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- Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research [Anglia Ruskin]

- Centre for Intercultural Musicology [Churchill Cambridge]

- Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health [Christ Church Canterbury]


! Music Research Centres KEY
VISITS (to Website)72
VIEWS (of this Record)102

‘World-leading multidisciplinary research group in the field of Music & Audio Technology. Since its founding members joined Queen Mary in 2001, the Centre has grown to become arguably the UK’s leading Digital Music research group.'


* Centre for Digital Music [Queen Mary London]
VISITS (to Website)353
Also indexedQueen Mary, University of London
VIEWS (of this Record)378

'Exists to co-ordinate and encourage all kinds of early music activities within the Music Department and the University, from lessons for beginners on Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque instruments and in early vocal techniques, through workshops, master classes and concerts, to postgraduate programmes in performance practice, international symposia and research projects.'


* Centre for Early Music Performance and Research [Birmingham]
VISITS (to Website)228
Also indexedUniversity of Birmingham
VIEWS (of this Record)381

'Interdisciplinary network bringing together scholars and practitioners – composers, directors, librettists, dramaturgs, surtitlers – working on a range of topics and methods for the study and creation of opera and drama ... CIRO hosts a variety of events each year, including guest lectures, study days, conferences and seminars with international speakers, workshops and panel discussions.'


* Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Opera and Drama [Cardiff]
VISITS (to Website)277
Also indexedCardiff University
VIEWS (of this Record)528

‘All known cultures have music, and all cultures expect their members to be able to make sense of their music by making music or listening to it. In the CMS we explore musicality as a fundamental human capacity. We investigate the full range of musical behaviour from private listening to interacting with others, whether in expert performance or just having fun. Music is not just sound: it is dynamic pattern in embodied minds, movement, and social interactions; it is shaped by biology and culture. In the CMS we study music from all these perspectives; we aims to identify its relationships with other domains of human life, particularly speech and language.’


* Centre for Music and Science [Cambridge]
VISITS (to Website)119
Also indexedUniversity of Cambridge
VIEWS (of this Record)140

‘Originally founded in 2000 at the Royal College of Music, the CPS has become an internationally distinctive centre for research, teaching, and knowledge exchange in music performance science. Now, nearly two decades on, we are opening a new chapter in performance science: a cross-institutional partnership between the Royal College of Music and Imperial College London. Performance is at the very core of progress in the arts, business, education, medicine, science, and sport. Increasingly, new methods and technologies are emerging that allow us to understand better how and why we perform and the reasons we find great performances so compelling.’


* Centre for Performance Science [RCM/Imperial]
VISITS (to Website)328
Also indexedRoyal College of Music | Imperial College London
VIEWS (of this Record)298

'CeReNeM is a community of world-leading artists and scholars who bring interdisciplinary perspectives to research in contemporary composition, performance, music technology, improvisation and sonic media. CeReNeM hosts a vibrant postgraduate programme with 50 Masters and PhD students from 18 different countries.'


* Centre for Research in New Music [Huddersfield]
VISITS (to Website)259
Also indexedUniversity of Huddersfield
VIEWS (of this Record)508

'A national and international centre for research and development in the practice and theory of contemporary opera, music-based theatre and other related forms of sonic or multimedia performance. The Centre promotes innovative artistic and critical practices across a range of forms through academic programmes, creative, theoretical and historical research projects, and research collaborations with relevant professional and educational partners.'


* Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre [Sussex]
VISITS (to Website)271
Also indexedUniversity of Sussex
VIEWS (of this Record)595

‘The cmrc at the University of York supports and promotes creativity in contemporary music of all kinds. Firmly committed to the idea of practice as research, our staff and students are all dedicated to the creation of new music through composition, improvisation and performance ... Cmrc hosts a packed schedule of seminars, performances and workshops every term, with distinguished visiting artists and scholarship.’


* Contemporary Music Research Centre [York]
VISITS (to Website)200
Also indexedcmrc | University of York
VIEWS (of this Record)304

'We promote collaboration between researchers, institutions and disciplines, and build links between the academic community and the wider public. The Institute provides services for researchers and promotes events, ranging from student training and early career research days to the IMR Distinguished Lecture Series. The IMR is based at the University of London’s Senate House. Formerly part of the School of Advanced Studies, it is now supported by Royal Holloway, University of London.'


* Institute of Musical Research
VISITS (to Website)299
Also indexedRoyal Holloway, University of London
VIEWS (of this Record)310

'Founded in 1988 as the world’s first specialist centre for the study of popular music, the Institute of Popular Music (IPM) provides a hub for interdisciplinary research on popular music, broadly defined. We examine popular music from different perspectives and explore the many varied contexts and processes involved in its production and consumption.'


* Institute of Popular Music [Liverpool]
VISITS (to Website)233
Also indexedUniversity of Liverpool
VIEWS (of this Record)336

'The current research and teaching of ICSMuS are Christian in emphasis; but the centre’s scope allows for studies of music in other world religions. Similarly, the current emphasis is on Western music, liturgies and rituals; but it is intended to enlarge this and to engage with scholars and students from anthropology and sociology as well as theology and the arts.'


* International Centre for Sacred Music Studies [Bangor]
VISITS (to Website)265
Also indexedBangor University
VIEWS (of this Record)390

‘A group devoted to auth­entic perfor­mances of classic electronic music, and the creation of new music from their instru­ment­arium of vintage analogue devices ... Langham Research Centre first got together in August 2003, at which point we were all producers at BBC Radio 3. BBC national radio is based in Langham Place in London, which we took for our name ... As well as composing our own music, we have a passion for realising works by great 20th century composers like John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Earle Browne and others, particularly those works which can only be performed by a group working with vintage technology like reel-to-reel tape, phonograph cartridges and oscillators.’


* Langham Research Centre
VISITS (to Website)105
VIEWS (of this Record)190

‘Our research groups explore established and emerging areas in Music and Performing Arts practice, theory and scholarship, drawing together renowned researchers and practitioners.’


* Music Research Centre [Bath Spa]
VISITS (to Website)104
Also indexedIntercultural Communication through Practice | Open Scores Lab | Sonic Arts and Visual Music | The Sonic Materiality Lab | Bath Spa University
VIEWS (of this Record)209

'Encompasses a broad and continually evolving range of artistic creation and theory focused on innovative application of new technologies to music. It emphasises electroacoustic music and sonic art. The MTI programme was established in 1999 and the research centre is now acknowledged globally to be a leader in its field.'


* Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre [De Montfort]
VISITS (to Website)220
Also indexedDe Montfort University | Institute for Sonic Creativity
VIEWS (of this Record)348

‘At SPARC, we study audiences, performers and live music, using empirical approaches in order to understand arts experiences. Our aims are: to explore the purposes and practicalities of empirical research with audiences and performers; to consider the roles of audience members as musical participants; to illustrate the musical, social and personal richness of audience experience in different contexts; to investigate the perceived relationships between audiences and performers; to explore musicians’ perspectives on live performance; to consider the relevance of our research for arts organisations, musicians, educators and researchers.’


* Sheffield Performer & Audience Research Centre
VISITS (to Website)202
Also indexedSPARC | University of Sheffield
VIEWS (of this Record)315

'Key areas of interest include: composition and performance; improvisation, virtual instruments; interactivity and interaction design; spatial audio; hearing and perception; distributed performance; site-specific sound art, critical and cultural theories of sonic arts; history of sonic arts, community engagement in sonic arts; and relationships to the creative industries in local, regional and international contexts.'


* Sonic Arts Research Centre [QUB]
VISITS (to Website)235
Also indexedQueen’s University Belfast
VIEWS (of this Record)449

SPARC contributes to the interdisciplinary field of 21st Century sound practice in all its magnificent plurality. SPARC members work at the boundaries between improvisation, performance, sound art and composition. SPARC promotes dialogue, debate and creative activity in sound and composition practices through the production of new creative work, publications, multi.modal recordings, public fora and new collaborative relationships.’


* SPARC [City, University of London]
VISITS (to Website)91
Also indexedSound Practice & Research @ City, University of London
VIEWS (of this Record)188

‘We are a UK Charity. Our aim is to preserve, promote and celebrate the causes of jazz in the UK and beyond. We also interview musicians and other jazz icons! ... “People have died for jazz" said the legendary trumpeter John Birks 'Dizzy’ Gillespie" - and you still have a problem calling it 'serious music?'" The great British tenorist Alan Skidmore echoed the thought on a recent visit to 'The Jazz Centre (UK)'. "I've given six decades of my life to this art-form" he said " - and I appreciate its full celebration in words and deeds". Our Trustees believe him. And while we have a long way to go we believe that “The Jazz Centre (UK)” can soon remove the brackets from its last two letters.’


* The Jazz Centre (UK) [Southend]
VISITS (to Website)293
VIEWS (of this Record)239

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