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'The national body representing the collective interests of professional orchestras, youth ensembles and the wider classical music industry throughout the UK. Our mission is to enable and support an innovative, collaborative and sustainable orchestral sector by providing advice, support, intelligence and information to the people who make British orchestras a global success.'

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'The members comprise performers, teachers and those with an interest in our core aim, which is "to encourage the communication of English words, in singing and speech, with clarity, understanding and imagination".'

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... for Music, Dance and Speech: 'For nearly 100 years, we have been supporting community festivals to provide local opportunities for young performers. We support almost 300 festivals across the UK & Ireland and beyond ...'

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'The professional body for music therapy in the UK, providing both practitioners and non-practitioners with information, professional support, and training opportunities. It is also a charity committed to promoting and raising awareness of music therapy, and providing information to the general public.'

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'Europe's oldest flute organisation has a lot to offer its members. Pan, the Society's journal, is recognised world-wide as a highly informative and entertaining flute journal. Three times a year Pan brings you articles on all aspects of the flute and flute playing. It is the authoritative guide to the latest flute news, listings of concerts, courses and reviews of new music, books and recordings.'

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'The Society was founded in the United Kingdom on 1st January 1977, initially from members of the Band Section of the Military Historical Society ... The Society expanded rapidly with the formation of overseas branches and in 1998 an International Committee was formed to govern the Society, whilst the United Kingdom membership was established as a branch of the Society rather than the central nucleus as hitherto.'

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'Lesbians and Gays singing together | Umbrella Organisation for Lesbian and Gay Choirs in Europe'

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'Founded in 1946, is the UK’s premier Bach Society and is dedicated to bringing the music of Johann Sebastian Bach "live" to both the devoted follower and curious newcomer. Our story is about a pioneering voyage of continuing musical discovery, innovation and adventure presented in the company of a Who’s Who of solo artistry, and a loyal and enthusiastic public following.'


'Membership is open to composers living in and around London, UK ... LCF supports and promotes the work of its members (both amateur and professional), provides opportunities for learning, feedback on works in progress and discussion of ideas, and organises concerts for performance of new works by its members. The group also helps stimulate the creation of new works by co-ordinating workshops, tutorials and seminars on a wide range of composition related topics, from composition styles and theory through to the quirks of writing for particular instrumentations. There are no selection criteria for membership and the member composers range from beginners to professional composers with many years experience.'

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'A trade union run for its 30,000 members ... You're a musician, not a lawyer. You want to make music, not unduly worry about unpaid fees, cancelled bookings and intellectual property rights. That's why you join the Musicians' Union  ...'

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'An organisation run by volunteer officers with the aim of promoting choral music across the UK. To do this we provide help and assistance to member choirs, via this website, our periodic magazines News & Views, contact numbers and email addresses ... Our membership is growing rapidly, and numbers in excess of 700 choirs all around the UK. If you would like to find a choir local to you, see the Choirs link, and follow either the Choirs map or go to the geographic Group that interests you.'

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'The foremost society in the UK dedicated to the study of music. Membership is open to any individual interested in musical research.'

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'The heart and home of Pipe Bands world wide. The RSPBA is the recognised Centre of Excellence for the promotion and development of Pipe Band Music internationally.'

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'As a voluntary group with no political, religious or other persuasion, the objectives of the Association are to study, preserve, perform, teach and enjoy the sacred and secular music and song of west gallery and allied traditions, together with their settings within a social and historical context.'

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