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How to find concert and recital providers located in particular parts of the UK


* Choose a Provider within the  A-Z of UK Concerts and Recitals PROVIDERS


* Click on its KEY Record


* Press LINK to Website in this KEY Record


* Choose 'Nearby', ‘Area’, ‘Region’, or ‘Country’ within the resulting drop-down lists and Search


For those Records which have been geocoded (NOT ALL HAVE BEEN), generated should be a list of ‘Brief’ Records of your chosen Provider(s), based in the part of the UK you have selected. The Google Map will usually display the Localities where the listed Providers primarily are based. Clicking on an icon displays a link to the relevant 'Full' Record.


Search the DIRECTORY ...


'Simple Search' matches one or a combination of character strings to the texts within:

* Record Category Heading

* Record Title

* Record Description

* Record Localities

* Also Indexed


SEE ALSO: Advanced Search

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