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‘Our club members are like minded people who enjoy singing, playing, listening, performing, reciting and socialising. Our main aim is to enjoy ourselves and we welcome new visitors at Nitten to do the same. There is no one type of music you'll hear; like our members, the style is eclectic! From old style country rock to traditional Irish fiddle tunes, you'll hear them all at Nitten.’


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* Nitten Folk Club
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We are a small-but-perfectly-formed(!), broad-minded and friendly folk club. We have a concert once/month (roughly) and a friendly, hosted, songs-and-tunes session on all other Tuesdays (except when that falls on something like Christmas Day). We enjoy and welcome all sorts of music – from big ballads to country classics and from tempestuous tunes to poignant pibrochs. Our “hosted” singing/tune sessions offer a relaxed and supportive evening of listening, joining in, airing your new songs or finding your musical feet ...'


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* Penicuik Folk Club
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Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

'The Dalkeith Singers is a large mixed choir for Dalkeith and the surrounding district and has 60 or so regular members. We sing classical, sacred and some lighter music – all for the sheer joy of singing and entertaining our audiences. Our main concert performances are given in Dalkeith each year at Christmas time and in the spring. We also perform at other events alongside other groups.'

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+ Dalkeith Singers
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‘Formed in 1967 in Lasswade, near Edinburgh, from former pupils of Lasswade High School. Its name recalls the adjacent picturesque valley through which the River Esk flows. Nowadays, however, members come from all over the Lothians, and from Renfrewshire ... The Edinburgh Kevock Choir has long been recognised as one of Scotland's foremost large choirs. Its singing strength is currently around 60. The choir's main concert is held in May each year.’

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+ Kevock Choir
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‘Based in Midlothian, in the south east of Scotland, we are part of a tradition of music making dating back to 1809 when the first civilian brass band was formed ... In 1943, a concert party from the local engineering works, MacTaggart Scott & Company were rehearsing in the Town Hall. They came across the stored instruments and approached the Town Council with a view to forming a “works band”. Thus, the present band was born ... Officially formed in 2011, the Loanhead Brass Roots has welcomed more than 150 players. Many of these have stayed involved in the music world, whether it's playing with MacTaggart Scott Loanhead Brass Band or to study music at the highest level.’

+ MacTaggart Scott Loanhead Brass Band
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Also indexedLoanhead Brass Roots
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'The Band has appeared on national TV and radio on a number of occasions and has enjoyed no shortage of success on the contesting platform ... Notwithstanding the band's rise into the top echelons of British brass banding, it has never forgotten its roots and still plays a most important role in the life of the local community. In days past the band gave regular concerts on the bandstand in the public park, drawing large crowds. Nowadays, local performances range from the village gala day to the annual New Year's Day concert, which always draws a packed house.' [Scottish Brass Band AssociationALERT Website not relevant at Review; cf Facebook Page.

+ Newtongrange Silver Band
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St David’s Brass was originally formed as St. David’s High School Brass Band, primarily with pupils from St. David’s High, Dalkeith and its feeder primaries under the leadership of brass teacher, John A Dickson. In 1986 the Band first appeared on the contest stage winning the Scottish Youth title. As players reached the end of their school careers, many wished to carry on playing and from this the St. David’s Brass Band was formed ... Concerts take place regularly in the Dalkeith and Edinburgh area.’

+ St David’s Brass Band
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'One of Scotland's most remarkable buildings, Rosslyn Chapel has been in the ownership of our family since its foundation in 1446 and is still used today as a place of worship ... From concerts to craft activities, find out about events in the Chapel and visitor centre ...'

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@ Rosslyn Chapel
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