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- Blackburn Darwen Music Hub

- Musical Routes [Wirral with Cheshire West and Chester]


! Local Music Hubs and Networks KEY
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VIEWS (of this Record)187

‘Delivers instrumental and vocal provision to primary and secondary schools across Warrington and Halton.’


* Accent Music Education Hub [Warrington and Halton]
VISITS (to Website)380
VIEWS (of this Record)436

'ArtsFirst is the lead organisation for the Islington Music Education Hub. Working alongside our many partners we aspire to deliver the best possible music education opportunities to children and young people and to work with community and professional musicians to make Islington a music rich borough.


* Arts First [Islington]
VISITS (to Website)249
Also indexedIslington Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)554

‘A partnership made up of strategic local, regional and national music organisations. Led by the Bath & North East Somerset Music Service, the Hub aims to create a joined up, high quality programme of music education for children and young people both in and out of school.‘


* B&NES Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)273
VIEWS (of this Record)308

'Barnet Education Arts Trust absolutely loves to make music! Whether you are a young classical, jazz or rock musician we have bands and groups ... If you sing we have choirs, and if you are a teacher we have training opportunities and advice. We can hire out orchestral instruments ... We stage concerts regularly ... If you are three years or older we have something for you!' The Trust is the Lead Organisation for the Barnet Music Education Hub.


* Barnet Education Arts Trust
VISITS (to Website)322
Also indexedBarnet Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)513

'An active network of partner organisations led by Barnsley Music Service. It works to enhance music education for schools and families in Barnsley.'


* Barnsley Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)256
Also indexedBarnsley Music Service
VIEWS (of this Record)540

'A dynamic partnership made up of strategic local, regional and national music organisations and individual professional musicians and artists as well as all schools and Unitary Authorities ... “Berkshire Maestros” is the lead organisation of the Berkshire Music Hub and the principal provider of high quality musical experiences for children and young people across Berkshire and beyond, delivered by a highly qualified and trained workforce of music teachers and skilled community musicians.'


* Berkshire Maestros
VISITS (to Website)252
Also indexedBerkshire Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)355

'Bird College Music Service aims to enrich the lives of children, young people and adults within the Borough of Bexley, by providing opportunities for them to become actively involved in a wide variety of music activities. Bird College is the lead organisation for the Bexley Music Education Hub which aims to ensure that all pupils have equal access to high quality music education. We employ a team of specialised instrumental and class music teachers to deliver a wide range of musical activities ...'


* Bird College
VISITS (to Website)207
Also indexedBexley Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)462

'The Service provides weekly musical tuition in all Blackpool Schools and Academies and, in 90% of our Children's Centres. Its constant drive to improve the experiences and opportunities of all Blackpool children makes the Music Centre a fun place to work and rehearse and staged events have shown that Blackpool children have exceptional talent when given the opportunity ...' Blackpool Music Service is the Lead Organisation for the Blackpool Music Education Hub.


* Blackpool Music Service
VISITS (to Website)329
Also indexedBlackpool Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)604

The Bradford Music & Arts Service 'is committed to delivering the objectives of the National Plan for Music and as the lead organisation for the Bradford Music Education Hub will work with a range of partners to offer the best possible musical experience to all children within the Bradford district and beyond'.


* Bradford Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)301
Also indexedBradford Music & Arts Service
VIEWS (of this Record)374

'A very active organisation, providing a wide variety of innovative programmes and activities including concerts at Wembley Arena, rock and pop festivals, solo competitions, choir competitions, guest performances at local events, participation in national events, as well as international tours ... Brent Music Service is also the lead partner of the Brent Music Education Hub.'


* Brent Music Service
VISITS (to Website)226
Also indexedBrent Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)488

Bristol Plays Music (BPM) is the music education hub for Bristol. We believe in the power of music – to inspire, teach and transform lives. We want to make sure that every young person has access to music education activities and a platform for musical expression. Through work with partners and venues across Bristol, BPM will join up opportunities for teaching, learning and performance in a way that everyone can access. Our goal is to promote local music-making and our city’s rich musical talent. Bristol Plays Music is run by Bristol Music Trust ... BPM supports school and community events across the city and beyond. This includes events at Colston Hall and festivals and concerts across the city such as Harbour side and Sounds Inspiring.’


* Bristol Plays Music
VISITS (to Website)213
Also indexedBristol Music Trust | Bristol Beacon
VIEWS (of this Record)301

‘An independent music service nationally renowned for providing a very high quality comprehensive and inclusive instrumental and vocal music education to the young people of Bromley and surrounding areas, as well as providing opportunities for performance in a wide range of settings to enhance the musical understanding and appreciation of pupils and the wider community ... BYMT became the leading partner in Bromley Music Hub in September 2012.'


* Bromley Youth Music Trust
VISITS (to Website)379
Also indexedBromley Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)352

'We believe passionately that music is an invaluable and essential part of education for young people. The thrill of making music and exploring our creativity through instrumental and vocal work builds confidence and self-esteem. We develop learning and listening skills alongside concentration and co-ordination. Children who learn music are better equipped for success in life ... Buckinghamshire Music Education Hub is a network of music education organisations, community groups, Buckinghamshire schools and music practitioners who share a common vision to provide and create musical opportunities and experiences of the highest quality for all students in the county at all levels and in all types and genres of music.'


* Buckinghamshire Music Trust
VISITS (to Website)323
Also indexedBuckinghamshire Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)445

‘Provides opportunities for children, young people and adults to learn a musical instrument and make music together in our ensembles. We provide Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET), ensembles and curriculum teaching in schools. We have many centrally run ensembles in three regional centres for children and adults. We will continue to expand the opportunities in collaboration with cultural organisations for pupils to experience live music both as performers and audiences.’ The Trust is the Lead Organisation for the Calderdale Music Hub.


* Calderdale Music Trust
VISITS (to Website)146
Also indexedCalderdale Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)262

Cambridgeshire Music is the county hub for music education and arts therapies. We make high quality music happen all across Cambridgeshire for young people and families – both in and out of school. We organise thousands of music lessons, bands and projects in all styles of music, as well as arts therapies for all ages. We work in partnership with hundreds of professional musicians and organisations.’


* Cambridgeshire Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)203
Also indexedmush
VIEWS (of this Record)347

‘Led by Cornwall Council, our Hub is made up of over 40 partners and supporting organisations all working together to support music education for young people in Cornwall ... The “Cornwall Music Education Hub” will champion, celebrate and grow Cornwall’s rich music heritage and, through inclusive, dynamic and innovative learning, will inspire children and young people to achieve their musical potential.'


* Cornwall Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)573
VIEWS (of this Record)364

‘The major provider of music (and associated performing arts) activity across Coventry and will deliver this in partnership with schools, Hub partners and regional arts organisations ... Strives to support schools, raise standards and to provide an inclusive, rich and balanced programme along with opportunities for training and development ... We ensure high-quality teaching and learning for children and young people across the city and provide a number of high profile performance opportunities which showcase talent, progression and achievement.‘


* Coventry Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)311
VIEWS (of this Record)206

‘A service that works to ensure children and young people in the Borough have access to creative opportunities. We work as part of a network of local partners that include the majority of Croydon state schools, a range of cultural organisations and alternative education services.‘ The Service is the Lead Organisation for the Croydon Music Education Hub.


* Croydon Music & Arts
VISITS (to Website)399
Also indexedCroydon Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)310

'We are a partnership that brings together local organisations from right across Cumbria to deliver the best music education for children and young people ...  The Lead Partner is the “Cumbria Music Service” ... The Hub has created six Local Area Networks, with a dedicated Network Leader for each, to support the wide range of people and organisations working with young people in music across the whole of Cumbria. Each Local Area Network provides a local focus, and offers a forum to share ideas and opportunities and to have your say in what the Music Hub does. Please get in touch with them with any questions or suggestions for your area ...'


* Cumbria Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)405
Also indexedCumbria Music Service
VIEWS (of this Record)538

'The two overriding aims of the Derbyshire Music Education Hub are to broaden and increase the opportunities for music-making for all children and young people in the city and county, regardless of their background or personal circumstances; and to raise the standards of music provision to the highest levels possible ... We're proud to present over 70 events from the partners of the hub in every academic year, featuring performances from thousands of young musicians across all of Derbyshire.‘


* Derbyshire Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)436
VIEWS (of this Record)408

'A collaboration between all schools, music teachers, services and practitioners in the County, aiming together to make musical opportunities available, affordable, enjoyable and beneficial to every young person in Devon. The Hub is led by Babcock LDP Music Service, governed by a board with representatives from many organisations, and includes all schools and providers of musical opportunities for young people in Devon.'


* Devon Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)295
VIEWS (of this Record)284

'Provides music to all ages and all backgrounds and believes that the opportunity to play a musical instrument should be available to every child, regardless of financial or social circumstances.' The Service is the Lead Organisation for the Doncaster Music Education Hub.


* Doncaster Music Service
VISITS (to Website)286
Also indexedDoncaster Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)415

'The main provider of music provision within Dorset. We are the lead organisation in the Dorset Music Education Hub and we are committed, with our partners, to providing all kinds of instrument playing and musical opportunities at the highest practicable level to as many young people in the county as possible.’


* Dorset Music Service
VISITS (to Website)182
Also indexedDorset Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)348

'Encourages people of all ages and abilities to participate in community music and arts activities. We work in partnership with schools and other organisations in Dudley to deliver opportunities for young people. Through our Music Hub we are committed to provide opportunities for children and young people to be involved in regular performance activities. We believe this is a vital part of a child’s musical tuition and enhances their musical development.'


* Dudley Performing Arts
VISITS (to Website)263
Also indexedDudley Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)436

Music in Schools 'We aim to inspire young people in our communities to enjoy music throughout their lives. We provide a wide range of high quality musical educational opportunities aiming for the highest standards.' The Service is the Lead Organisation for the Durham and Darlington Music Education Hub.


* Durham Music Service
VISITS (to Website)290
Also indexedDurham and Darlington Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)376

Dynamics and its partners are involved in the running of a variety of musical activities across Medway. These include activities within schools, instrumental lessons and extra-curricular activities such as St. Thomas of Canterbury Music Centre, Medway Ensembles and Holiday Courses.‘


* Dynamics - The Medway Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)212
VIEWS (of this Record)275

'Aims to provide local schools and young people in the community with high quality music lessons, activities and other innovative, culturally diverse and accessible services ... In September 2012, Ealing Music Service were successful in the bid to be the Lead Partner for the Ealing Music Partnership Hub and secured annual funding from Arts Council England. Ealing Music Partnership's vision is to secure a rich musical legacy for all its children and young people – maximising the potential of every child through collaborative music making, rejuvenating professional learning to secure confidence in the workforce and accelerating progression pathways for our most talented young musicians.'


* Ealing Music Service
VISITS (to Website)225
Also indexedEaling Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)483

‘Enriches and enhances the lives of children and the community by actively supporting and developing education through music. The Schools’ Music Service provides a comprehensive instrumental and vocal teaching programmes within secondary schools, special schools, primary schools and junior schools ... As lead organisation for the East Riding Music Education Hub, the Schools’ Music Service works with partners from throughout the local region to provide musical opportunities to young people and the wider community.’


* East Riding Schools’ Music Service
VISITS (to Website)171
Also indexedEast Riding Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)277

‘The government funded music education provider for East Sussex. We are a not-for-profit organisation. Our team of over 90 teachers, support staff and managers provide music education for over 7000 children and young people in East Sussex, from age 5 to 18.‘ The Service is the Lead Organisation for the East Sussex Music Education Hub.


ALERT ‘Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival (BDBF) has announced it will manage East Sussex Music (ESM) service and will be lead partner for the East Sussex Music Education Hub. ESM provides music lessons and activities for over 7000 children and young people in East Sussex.’


* East Sussex Music
VISITS (to Website)131
Also indexedEast Sussex Music Education Hub | Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival
VIEWS (of this Record)290

‘Provides inclusive instrumental lessons to thousands of children and young people, including those with Special Educational Needs ... We offer inspiration and opportunities for children and young people throughout Enfield, working with schools and families to provide the best musical experiences in a range of settings, from instrumental tuition and whole class music lessons, to after-school choirs, bands and orchestras. We are proud to be the lead partner for Enfield Music Hub ... an exciting partnership with various organisations, to develop music education. We work with schools, parents, carers, children and young people.’


* Enfield Music Service
VISITS (to Website)148
Also indexedEnfield Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)288

‘We are passionate about delivering the best service to young people. Our professional music teachers can deliver specialist, high quality tuition across the full range of instruments and through whole class tuition. We also deliver a wide range of music programmes and can support schools and families from Early Years right through to the end of Further Education.‘


* Entrust Music Service Staffordshire
VISITS (to Website)206
VIEWS (of this Record)378

Essex Music Services – part of Essex County Council – is the lead partner in Essex Music Education Hub which is supported by funding from the Department for Education which comes to us via Arts Council England. Along with partner organisations that make up the Hub, we offer a range of musical services, projects and opportunities throughout Essex schools and within the community.’


* Essex Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)328
Also indexedEssex Music Services
VIEWS (of this Record)334

‘A strategic partnership of two well-established, high quality and ambitious local authority music services and a diverse range of successful and highly respected partners and collaborators.’


* Gateshead and South Tyneside Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)102
VIEWS (of this Record)237

'An exciting and innovative music education partnership. We are committed to providing the highest quality music education and the best expertise which the region has to offer. Bolton (Lead Partner), Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan are working together to secure the best musical opportunities for all children across the region.'


* Greater Manchester Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)205
VIEWS (of this Record)281

‘Hampshire County Council's Music Service is a successful and valued business unit within the Education and Inclusion branch of the Children's Services Department of Hampshire County Council (HCC). It provides a comprehensive music education service to Hampshire schools and colleges and is proud to promote the highest quality learning opportunities ... Hampshire Music Service has been the Lead Partner of the Hampshire Music Education Hub since September 2012 ... Partnership working has always been a keystone of HMS’s work. In our role as lead partner we aim to strengthen the range and depth of partnership working across Hampshire, ensuring the best possible opportunities for young people, whatever their musical tastes and ambitions.‘


* Hampshire Music Service
VISITS (to Website)361
Also indexedHampshire Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)320

'Formed in September 2012 with Harrow Music Service as the lead organisation. It works to review music education for young people in Harrow, offer more opportunities and support others who do the same. It includes a lot of different organisations involved in contributing to music education in Harrow ... ‘We are passionate about ensuring that every child in Harrow has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, with performance opportunities and a clear route of progression available for all.‘


* Harrow Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)315
Also indexedHarrow Music Service
VIEWS (of this Record)409

Havering Music School is the specialist music service for the London Borough of Havering. Instrumental lessons at our Saturday and Weekday Music Centres are available to children of any age or standard. We teach more than 3,500 primary, secondary and college students every week, focusing on developing sound technical and musical skills to promote self-expression and confidence. A further 1,500 children in 23 primary schools take part in weekly class ensemble tuition ... Havering Music School is the lead in the Havering Music Education Hub.’


* Havering Music School
VISITS (to Website)280
Also indexedHavering Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)411

‘One of the largest Local Authority Music Services in the country with over 560 teachers and 25,000 pupils across the county ... It is the Lead Partner for the “Hertfordshire Music Education Hub”.’


* Hertfordshire Music Service
VISITS (to Website)243
Also indexedHertfordshire Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)429

‘One-stop-shop for music by and for young people in the Highlands ... See everything that's happening, go to What’s On for workshops, live music and festivals, or Opportunities for funding, jobs and CPD ... Planning, or know of an event or opportunity you think young musicians in the Highlands would benefit from or enjoy? Then Contact Us and we’ll post it ... The Highland Youth Music Forum brings together organisations and individuals who provide opportunities for young people (aged 0 – 25) to participate in music making activities across the Highlands. The Forum aims to strengthen links between the formal and informal music sectors, creating a dynamic Highland wide music partnership.’


* Highland Youth Music
VISITS (to Website)148
Also indexedHighland Youth Music Forum
VIEWS (of this Record)284

'Through working in effective partnership Hillingdon Music Education Hub will provide high quality musical experiences for all of Hillingdon's children within our diverse communities ... The Hillingdon Music Hub is run as part of the music and theatres service of Hillingdon Council, which is part of the Green Spaces, Sport and Culture team within Residents' Services.'


* Hillingdon Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)192
VIEWS (of this Record)462

‘Works for the benefit of children young people and the community, provides networking opportunities, influences decision making, informs and challenges practice; provides opportunities for new ideas and ways of working to be shared and explored; utilises existing funding and explores/attracts potential funding; contributes to better outcomes for children and young people; helps organisations to do what they already do – but better.'


* Hull Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)333
VIEWS (of this Record)312

‘The music service and hub for Central Bedfordshire providing opportunities for young people in schools and music centres across the County.’


* Inspiring Music [Central Bedfordshire]
VISITS (to Website)280
VIEWS (of this Record)656

'Music education charity committed to providing music opportunities to individuals, schools and groups across Kent, through individual lessons; whole class instrumental teaching; local and county-wide ensembles and choirs; teacher training; and through creating and supporting special music projects and events. Kent Music is also the lead partner for the Music Education Hub for Kent.'


* Kent Music
VISITS (to Website)307
Also indexedMusic Education Hub for Kent
VIEWS (of this Record)422

'Kingston Music Service (KMS) is the lead organisation for the Kingston Music Education Hub which is funded by Arts Council England. The service provides instrumental and vocal music lessons to young people in Kingston’s schools and music centres. The services we provide enrich the lives of young people in the borough by offering opportunities to become actively involved in a wide variety of music activities.'


* Kingston Music Service
VISITS (to Website)699
Also indexedKingston Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)441

Lancashire Music Service (LMS), the lead Hub partner, was formed more than 50 years ago and is the County’’s music education service, with a long track record of providing high quality musical opportunities for the children of Lancashire. It provides instrumental and vocal teaching, music curriculum delivery and access to ensembles for more than 15,000 pupils per week representing around 60,000 hours of tuition, including through Whole Class Ensemble Tuition. It provides development and training for instrumental, vocal and classroom teachers, and has become a national leader in the use of ICT in music education ...’


* Lancashire Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)212
Also indexedLancashire Music Service
VIEWS (of this Record)344

'A collection of local and national partners and schools, working together to deliver the National Plan for Music Education to all young people aged 5-18 in Leicester and Leicestershire ... Our aims are to provide all young people access to excellent classroom teaching, instrumental and vocal tuition, as well as providing clear opportunities for progression, from beginners through to our high quality central ensembles.'


* Leicester-Shire Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)404
Also indexedLeicester-Shire Music and Cultural Trust
VIEWS (of this Record)484

Our Vision ‘Being musical is at the heart of human experience. Our vision is a world where every person has access to musical engagement, transforming lives and communities particularly for children and young people, those in financial need and those in challenging circumstances. In a Borough where opportunities for engagement with arts and culture is all too often uneven and localised on account of differences in financial means and social aspiration, we will target resources to groups and localities where there are barriers to participation. Our high quality learning opportunities will enrich lives, support social integration and cultural regeneration, and enable the fulfilment of musical potential.’


* Lewisham Music
VISITS (to Website)315
VIEWS (of this Record)437

‘We believe in Making Music Matter in Lincolnshire and that EVERY child should have access to high quality opportunities regardless of circumstance or background. Lincolnshire Music Service is an award winning Local Authority music service. We exist to provide the best possible music opportunities for Children and Young People within the county. We are also the lead organisation of the Lincolnshire Music Education Hub which was launched in 2012.’


* Lincolnshire Music Service
VISITS (to Website)378
VIEWS (of this Record)480

'The Mix is Luton’s music education hub – schools and music organisations working together to provide the best possible music-making opportunities for young people in Luton.'


* Luton Music Mix
VISITS (to Website)267
Also indexedLuton Music Service
VIEWS (of this Record)355

Make Music Gloucestershire is the county’s music education hub. We’re a network of schools, individuals and organisations working together to make sure music education reaches as many children and young people as possible, and makes a difference to their lives and futures.’


* Make Music Gloucestershire
VISITS (to Website)155
VIEWS (of this Record)279

‘Providing parents, carers & family members, young people, teachers with information about learning, playing, performing & studying music in Manchester ... On this Site you can find out about the work of the Hub and how we are funded; our commissioned partner One Education Music and the cultural organisations who deliver music tuition and music projects in and around Manchester. You can also find out what is happening through our news section and access some photos and stories about Manchester’s young people and their engagement in music. We will also direct you to other websites relevant to your needs.’


* Manchester Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)282
Also indexedMyHub
VIEWS (of this Record)266

'Lead Partner for the Merton Music Education Hub, MMF provides high quality music education for children in the London Borough of Merton.'


* Merton Music Foundation
VISITS (to Website)828
Also indexedMerton Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)434

Milton Keynes Music Education Hub is an organisation led by MKC Community Learning MK Music Faculty consisting of schools and key partners that are responsible for music education and music-making across MK.‘


* Milton Keynes Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)134
VIEWS (of this Record)239

‘Established in September 2012 the Music Education Partnership: North Somerset (MEP:NS) is the Arts Council England funded body that brings together the work of a family of music and music education providers who can support young people in North Somerset. It is North Somerset’s “Music Education Hub” charged with delivering the core and extension roles described in the National Plan for Music Education (NPME).’


* Music Education Partnership: North Somerset
VISITS (to Website)226
VIEWS (of this Record)275

'Music for Bedford Borough is the lead organisation for Bedford Music Hub providing and supporting musical experiences for children and young people.'


* Music for Bedford Borough
VISITS (to Website)221
Also indexedBedford Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)482

'Music on Sea is the strategic lead organisation for the Music Service and Music Education Hub of Southend on Sea. Music on Sea supports schools to provide outstanding teaching and learning across the curriculum; delivers good quality individual and group instrumental tuition and instrument hire service alongside providing exciting ensemble and performance opportunities.'


* Music on Sea [Southend]
VISITS (to Website)246
Also indexedSouthend Music Education Hub | Southend Music Services
VIEWS (of this Record)443

Music Partnership North is one of 122 music hubs across England set up to support and enhance music education for children and young people in their area in line with the aims of The Importance of Music: A National Plan for Music Education (NPME) ... This is a partnership between: Northumberland County Council music service; Newcastle City Council music service; Sage Gateshead. Northumberland is the lead organisation within the hub.’


* Music Partnership North [Northumberland]
VISITS (to Website)182
Also indexedNorthumberland County Council Music Service
VIEWS (of this Record)275

‘Music tuition in schools and centres across Kirklees. Lead organisation for the Kirklees Music Education Hub ... We offer access to over 70 exciting groups at our centres and central ensembles and we also support music making in schools across Kirklees. Over 10,000 instrumentalists and vocalists in Kirklees already engage with us – come and join them!’


* Musica Kirklees
VISITS (to Website)445
Also indexedKirklees Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)254

'The award-winning music hub for Newham. We are committed to providing high quality music education and opportunities to children and young people in schools throughout the borough and at “Newham Music Academy”, our after school and Saturday music centre.'


* Newham Music
VISITS (to Website)647
VIEWS (of this Record)350

'The Hub is every organisation and school who engage with Norfolk’s children and young people in music making. These organisations share what they do, communicate with each other and are committed to the highest quality of music education for children & young people.'


* Norfolk Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)381
Also indexedNorfolk Music Service
VIEWS (of this Record)499

‘We are a group of organisations who are passionate about delivering excellent music education for children and young people in NEL. Our core values are: * Ambition for every child & young person; * Excellence in practice; * Commitment to partnership & integrated working; * Respect & professionalism ... Our vision is to provide opportunities for every young person in the area to develop through music and enjoy high quality musical experiences. We aim to inspire and enable all learners to make music with others, learn an instrument, to sing and to have the opportunity to progress.’


* North East Lincs Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)202
VIEWS (of this Record)229

‘A growing partnership between key music organisations and local, regional and national arts organisations. We work together to offer inspiring, innovative and educational music, arts activities and experiences for the children and young people of North Lincolnshire. We are committed to providing the highest quality music education and standards of musical excellence. Our aim is to inspire all children and young people (regardless of race, gender, background, educational need or disability) to develop artistic talent and achieve personal goals both within and beyond the classroom. Music has the power to raise aspirations and has a positive impact on levels of attainment in school. Through the Hub’s valued partnerships we are able to offer music, arts activities and opportunities to inspire, improve and positively enhance the lives of young people.’


* North Lincolnshire Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)267
VIEWS (of this Record)269

'Whether you are a school, parent or student, you should find the information on these pages useful. Find out about the support we offer schools, how to start learning an instrument in school and what to do if you would like to join an Ensemble. You can also check when our concerts and events are and how to get involved in a all areas of music in North Tyneside.'


* North Tyneside Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)295
VIEWS (of this Record)384

‘An independent charitable organisation dedicated to providing music and performing arts opportunities for the children, young people and communities of Northamptonshire.’


* Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust
VISITS (to Website)925
Also indexedNMPAT
VIEWS (of this Record)419

'Partnership of organisations committed to delivering the aims of the National Plan for Music Education for the children and young people of Northamptonshire ... The Hub will offer a way for every organisation supporting music education in the county to be directly involved and to network with the whole community.'


* Northamptonshire Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)161
VIEWS (of this Record)277

Nottingham Music Service: 'We believe that music makes a difference. As a registered charity and lead partner for the Nottingham Music Education Hub, we are committed to making music more accessible and inclusive. We support young people from across the city to develop their musical skills, and participate in diverse ensembles and performances, contributing to the life of our great city'.


* Nottingham Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)307
Also indexedNottingham Music Service
VIEWS (of this Record)517

'A group of schools and music organisations who are working together to provide the best possible music-making opportunities for children and young people in Nottinghamshire.'


* Nottinghamshire Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)282
VIEWS (of this Record)299

'Oxfordshire County Music Service is the lead partner of the Oxfordshire Music Education Partnership (OMEP - the Music Education Hub for Oxfordshire) which provides and signposts a wide range of music services and tuition to young people (and some adults) in Oxfordshire. OMEP’s work includes delivery of the government’s whole class instrumental programme in primary schools as well as individual and small group lessons, specialist teaching in primary and special schools, curriculum support and advice, a full programme of weekend and evening music schools, holiday courses for young musicians at all stages of learning, workshops, community projects and high level ensemble activities. There is also enhanced academic provision for particularly gifted young musicians.'


* Oxfordshire Music Service
VISITS (to Website)220
Also indexedOxfordshire Music Education Partnership
VIEWS (of this Record)358

‘The organisation is dedicated to making an enjoyable and successful music education accessible to all young people irrespective of their ability to pay. The Music Hub also seeks to lift the barriers that arise through language, educational, social or cultural issues.’


* Peterborough Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)238
VIEWS (of this Record)371

'Currently engages over 4000 children and young people in weekly musical activities across the city. As well as traditional ensembles, which include bands and orchestras, we also offer Steel Band, Guitar and Rock and Pop groups and activities. We hope you’ll find something to suit your taste in music and, if not, please get in touch. We’re always open to suggestions! ...'


* Plymouth Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)198
VIEWS (of this Record)420

Mission 'To provide high quality music education and support for children, young people and learners in and around the diverse Portsmouth community; To inspire all young people to sing and play a musical instrument, developing their talent through progressive performance pathways; To promote high achievement through diverse partnerships; To transform lives through music and cultural engagement'


* Portsmouth Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)420
VIEWS (of this Record)348

‘Resonate, Liverpool's Music Hub, funded by Arts Council England, operates as a gateway for Liverpool's young musicians, meaning over 13,000 pupils in Liverpool have regular access to outstanding music opportunities which will impact on their lives and enhance our city.‘


* Resonate [Liverpool]
VISITS (to Website)257
VIEWS (of this Record)295

'Rotherham Music Education Hub is a partnership of organisations that exists to improve and extend music education in Rotherham; the lead partner is Rotherham Music Service. The Hub is funded by Arts Council England. Rotherham Music Education Hub has a range of local, regional and national partners that work with us to provide high quality music activities.'


* Rotherham Music
VISITS (to Website)306
VIEWS (of this Record)448

‘The Music Hub provides a range of services through a School Music Agreement.’


* Royal Greenwich Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)139
VIEWS (of this Record)477

'Independent Charity formed to deliver the National Plan for Music Education for the children and young people of Rutland. Working with NMPAT as the lead partner and a range of local deliverers, Rutland Music will support all schools and develop musical opportunities for the County.'


* Rutland Music
VISITS (to Website)202
VIEWS (of this Record)350

‘One of 122 Music Education Hubs being supported by DfE funding administered by Arts Council England ... The running of the Hub is managed through SIPS Education’s Music and Arts Service, which has provided music tuition and ensembles to schools and young musicians in the Sandwell area for many years.’


* Sandwell Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)195
Also indexedSandwell Music & Arts Service
VIEWS (of this Record)298

Services for Education Music Service is the lead organisation for the Birmingham Music Education Partnership which deploys the central government funding to extend and coordinate music education provision for all reporting to Arts Council England ... Services for Education is a unique charity that uses the power of learning and of music to create and build confidence amongst children, young people, adults and communities. We bring music and learning to life.’


* Services for Education Music Service [Birmingham]
VISITS (to Website)72
Also indexedBirmingham Music Education Partnership
VIEWS (of this Record)168

‘Provides the following services to the young people of Worcestershire: - Lessons in schools; - Projects, workshops and whole class tuition; - Six Area Music Centres throughout the county; - Wide range of orchestras and bands; - Instrument hire, collection and delivery service; - Trips, tours, courses and performance opportunities.’  Severn Arts (formely known as Worcestershire Youth Music.) is the Lead Organization for the  Worcestershire Music Education Hub.


* Severn Arts
VISITS (to Website)156
Also indexedWorcestershire Youth Music | Worcestershire Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)292

‘We believe that every child, regardless of race; gender; where they live; their levels of musical talent; parental income; whether they have special educational needs or disabilities; and whether they are looked-after children; deserves the very best music education ... Every school in Sheffield has a link Music Leader who acts as an ambassador for the Hub. Music Leaders are highly qualified musicians who also teach specialist lessons on their instruments or voice.‘


* Sheffield Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)561
VIEWS (of this Record)247

‘Shropshire Music Education Partnership (Shropshire Music Hub) is a group of organisations whose collective aim is to promote and facilitate high quality musical learning and experiences throughout the county ... As the lead partner in the Shropshire Music Education Hub, Shropshire Music Service works with local and national organisations to deliver the national plan for music education ... The Hub receives funding from central government via Arts Council England in order to deliver the opportunities as laid out in the National Plan for Music Education (NPME).’


* Shropshire Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)82
Also indexedShropshire Music Service
VIEWS (of this Record)213

‘Launched in July 2016, Sefton Council and Knowsley Council Music Hubs joined together to create a new Sefton and Knowsley Youth (SKY) Music Hub. The new SKY Music Hub is working to develop the range and quality of music education opportunities for children and young people across the two areas. For example, sharing expertise from each area, broadening the range of opportunities for children and young people and improving the support, training and resources available to teachers in schools.‘


* SKY Music Hub [Sefton and Knowsley]
VISITS (to Website)172
Also indexedSefton and Knowsley Youth (SKY) Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)676

‘Local music service for Slough, Berkshire, and lead organisation of the Slough Music Education Hub. We are a not for profit service, part of Slough Borough Council's Education and Children's Services and funded by central government. We provide music lessons, training and events in and outside school for children and young people in Slough. We are proud to work with the children, young people and staff in Slough's schools, and with those in the community, to provide enhanced music services for all.’


* Slough Music Service
VISITS (to Website)139
Also indexedSlough Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)328

Sound Foundation Somerset - like all other music education hubs - ensures that every child aged 5 – 18 has the opportunity to sing and learn a musical instrument and to perform as part of an ensemble or choir. It also offers opportunities which enable pupils to take their musical interest and talent further through ensembles, both locally and through links with national programmes ... We also run Music Inclusion events that provide a network for the arts and education sectors to share learning and resources that break down barriers to music education.’


* Sound Foundation Somerset
VISITS (to Website)167
VIEWS (of this Record)361

‘Brings together the leading organisations for music in the city, with Brighton & Hove City Council’s Music & Arts Service as lead partner. This partnership reflects the unique artistic and cultural landscape of the city, whose key mission is to enhance and further develop music education and opportunities that reflect the needs of children and young people. Alongside our colleagues in schools, our strategic partners are Brighton Dome & Festival, Glyndebourne, University of Sussex, Rhythmix, Royal Pavilion and Museums and representatives from Public Health and the Music Industry.’


* SoundCity: Brighton & Hove
VISITS (to Website)245
VIEWS (of this Record)314

'We are an award winning music education agency & lead partner for the Bournemouth & Poole Music Education Hub. With a partnership network of schools, local music providers, National Portfolio Organisations & independent practitioners, our work enables children & young people to experience, develop, progress & perform through music & the wider arts.’


* SoundStorm [Bournemouth and Poole]
VISITS (to Website)576
Also indexedBournemouth & Poole Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)477

‘Here in South Gloucestershire, we offer individual, small group and whole class vocal and instrumental teaching in schools for thousands of children a week. Our music centres provide an excellent progression pathway to develop ensemble playing. Anyone is welcome to join. We run a variety of singing workshops in primary and secondary schools. We create memorable events such as our Carol Service at Clifton Cathedral and our Gala Concert at the Colston Hall. We work in partnership with organisations such as the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and the National Youth Jazz Orchestra. The South Gloucestershire Music Hub serves to create the very best opportunities for children and young people to get involved in music making.’


* South Gloucestershire Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)299
VIEWS (of this Record)366

‘Brings a breadth of musical resource, specialism and activity to all communities in our city. Southampton Music Service is the lead organisation for the “Southampton Music Hub Partnership”. This is a network of local and national organisations that work together to provide: * Instrumental and vocal tuition; * Concerts; * Special events; * Family music making; * Workshops; * Holiday courses.’


* Southampton Music Service
VISITS (to Website)191
Also indexedSouthampton Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)263

‘Proud to be lead partner in the Southwark Music Hub ... We believe music is for everyone ... Southwark Music Service aims to enrich the lives of all Southwark children and young people by making the learning of music dynamic, energetic, varied and fun.’


* Southwark Music Service
VISITS (to Website)148
Also indexedSouthwark Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)239

‘We provide a variety of activities both in and out of schools across St.Helens. These include instrumental and vocal lessons every week as well as a variety of bands, orchestras, choirs and ensembles throughout St.Helens. Our tuition is only available to young people via their schools in order for us to deliver cost-effective and high-quality education programmes.’ The Service is the Lead Organization for the St Helens Music Hub.


* St Helens Music Service
VISITS (to Website)153
Also indexedSt Helens Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)354

‘Seeks to encourage participation, enjoyment, and achievement in music for all Children and Young People. SMEH is an advocate for, and promoter and provider of good value, inclusive and diverse high quality music education and performance opportunities. SMEH aims to: nurture talent and creativity at all levels; build self-esteem and discipline; widen horizons; and bring music to all ages, abilities and backgrounds. This will be achieved through effective partnerships that join up delivery, identify and tackle gaps in provision and ensure strong progression routes that raise the standards and well-being of all young people.’


* Suffolk Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)422
VIEWS (of this Record)387

'Works with schools, teachers, practitioners, young people and organisations across the Local Authority, to ensure all young people can access a high quality music education. The partnerships provide a range of music education activities from instrumental tuition, ensembles, access to progression routes, singing opportunities and large scale performances and events.'


* Sunderland Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)205
VIEWS (of this Record)404

‘Bringing music to every young person in Surrey through learning, training, performing, networking, inspiring and collaborating ... We’re led by Surrey Arts, the county council’s arts service, which includes the schools music service. Together, we’re making sure that children and young people receive music education that is high quality, wide ranging, sustainable and accessible to all, with clear routes for learning and options for musical progression ... Primary Music Festivals are a series of concerts that have run in Surrey for over 25 years. They are highly regarded events in the school calendar with close to 100 schools taking part each year, joining forces to perform to packed audiences of parents and the general public.’


* Surrey Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)264
Also indexedSurrey Arts
VIEWS (of this Record)387

’As lead partner in the Sutton Music Hub, Sutton Music Service works with a range of partner organisations to create all kinds of opportunities for children and young people in the London Borough of Sutton to have an excellent, high quality music education ... Sutton Music Service now exists as part of Sutton Education Services Ltd (SES), a joint venture company between the London Borough of Sutton and local schools. SES will continue to be the leading provider of education support services to local schools and academies, working closely with the London Borough of Sutton, local schools and other educational settings. Sutton has a national reputation for excellence in education, and is consistently one of the best performing local authority areas in England.’


* Sutton Music Service
VISITS (to Website)375
Also indexedSutton Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)337

Swindon Music Service (SMS) is an organisation of associated tutors who work with schools delivering the majority of the Core Roles within the National Plan for Music Education and are the major supplier of music education hub when delivering services in Swindon schools.‘


* Swindon Music Service
VISITS (to Website)339
Also indexedMake Music Swindon
VIEWS (of this Record)453

'Facilitates opportunities to participate in and experience the best possible music making as part of personal development, educational, social, cultural and leisure activity. This is achieved by providing access to the broadest musical experiences, maximising learning and development for our communities in general and specifically for all children and young people.'


* Thurrock Music Education Hub
VISITS (to Website)214
VIEWS (of this Record)330

'If you’re a young person interested in making music, you've come to the right place. Whether you’re a complete beginner or already playing or singing, find out about places, people, events and opportunities that can help you make the music you love ...'


* Torbay Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)220
Also indexedCreative Torbay
VIEWS (of this Record)360

'The award-winning Tri-borough Music Hub (TBMH) is the lead organisation that oversees the delivery of music education in three West London boroughs - the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham; and City of Westminster - working with schools, pupils and the workforce.'


* Tri-Borough Music Hub
VISITS (to Website)356
VIEWS (of this Record)455

‘Lead Organisation for the Wakefield Music Education Hub. Teaching over 7,000 young people to play instruments and running 70 progressive groups every week!‘


* Wakefield Music Services
VISITS (to Website)218
Also indexedWakefield Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)292

Walsall Music Education Hub is renowned for its high quality music provision and resides in the Walsall Arena and Arts Centre (formerly Forest Arts Centre). Providing the rhythm of life to everything from jazz to samba from heavy metal to Indonesian folk music. Walsall Music Education Hub is the place to come to listen, learn and enjoy music ... Arts Council England provide a network of music education hubs across England.‘


* Walsall Music Education Hub & Service
VISITS (to Website)218
Also indexedWalsall Music Education Hub
VIEWS (of this Record)655

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