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The Category Contemporary Composers is a subset of Composers of Music. Works of the following Contemporary Composers are amongst the most frequently performed in UK concerts and recitals. Clicking on a Name of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

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The Category Contemporary Ensembles is a subset of Concert Music Ensembles. Browse through the Brief Records in the Category or look at the broader Category to find a List of the Titles of all of the Contemporary Ensembles which have so far been described in this Directory. Clicking on a Title will link you to the Ensemble's Full Record.


In contrast, the following Contemporary Ensembles do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Concerts and Recitals'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- Cantata Dramatica

- Metapraxis Ensemble

- The Facade Ensemble


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The Category Contemporary Music is a subset of Music Engagement and Promotion. Browse through the Brief Records in the Category or look at the broader Category to find a List of the Titles of all of the Contemporary Music Entities which have so far been described in this Directory. Clicking on a Title will link you to the Entity's Full Record.


In contrast, the following Contemporary Music Entities do NOT (currently) have Records in 'Open Concerts and Recitals'. Here, clicking on a Title of interest should link you to a relevant external Website (or Facebook Page):

- EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble

- New Music in the South West


! Contemporary Music KEY
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‘Pairs amateur choirs, orchestras and ensembles with a composer for a year culminating in a première performance and a broadcast on BBC Radio 3. The composer has the opportunity to get to know a performing group and write a piece especially for them to première, while the group has the chance to contribute to the creation of a new work by some of the UK’s most promising composers. Pieces that are composed are usually around ten minutes long (as a very rough approximation) ...’


* Adopt a Music Creator
VISITS (to Website)272
Also indexedAdopt a Composer
VIEWS (of this Record)239

'Bangor Music Festival is a charitable organisation dedicated to presenting contemporary music performed by artists of the highest calibre and has a strong commitment to enrich and educate through workshops and concerts.' Held Mid February.


* Bangor Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)236
VIEWS (of this Record)530

'Formed to promote the works of composers who are resident in, or have close connections with, Central England. Our aim is to encourage and foster the music of our composers, primarily through the Central Composers' Alliance website and to stimulate, when possible, live performances with a variety of musical ensembles. We aim to provide mutual support for members in the promotion and publicising of our composers´ works through this website and in any other way which becomes possible as new technology is developed ...'


* Central Composers' Alliance
VISITS (to Website)140
VIEWS (of this Record)273

'CeReNeM is a community of world-leading artists and scholars who bring interdisciplinary perspectives to research in contemporary composition, performance, music technology, improvisation and sonic media. CeReNeM hosts a vibrant postgraduate programme with 50 Masters and PhD students from 18 different countries.'


* Centre for Research in New Music [Huddersfield]
VISITS (to Website)238
Also indexedUniversity of Huddersfield
VIEWS (of this Record)449

'A national and international centre for research and development in the practice and theory of contemporary opera, music-based theatre and other related forms of sonic or multimedia performance. The Centre promotes innovative artistic and critical practices across a range of forms through academic programmes, creative, theoretical and historical research projects, and research collaborations with relevant professional and educational partners.'


* Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre [Sussex]
VISITS (to Website)246
Also indexedUniversity of Sussex
VIEWS (of this Record)525

'Cooperative of composers based in East Anglia, reaching out to London and the south of England. We consist of composers of all ages – from students to professionals – and our aim is to build opportunities for all our members to fulfil their potential through training workshops, sharing skills, advice and support and providing a range of performance opportunities. As with most composer collectives, funding presents a challenge, so we strive to share what each member can offer to the group. We are always looking to expand, develop and grow our membership ...'


* Colchester New Music
VISITS (to Website)238
VIEWS (of this Record)377

'CoMA programmes a range of concerts, workshops and other special events all through the year. Regional ensembles give regular concerts and some present one-off open workshops. Centrally-organised events are an opportunity for musicians from all regions to get together, and for musicians who are not regular members of an ensemble to take part.'


* CoMA
VISITS (to Website)136
Also indexedContemporary Music for All
VIEWS (of this Record)185

‘The cmrc at the University of York supports and promotes creativity in contemporary music of all kinds. Firmly committed to the idea of practice as research, our staff and students are all dedicated to the creation of new music through composition, improvisation and performance ... Cmrc hosts a packed schedule of seminars, performances and workshops every term, with distinguished visiting artists and scholarship.’


* Contemporary Music Research Centre [York]
VISITS (to Website)172
Also indexedcmrc | University of York
VIEWS (of this Record)241

'Aims to finance and support projects which contribute to spread French contemporary music in the UK and British contemporary music in France. The goal of this initiative is not only to raise funds for creators and producers, but also to promote partnerships between French and British organizations and to foster exchanges and dialogue between France and the UK.'


* Diaphonique
VISITS (to Website)114
VIEWS (of this Record)343

'Presents events, workshops, public open-space performances and art gallery shows throughout the UK and abroad. By creating new environments and using public spaces, by linking music, colour, light, space and movement we give new dimensions to public perception and new understanding of contemporary music and performing arts.'


* Eye Music Trust
VISITS (to Website)226
VIEWS (of this Record)202

‘An annual, international festival of contemporary and new music, taking place over 10 days and consisting of approximately 50 events – including concerts, music-theatre, dance, multi-media, talks and film – with a related Learning and Participation programme devised and implemented to reflect the artistic programme and respond to regional need. hcmf// aims to provide life-changing and unique artistic experiences to as wide an audience as possible; to be an international platform for new music and related contemporary art forms in Britain; to enthuse existing audiences and draw in new ones through adventurous programming and informed, stylish presentation, and to be an active cultural partner within the region.’ Held Mid November.


* Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)335
Also indexedhcmf//
VIEWS (of this Record)272

'Widely regarded as one of Europe's leading schools of modern music. Located in London and established over 30 years ago, we have been developing and delivering cutting-edge courses to students of contemporary music for longer than any other UK-based school.'


* Institute of Contemporary Music Performance
VISITS (to Website)211
VIEWS (of this Record)301

'The Ivors Composer Awards recognise the creative talent of composers and sound artists to promote the art of composition in contemporary classical, jazz and sound art. Since 2003, we have been recognising exceptional talent in classical, jazz and sonic art composition. For the last 15 years, our awards were known as the British Composer Awards, but from 2019 they are The Ivors Composer Awards.' Award Ceremony held Early December.


* Ivors Composer Awards
VISITS (to Website)202
Also indexedBritish Composer Awards | Ivors Academy
VIEWS (of this Record)309

'The development agency for jazz in the North of England. Our mission is to increase the profile of contemporary jazz in the North by developing opportunities for artists and building audiences through collective partnership working. Our vision is that the North becomes recognised nationally and internationally as a place that enables jazz artists to reside, work and develop their practice in dialogue with interested, supportive and open-minded audiences.'


* Jazz North
VISITS (to Website)241
VIEWS (of this Record)438

‘A five-day festival of Contemporary Music, founded in 2013 ... Ten concerts, including evening, lunchtime and brunch concerts, and late-evening “cabaret-style” concerts of a more experimental nature in the Festival Club ... London Ear is committed to the nurturing of contemporary music, its composition, performance and audience engagement.’ Festival held Late March: ‘The next Festival is provisionally scheduled for 2021’.


* London Ear Festival
VISITS (to Website)149
VIEWS (of this Record)303

Held Mid May: ‘Based at St Pancras Parish Church, London, the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music presents a full programme of services, concerts, recitals, and talks, showcasing the very best in contemporary liturgical music for choir and organ.’


* London Festival of Contemporary Church Music
VISITS (to Website)197
VIEWS (of this Record)456

‘An association of composers who live or work in the Sussex area. It was the idea of two composers, Peter Copley and Paul Gregory, who with the support of about 20 other composers founded NMB in 1993. The main purpose was, and remains, to put on concerts of members’ works and to promote an interest in new music in the region ... We usually present four or five concerts a year ... Our membership is diverse, especially in the nature of the music we write, and includes professional and amateur composers of all ages. Indeed, membership is open to any composer in the Sussex area whatever their experience and irrespective of gender, race, age or musical style. Our diversity of membership means that less experienced composers can be supported and helped by those who are more advanced in their careers, whether through formal lessons or informal discussion.’


* New Music Brighton
VISITS (to Website)21
VIEWS (of this Record)67

New Music Scotland is a network of artists, ensembles, orchestras, composers, creators, music educators, sound artists, musicians, producers, promoters and anyone who believes in the importance and value of creating new music in Scotland. We are a cooperative that exists to connect, enable and support makers of innovative and experimental new music and our members help drive how we do that. We believe that new music comes from many different cultural traditions and musical practices; what brings us all together is our passion for and belief in the intrinsic value of new music creation for individuals and society as a whole.’


* New Music Scotland
VISITS (to Website)66
VIEWS (of this Record)180

'Founded in 2008 ... this innovative festival is a retrospective of sacred choral and organ music of the previous forty years during all services, together with world premiere performances by Wells Cathedral Choir and organists of music by internationally renowned composers, local composers, and composition students from Wells Cathedral School. There are also concerts and a public masterclass with the featured composer of the year.' Held Mid October.


* New Music Wells
VISITS (to Website)160
VIEWS (of this Record)426

'A unique producer and charity that works to develop and present the highest quality and most innovative new music and sound-based live events, to engage diverse local and national audiences with our work, and to deepen understanding and appreciation of musical cultures from within the UK and worldwide.'


* Oxford Contemporary Music
VISITS (to Website)187
VIEWS (of this Record)344

'Offers a glimpse of how musicians, scientists and linguists are re-inventing voice through an ambitious programme exploring new means, forms and usages of voice in communication and musical creativity. It will premiere new compositions by University of Plymouth composers and guests, including the world premiere of a concert for a beatboxer with an orchestra in her mouth, a choir of real and virtual singers and a fully-fledged invented language, created specially for the festival by David J. Peterson, the inventor of the language Dothraki, of the series Game of Thrones.' Held Late February.


* Peninsular Arts Contemporary Music Festival
VISITS (to Website)163
Also indexedInterdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research
VIEWS (of this Record)422

'We are the UK’s leading funder of new music across all genres. Our mission is to stimulate and support the creation and performance of new music throughout the UK and to ensure that this music is enjoyed by a wide audience ... We do this through open grant schemes which are available to musicians and organisations four times per year and partnership programmes which we lead in response to specific needs and gaps in funding.'


* PRS Foundation
VISITS (to Website)118
Also indexedPRS for Music Foundation
VIEWS (of this Record)320

‘The RVW Trust is one of the most significant sources in the UK of funding for contemporary and recent British music. The Trust was established by Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) in 1956 and it continues to fulfill the purposes he intended. The Trust is not able to make grants towards the performance or promotion of the works of the Founder ... The RVW Trust exists primarily to assist British composers who have not yet achieved a national reputation.’


* RVW Trust
VISITS (to Website)95
VIEWS (of this Record)137

'The national charity for new music ... Our mission is to maximise the opportunities for people to create and enjoy new music. Our work includes composer and artist development, partnerships with a range of organisations, audience development, touring, information and advice, network building, and education. We champion new music and the work of British composers and artists, and seek to ensure that they are at the heart of cultural life and enjoyed by many.'


* Sound and Music
VISITS (to Website)177
VIEWS (of this Record)339

'sound is all about new music. We invite you on a sonic adventure - discover new sounds and expect the unexpected! We support composers to create - making new music is important to us. We think the north-east of Scotland is an exciting and vibrant place to live and visit ...' The Sound Festival is held Early November.


* Sound Scotland
VISITS (to Website)559
Also indexedSound Festival
VIEWS (of this Record)263

'We produce extraordinary musical encounters. We want as many people as possible to experience and enjoy these ... Together with artists and other partner organisations, we create a wide range of ways to experience new music; from concerts in major concert halls to villages, sound installations in museums to music performed on farms plus digital works for the online community worldwide. The music we present in these places embraces all musical genres, from jazz to sound art, electronic to contemporary classical and all points in between.'


* Sound UK
VISITS (to Website)218
VIEWS (of this Record)245

Sound World is a newly formed charity [2018] running concert series, education projects, a commissioning programme and outreach schemes. Our maxim – Great music for everyone – reflects our commitment to the highest artistic and educational standards and also our determination to take live classical music and the best contemporary repertoire to new, diverse audiences. Our concerts will aim to put the best regional performers and composers together with those of national and international renown, creating programmes with a strong local identity and an ambitious outlook. All concerts will feature educational elements, such as talks or Q&A sessions with composers and performers, and for many we will run parallel, themed outreach projects.’


* Sound World
VISITS (to Website)33
VIEWS (of this Record)176

'Our aim is to promote and increase the range and number of professional and non-professional performances of the contemporary classical music of Wales, developing and creating new work. We want to develop the reach, engagement and participation, of contemporary classical music of Wales in communities across Wales, particularly with young people. Central to our vision is our dedication to support the Welsh non-professional music sector in the creation and performances of the contemporary classical music of Wales.'


* Tŷ Cerdd
VISITS (to Website)482
VIEWS (of this Record)594

Founded 1969: ‘Brings the best of contemporary and new classical music from living composers to adventurous audiences from across Wales and internationally. The annual festival takes place in May within various venues across South Wales ... We want to share the joy of listening and discovery with audiences who long to experience the new and progressive, and we work with international composers who are pushing the boundaries to commission new music which reflects the classical music culture of today and tomorrow.‘


* Vale of Glamorgan Festival
VISITS (to Website)71
VIEWS (of this Record)137

'As a world-leading contemporary ensemble, BCMG has premiered over 160 works, most commissioned through its pioneering Sound Investment scheme, with a family of Investors supporting each new piece. In addition, BCMG’s extensive Learning and Participation Programme supports young people as composers, performers and listeners of new music through an exciting range of projects in- and out-of-school.'


+ Birmingham Contemporary Music Group
VISITS (to Website)497
VIEWS (of this Record)406

‘Draws together London’s brightest young talent to explore and promote new music to an increasingly wide audience. Formed in 2008, the LCO has worked alongside a distinguished array of composers and artists ...’


+ London Contemporary Orchestra
VISITS (to Website)165
VIEWS (of this Record)344

'Places the best contemporary classical music at the heart of today’s culture; engaging and challenging the public through inspiring performances of the highest standard, and taking risks to develop new work and talent. Founded in 1968, the ensemble's commitment to new music has seen it commission over 350 works, and premiere many hundreds more.'


+ London Sinfonietta
VISITS (to Website)216
VIEWS (of this Record)252

'For over three decades, NLCC has been one of the outstanding groups at festivals across Europe. Specialising in contemporary works, we perform uncompromisingly avant garde music of all periods and have a unique record of commissioning and premièring new works for mixed chorus.'


+ New London Chamber Choir
VISITS (to Website)18
VIEWS (of this Record)89

'Creating and performing contemporary classical music in Manchester and throughout the world ...'


+ Psappha
VISITS (to Website)365
VIEWS (of this Record)300

‘Scotland’s contemporary music ensemble. We develop, perform, present and find new audiences for new music within Scotland, the UK and internationally.’


+ Red Note Ensemble
VISITS (to Website)551
VIEWS (of this Record)421

‘A discovery platform for new music in the UK. It grows all the time as more and more composers contribute their work, and as a diverse group of curators weave its content together in unique and original ways ... A treasure trove for anybody interested in new music from the 20th and 21st Centuries (including the present day), particularly music which has not been created for commercial gain and could otherwise be side-lined ... The British Music Collection is a space for composers who were either born in the UK or have worked in the UK to upload information about themselves and their works ... The Website is closely related to the British Music Collection physical archive – a publically accessible collection of over 40,000 scores, 21,000 recordings and other artefacts including books, programme notes and photographs housed at the state-of-the-art archive centre Heritage Quay at the University of Huddersfield. The British Music Collection celebrated its 50th Anniversary in November 2017.’


~ British Music Collection
VISITS (to Website)146
Also indexedUniversity of Huddersfield
VIEWS (of this Record)212

'Composition:Today was created with the intension of bringing together the widest possible range of resources for Composers and anyone interested in New Music of all kinds.' ALERT ‘From 2009–2019 the site has brought its members interviews, contemporary music news, concert listings, in-depth articles, jobs listings and other benefits. Sadly, in a changing world it has been hard to maintain our membership model. Until we can find a way to make the site viable it is, therefore, with regret that we announce that C:T will be closing its doors to new members for the foreseeable future. The site will remain live for now, but will probably close fully some time in the coming months.‘


~ Composition:Today
VISITS (to Website)392
VIEWS (of this Record)234

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