'The public body that supports the arts, screen and creative industries across all parts of Scotland on behalf of everyone who lives, works or visits here.'

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'The directorate's purpose is to: * build Scotland's influence and reputation abroad; * create the conditions for culture, heritage and creative excellence to flourish; * value and nurture our arts, culture and heritage.'

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'Brings together singers, players, listeners and instrument makers from around Scotland with an interest in the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. Our members range from professional to amateur, from singers to players of viols, recorders, sackbutt, cornett and more!'

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'The national body for chamber music - leading, developing and connecting the chamber music sector in Scotland.'

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New Music Scotland is a network of artists, ensembles, orchestras, composers, creators, music educators, sound artists, musicians, producers, promoters and anyone who believes in the importance and value of creating new music in Scotland. We are a cooperative that exists to connect, enable and support makers of innovative and experimental new music and our members help drive how we do that. We believe that new music comes from many different cultural traditions and musical practices; what brings us all together is our passion for and belief in the intrinsic value of new music creation for individuals and society as a whole.’

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‘The Royal National Mòd is organised by An Comunn Gàidhealach (The Highland Association) which was founded in Oban in 1891 and has HM The Queen as its Patron. Famous for celebrating our Gaelic linguistic and cultural heritage, Scotland’s premier Gaelic festival provides opportunities for people of all ages to perform across a range of competitive disciplines including Gaelic music and song, highland dancing, instrumental, drama, sport and literature.‘

Also indexedAn Comunn Gàidhealach | The Highland Association
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'Is at the heart of the national music industry in all its forms. From preserving our musical heritage with the ever-expanding archive, to representing contemporary composers and musicians, the SMC stands at the forefront. Our aim is to champion the wealth of talent that abounds in Scotland’s musical community by actively promoting music locally, nationally and internationally.'

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‘Offers you a "What's On" facility - listings of forthcoming events - and an "Archive" of opera performances giving previous casts and descriptions of productions. Our notes on a given work give the date of first performance in Scotland if we have been able to establish it. Both features are free to users although do please credit us. If you like our site, come back again; “like” on Facebook and “follow us” on Twitter. Tell your friends and let your colleagues know about us ...’

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'The heart and home of Pipe Bands world wide. The RSPBA is the recognised Centre of Excellence for the promotion and development of Pipe Band Music internationally.'

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'SBBA has been looking after the interests of Scotland's brass bands since 1895 ... SBBA has vastly widened its horizons in recent years and now boasts over 100 member bands, of which 20 per cent are youth bands. Having been a male-dominated activity for many years, brass banding in Scotland has also seen a huge growth in female participation, which has now reached 44 per cent. The SBBA also encourages the advent of new ensembles covering all age groups ...' The Association organize the Scottish Open Brass Band Championships and the Scottish Youth Brass Band Championships.

Also indexedScottish Open Brass Band Championship | Scottish Youth Brass Band Championship
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‘We are a Federation of Scottish societies of organists. Membership of any of the local societies is open to anyone with an interest in the organ ... While many of our members are practising organists, we welcome as members all those who have an interest in the organ and its music, and in church music. All local societies are affiliated to the Incorporated Association of Organists and SFO office bearers maintain cordial relationships with the IAO, the Royal School of Church Music and the Royal College of Organists ... The Scottish Churches Organist Training Scheme (SCOTS) is designed to provide organists and keyboard players with the skills to accompany and lead worship in church with confidence.‘

Also indexedScottish Churches Organist Training Scheme
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‘Most children at state schools in Scotland do not have the opportunity to learn piping and drumming as part of their curriculum in the way they can learn other musical instruments. Most children at independent schools do. But this is not about class - it's about culture. Why should young people in Scotland not be able to learn piping and drumming at school - but they can learn the picolo or glockenspiel? If you would like to introduce piping and drumming tuition or a pipe band at your school get in touch and we can make it happen ...’

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‘Since its foundation in 1966, The Traditional Music and Song Association of Scotland has helped to foster and promote Scotland's unique musical traditions. It is a membership organisation and members include music enthusiasts, amateur and professional performers, tutors, and academics ... Encouraging both widespread popular participation and individual artistic excellence, the TMSA branches work on a local level to provide opportunities for universal participation by running festivals, ceilidhs, concerts, workshops and competitions. In this way they are able to sustain the specific cultural traditions of their area, as well as those of Scotland generally.’

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