also indexedHalesworth Arts Festival
VIEWS (of this Record)542

‘A restored 18th Century Norfolk barn set in the heart of rural South Norfolk, near to the beautiful Waveney Valley and Southern Broads town of Beccles. Many world class musicians, ensembles and orchestras have performed in our annual concert series and recorded here ... With a stage at one end, large enough to accommodate two grand pianos, chamber orchestra or choir, complete with wonderfully responsive acoustics, described by visitors as a “mini Snape Maltings”, there is seating for an audience of 120.’


@ The Old Granary Studio
VISITS (to Website)114
VIEWS (of this Record)375

'Music at Woodbridge School is nationally regarded as exceptional. Many pupils regularly train and perform with some of the UK’s most prestigious youth orchestras and choirs. Yet music is not an elite activity at Woodbridge – the emphasis is on enjoyment and involvement for all. The ethos of Woodbridge’s music department is based around the classical repertoire, but there are many opportunities for pupils to play other styles of music such as rock, jazz and swing ... Through all of the musical activity within the music school, the School performs a pupil-led programme of over 60 concerts every year.'

@ Woodbridge School
VISITS (to Website)184
VIEWS (of this Record)366

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