If you click on a Category Name, and then look top right on the Page you have generated, you will usually find a phrase All Listings. Clicking on this phrase should display ‘All’ the Listings (‘Brief’ Records) indexed with the Category you have chosen, but now including Records indexed with any and all of the Sub-Categories it has. You can then Sort the resulting (collated) List in various ways (top right). But also, you can Filter listings ... (top left). You can even do this for ALL the Records so far added to the Directory - as here. See the Glossary for some further details of this facility.

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Principally provides an A-Z list of all of the Categories used in the Directory structure which have Entries (i.e. Records) assigned to (indexed with) the Category Name. Under each Category Heading are then in turn listed the Titles of the Records which have been indexed with that Heading. Clicking on the Title of an Entry leads you to its ‘Full’ Record. This is the Sitemap by listing. A smaller second Section of the Sitemap is also an A-Z list of the Directory Categories I use (Sitemap by categories), but this time without the Record Titles being listed under each Category name. (This second Section mirrors the A-Z of CATEGORIES.) In this case, clicking on the Title of the Category leads you to its place within the overall Directory structure (cf the Breadcrumbs at the top of the Page). Once there, note the useful feature All Listings (top right) and its companion Filter listings (see How to Search).

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