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- East Anglian Guitarists

- Lauderdale Guitar Society

- Southampton Classical Guitar Society

- Southern Jazz Guitar Society

- York Classical Guitar Society


! Guitar Societies KEY
VISITS (to Website)87
VIEWS (of this Record)219

‘Our mission is to promote and extend the profile of the classical guitar in the south west and to bring together players, makers, composers and enthusiasts of all levels. Our meetings include solo and ensemble practice and performance, seminars and masterclasses; our Concert Series presents internationally acclaimed performers.’


* Bristol Classical Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)226
VIEWS (of this Record)435

Occasional concerts and recitals: 'New members are always welcome. Come along to a meeting and see what we're all about!'


* Bromley Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)218
VIEWS (of this Record)624

'For all classical, acoustic and flamenco guitarists. Bring your guitar and play, beginners and experienced players welcome. Or come along and listen!'


* Cambridge Guitar Club
VISITS (to Website)273
VIEWS (of this Record)460

‘Meets monthly from September to July ... We welcome (classical) players of all standards; our evenings are informal where members play solos, duets and other ensemble combinations ... There is no requirement to play a particular repertoire or standard, and some people simply come to watch ... Twice a year, we have public professional concerts of a very high standard and a growing reputation locally ... Most of our concerts have been oversubscribed ... We have gradually built up a reputation and are having to turn down world class performers.’


* Canterbury Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)135
VIEWS (of this Record)247

‘A group of guitarists who meet every month in Chester to enjoy playing and listening to the guitar. We are always looking for opportunities to share with other guitar enthusiasts. Guitarists of all grades are welcome ... We play a wide variety of music. Guitarists will play solo, in ensembles, or sometimes use other instruments and voice to complement the music. And the music is not restricted to the classical guitar. We have had a mandolin player, a steel string guitarist, a 10-string guitarist etc. Chester players are also taking part in the Chester Guitar Orchestra ... and come together once a month.’



* Chester Guitar Circle
VISITS (to Website)98
Also indexedChester Guitar Orchestra
VIEWS (of this Record)185

‘Founded in 1989 by a group of people who wished to promote the classical guitar and its music. The Society meets once a month in the Ulster College of Music, and meetings take the form of short recitals, workshops, ensemble playing and discussions.‘


* Classical Guitar Society of Northern Ireland
VISITS (to Website)188
VIEWS (of this Record)284

'Formed in October 1984 by a number of Dorset guitarists to promote the music of their instrument via solo and ensemble performances, master classes, workshops and concerts given by the guitar society and visiting artists.'


* Dorset Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)393
VIEWS (of this Record)542

'Live guitar music since 1969 in West London ... on (almost) every first Sunday of each month.'


* Ealing Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)272
VIEWS (of this Record)633

'Founded in 1981 to enable guitarists of all standards to play ensemble music. Aligned to the academic season, we meet on most Friday evenings (except August).'


* Enfield Classical Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)269
VIEWS (of this Record)495

‘Consists of a wide variety of jazz guitar enthusiasts. They follow, support, learn about and, perhaps more importantly, have the opportunity to actually play the music that they love. Playing ability varies, from the novice to full professional, and performance opportunities range from solo to duos, and larger groups. HJGS also stages occasional workshops by its professional members ... Regular projects, such as specific composers’ nights, solo guitar nights, accompaniment, improvisation etc. are features of many meetings ... and the society also funds frequent concerts by top players ... The Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Festival is a three day celebration of jazz guitar with a mixture of FREE live performances, ticketed concerts and a workshop held at various venues around Huddersfield.’ Festival held Mid June.


* Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)153
Also indexedHuddersfield Jazz Guitar Festival | Four on Six Festival
VIEWS (of this Record)267

'A charity which exists as a point of meeting for like minded classical guitar players and enthusiasts. We meet twice a month to enjoy playing and listening to the classical guitar ... Membership is open to anyone who wishes to come along and join in with our regular ensemble rehearsals. Guitarists of all grades are welcome ... We are continuously looking for performance opportunities to give our members the possibilities to showcase their talent to the public.'


* Liverpool Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)56
VIEWS (of this Record)150

'We are a friendly, non-competitive, club for classical guitar players who enjoy making music together. Our meetings combine ensemble playing with ample opportunities for members to give short recitals to a friendly audience.'


* Milton Keynes Classical Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)293
Also indexedNorth Bucks Guitar Club
VIEWS (of this Record)708

‘NESCGS is a group of like-minded people who have come together to broaden the awareness, understanding and appreciation of the classical guitar ... The Society meets twice a month where members can play solo pieces and get involved with the ensemble. We organise concerts and workshops with renowned guitarists that are held locally in Aberdeenshire.’


* North East Scotland Classical Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)232
VIEWS (of this Record)321

‘We promote and encourage guitar playing (non vocal) in a relaxing environment. Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, Slide and other acoustic Finger Styles of all standards from complete beginners to professionals.’


* North Wales Guitar Circle
VISITS (to Website)224
VIEWS (of this Record)348

‘We are a friendly society for players of the classical guitar who enjoy making music together. Our meetings combine ensemble playing with opportunities for members to give short recitals to a friendly audience.’


* Oxford Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)155
VIEWS (of this Record)316

‘A Society for the history and construction of, and performance upon, early plucked musical instruments, primarily the lute and early guitar, of music composed for these instruments and the techniques used to play them. “Early” in this context ranges from the earliest times up until the middle of the 20th century ... All standards from complete beginner to professional will be encouraged to take part ... Future meetings will include presentations, workshops and concerts. But the main aim is to get players together.’


* Scottish Lute and Early Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)66
VIEWS (of this Record)126

‘We try to encourage members to get up and play but it’s optional and some members just come along and listen to the ones that do and then have a natter over coffee and biscuits in the interval. You can play solo or get together with other members or friends to play as a group. There are a few local bands that have formed from club members getting together on club nights.’


* South Lakes Guitar Club
VISITS (to Website)224
VIEWS (of this Record)609

‘The Circle was founded in 1999 to bring together local players of the classical guitar for regular meetings ... We encourage playing in groups such as duos, trios, quartets and whole-group assemblies. Solos can also be performed by those who so wish - members can take part in whatever type of playing they choose, and all standards of playing are catered for. The only prerequisite is that players should have some acquaintance with written music, but this does not have to be of an advanced level. The Circle generally holds two public concerts each year, and occasionally invites distinguished guitarists to give concerts, masterclasses or workshops. We play a wide range of music (not always classical!), ranging from early Baroque to, for example, the Beatles. New members are very welcome - the atmosphere is informal and the social aspect is not forgotten.’


* Swansea Classical Guitar Circle
VISITS (to Website)103
VIEWS (of this Record)190

‘Welcomes Classical Guitarists of all standards to come and play or listen at our monthly meetings held in Frant (Near Tunbridge Wells) ... Its aim is to promote the classical guitar by encouraging members and their guests to play at our meetings. In addition we organise occasional concerts by visiting professional guitarists. Meetings are held each month (except August) and typically consist of a dozen or so acts where members play one or two pieces either solo or as a duet, trio or ensemble. There is no minimum standard and if you would like the opportunity to play, perhaps for the first time, in front of like-minded guitarists please come along. If you prefer just to come and listen you will be equally welcome.’


* Wealden Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)189
VIEWS (of this Record)459

‘Open to classical players of all standards and to those who just love to listen to the instrument and its music. The Club Evenings give everybody a chance to participate in solos, ensembles and the orchestra, and to enjoy performances by members and guests. These musical evenings are informal and include buffet and wine. And the very best of classical guitar recitals can be heard at the Club's regular Professional Concerts.‘


* West Sussex Guitar Club
VISITS (to Website)253
VIEWS (of this Record)545

‘The Society's aims are to promote the classical guitar in our region, through ensemble playing in our Guitar Orchestra, development of skills in the Youth Guitar Orchestra and arranging professional concerts ... Performing in the orchestra certainly helps to develop a person's musical skills and sight reading ability. It is a different discipline from solo playing, it gives the opportunity to perform at public concerts as part of an ensemble - how many of we amateur guitarists would have the opportunity to do this as a solo performer?’


* Worcester Classical Guitar Society
VISITS (to Website)191
VIEWS (of this Record)271

‘Exists to raise the profile of the guitar, and in particular stimulate interest amongst younger people. The current means to this end is by forming a network of existing societies to offer mutual support in the interest of promoting the classical guitar and related instruments, and providing a source of help and advice to enthusiasts.’


~ Federation of Guitar Societies
VISITS (to Website)117
VIEWS (of this Record)265

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