'We support all kinds of musical genres to meet the needs of artists and to make music accessible to everyone.'


'Helps to drive growth, enrich lives and promote Britain abroad. We protect and promote our cultural and artistic heritage and help businesses and communities to grow by investing in innovation and highlighting Britain as a fantastic place to visit. We help to give the UK a unique advantage on the global stage, striving for economic success. DCMS is a ministerial department, supported by 43 agencies and public bodies.'


'Using music to unite people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures in Essex, London, Kent and The Midlands ...  The BIG Sing Community Choir are working hard to show community singing at its best! The members are people from the local community who have a desire to sing. The BIG Sing gives them the opportunity to be taught by expert tutors, turning the choir into an amazing sound and giving them unique performance opportunities.'


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