'The main provider of music provision within Dorset. We are the lead organisation in the Dorset Music Education Hub and we are committed, with our partners, to providing all kinds of instrument playing and musical opportunities at the highest practicable level to as many young people in the county as possible.’


* Dorset Music Service
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Also indexedDorset Music Education Hub
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'An exciting new artistic development curated by Natalie Clein and her fellow musician friends. The Festival takes place every year at the end of summer in the beautiful surroundings of Purbeck in Dorset in historic locations, churches, unusual sites and schools.' Held Early September.


* Purbeck International Chamber Music Festival
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'Set up to support young people who wish to pursue an interest in music ... You must be below the age of 21 at the time of making your application ... You must live in, or be educated in, the area of Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole ... You must be following, or intending to follow, a course of musical education or individual performance tuition; OR you must be a practising musician ...'


* Richard Ely Trust for Young Musicians
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'It is really important when learning an instrument to engage in playing opportunities aside from regular weekly lessons and practise. Dorset Music Service works with a wide range of partners to provide opportunities for playing right across Dorset.'


+ Dorset Music Service Playing Opportunities
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‘Formed with its objectives to encourage the formation of Brass Bands in the area, and to improve existing bands, and to provide facilities for social interaction between the Bands. The Association organises an Annual Winter Competition for Adult Bands and an Annual Youth and Training Band Contest.’


~ Wessex Brass Band Association
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