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- Rutland Boughton Music Trust


'Known principally for his solo songs, Armstrong Gibbs also wrote music for the stage, sacred works, three symphonies and a substantial amount of chamber music, much of which remains unpublished. He gained wide recognition during the early part of his life, but until recently, like many of his contemporaries, has been little known. Although he retired from adjudicating, he continued conducting and composing right to the end of his life.'


'Founded in early 2003 with the aim of furthering the appreciation, understanding and knowledge of the music of Sir Arthur Bliss (1891-1975). He was one of the most important figures in British musical life from the early 1920s (when he was regarded as an enfant terrible) through to his later years and his tenure of the office of Master of the Queen's Music from 1953, following Sir Arnold Bax, who had died suddenly in October of that year.'


'The Beethoven Piano Society of Europe was established in London in 1993 as an international forum to enable pianists, teachers, music lovers and musicologists to extend their appreciation of all aspects of the piano music of Ludwig van Beethoven. The Society organises a variety of activities connected with the teaching and performance of Beethoven's piano music. These include an annual Beethoven Intercollegiate Piano Competition held on Beethoven's birthday, and various conferences, lectures, recitals, day schools, courses and festivals.' [Music & Vision]


'Founded in 1952, the Berlioz Society exists to promote awareness of the music, writings and life of the great French composer Hector Berlioz ... Our activities include at least two meetings a year in London. We also organise or inform members of visits to places associated with Berlioz, events and performances of his work ... The main event of each year is a themed weekend—usually in November. This includes talks on subjects such as Berlioz's work and personality, the time and society in which he lived and the attitudes of his contemporaries—as well as recorded performances of his work, and a dinner with a guest speaker.'


'Maintains one of the UK’s most important centres for music research. The archive and library holdings of manuscripts and other source materials are unrivalled in their breadth and depth by any other single composer collection ... We also care for the domestic interiors of the house Britten and Pears shared here, including an extensive art collection. Our collections are open to all, by appointment, in the Reading Room of our purpose-built Archive.'


'The Chopin Society in London is devoted to celebrating the life and works of Fryderyk Chopin. It holds regular Sunday afternoon recitals in a number of impressive venues in central London. Recitals are open to the general public as well as members ...'


'This website is dedicated to the English composer Cyril Bradley Rootham (CBR). The aim is to bring the works of CBR to the attention of musicians and choirs, and to get CBR's fine choral music into print and available to all.'


'A flourishing organisation whose aim is to bring together those interested in Frederick Delius and his music. Whilst the membership list includes leading Delius scholars and performers, the majority of members are not professional or even practising musicians and they join purely because of their curiosity in, or love for, the unique music of Delius.'


Also indexedDelius Trust

'The Dvořák Society for Czech and Slovak Music is devoted to the musical arts of all Czech and Slovak composers and performers, past and present. The Dvořák Society aims to encourage performances and promote interest in this respect. It publish articles and information about all aspects of Czech and Slovak classical musical life and holds lectures: and it gives direct financial and other support to worthy causes.'


'It is no surprise that the Elgar Society is the largest in the UK devoted to a single composer: not only is his music endlessly fascinating but so is the man himself! Certainly anyone who loves Elgar’s music should join the Elgar Society. Its excellent regular publications keep us fully informed about performances of his music worldwide as well as containing many fascinating articles about the man and his music alongside often previously unpublished photographs.'


‘Our Society was formed in 2008 after many years wondering how to promote the music and history of Eric Coates ... The Eric Coates Society is promoting his  music and history and we welcome any one who shares our enthusiasm ... Eric says in his autobiography that much of the inspiration for his music came on those occasions when he cycled around the highways of Hucknall and through the lanes leading to the A60 and the winding lanes into Southwell ... His music still stirs the emotions. One of his master pieces,used for the score of the film The Dam Busters is seen as a very patriotic work and is played at many concert programmes. The long running BBC Radio programme Desert Island Discs still opens with the well aired Sleepy Lagoon written in 1930. (The BBC added the sound of a seagull.)’


'Formed in 1982 to further interest in Gerald Finzi's life and work and bring together people with similar interests. We have always worked in close association with the Finzi Trust but decided in 2001 to become a separate entity, changing the name from Finzi Trust Friends to Finzi Friends and becoming a charity in our own right.'


Also indexedFinzi Trust

'Established in 1924, the Gilbert & Sullivan Society aims to encourage appreciation of the works of the famous duo.'


'Founded in October 1992 to promote British interest in Grieg and other Norwegian composers, and to pursue the cultural links between Britain and Norway. The Society is affiliated to Grieg Societies across Europe, in the United States and Japan, under the umbrella of the International Grieg Society based in Bergen. The Society arranges talks and concerts, as well as informal social occasions, and a “Record of the Year” is awarded annually for a recording which has added significantly to the repertoire. The Newsletter is published two or three times a year, with news of the Society’s activities and other relevant information, while the annual Grieg Journal, containing more in-depth articles, is also sent free to members.'


'Dating from 2001, the Society brings together the ever growing number of people who share a love for Mahler’s music ... Throughout the year there are opportunities to hear noted scholars of Mahler’s life and work, but we also hold events such as the Annual Dinner whose focus is primarily a social one. Regular newsletters will bring you up to date about concerts in London and other parts of the country, as well as any discounts which may be available to members.'


'Exists to promote public knowledge of the work of William Havergal Brian (1876-1972) and to support and sponsor its publication, performance and recording.'


'Set up in 1987 at the instigation of Ursula Howells, the composer’s daughter, and is based in Westminster Abbey, where the composer’s ashes are buried. The aims of the Society over more than two decades have been to promote a wider appreciation of Howells' music and to support and publicise the performance, publication and recording of his works.'


Also indexedHerbert Howells Trust

Ivor Gurney (1890-1937) is regarded as one of the greatest composers of English art-song of the twentieth century and one of the most significant poets of the First World War. His Collected Poems were published in 1982, edited by P. J.Kavanagh and many of his poems are included in anthologies, including the Oxford Book of English Verse ... The Ivor Gurney Society was founded in 1995 to promote interest and scholarship in and around the life and work of the Gloucester composer-poet ... The Ivor Gurney Trust’s primary role is to advise and support those involved in research of the life and works of Ivor Gurney. In this regard, the Trust can authorise the use of archival materials held in the Ivor Gurney Collection at the Gloucestershire Archives for the purpose of academic research, publication and performance.’


Also indexedIvor Gurney Trust

‘Formed in 1996 with the object of bringing Offenbach's music back into the public awareness. Offenbach was a prolific composer and wrote around 100 works. These include works for the stage and orchestral pieces. Despite the worldwide popularity of Offenbach's music in his lifetime, only a few of these are in the regular repertoire today. However, the rarer ones are revived occasionally.‘


‘Founded in 1964 and keeps you musically informed and up to date. We retain close connections with Vienna and you will find potted biographies of all the Strauss family composers, together with their main contemporaries and in many cases drop down lists of compositions. Our events page lists “whats on” around the world, with links, and details of past and present Vienna New Year Concerts. You can also listen to samples of our own CD releases, and view a detailed index to our publications. Our Honorary Patron is Thomas Strauss.’


'Formed in 1968 to promote awareness of Ireland's works through recordings, performances and publications.'


Sir Lennox Berkeley was a seminal figure in twentieth-century English music, as both composer and teacher ... We exist to encourage performance, study, recording and broadcast of his work.  In recent years his rich repertoire has become more prominent than at any time since his death ... CDs produced by internationally-acclaimed record labels cover the full range of Berkeley’s output: symphonies, operas and ballets, chamber and instrumental music, songs, choral music and liturgical settings.’


Official Website 'Born in Northampton in 1921, Malcolm Arnold is one of the towering figures of the 20th century, with a remarkable catalogue of major concert works to his credit, including nine symphonies, seven ballets, two operas, one musical, over twenty concertos, two string quartets, and music for brass-band and wind-band. He also wrote132 film scores ...'


'Charitable Trust established by the composer to encourage the music of the future ... We are a small Foundation with funds from the royalties generated by performances, broadcasts and publication of the works of composer Michael Tippett (1905-98). When he set up the Foundation, Tippett said he wanted the funds to go towards young musicians and composers, not towards promoting his own works ...'


‘Philip Heseltine/Peter Warlock, a man of many inter-connected but diverse talents was born in the Savoy Hotel, London, on 30 October 1894. His death on 17 December 1930 at 30 Tite Street, Chelsea is marked by a plaque there. His education fitted his family's status: Stone House, Broadstairs (1904 - 1908), Eton (1908 - 1911), Christ Church, Oxford (1913 - 1914), and University College, London (Michaelmas 1914 - one term). Largely influenced by other composers - Delius, van Dieren, Quilter, and Bartók - he had little formal training. A deep poetic insight prompted particular sympathies for Yeats, Robert Nichols (a friend), the Elizabethans (especially Shakespeare) and, at the end of his life, Bruce Blunt. A strong Celtic affinity caused him to study Cornish, Welsh, Irish, Manx and Breton ...’

Note  also the extensive Wikipedia  article.


'Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) is a composer of international stature. However, in the early 1990s there remained many gaps in performances and recordings of his work. Even the symphonies, surely his most enduring legacy, had never been performed as a complete cycle in London. At that time there was no memorial to the composer’s life either at his birthplace in Down Ampney or anywhere else. Against this background, The Ralph Vaughan Williams Society was formed by Stephen Connock, John Bishop and Robin Barber in 1994 as a registered charity. Ursula Vaughan Williams, the composer’s widow, supported this initiative and served as President until her death in October 2007 ...'


Main Objectives 'To advance education in and appreciation of the life and works of Richard Strauss'; 'To promote and organise performances of the works and other cultural or educational activities relevant to the appreciation of his works'.


‘Founded in 1980 with the aim of bringing Robert Simpson's music to a wider public ... Robert Simpson [1921-1997] is internationally renowned to be one of the most prolific 20th-century composers of symphonies and chamber music, especially string quartets. But his eleven symphonies and fifteen string quartets are only a portion of his output, which equally includes concertos (his best-known one being the Piano Concerto), non-symphonic orchestral music, chamber music for a large variety of performers, piano music, even choral and organ music.‘


‘Organist and Master of the Choristers at Gloucester Cathedral and Conductor of the Three Choirs Festival for over a quarter of a century ... His retirement from the Cathedral allowed him time to compose, something he had wished to do earlier but for which he had previously found little time. He spent many hours in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside walking his dogs, and gaining inspiration for his compositions. He wrote four cantatas for chorus, soloists and orchestra, three song cycles, the Requiem for unaccompanied choir, a Festival Te Deum, three settings of the Evening Canticles, numerous motets and anthems, including his sublime setting of the internationally-performed Reproaches, as well as some organ music. Much of his music was intended for performance within a liturgical context, and he had a particular flair for writing for the voice.‘


'Aims to promote the music of Franz Peter Schubert (31 January 1797 – 19 November 1828). Therefore it intends to be open to everyone who takes an interest ...'


'Founded in 1977 and from small beginnings has grown to become a major force in the current revival of interest in Sullivan and his music. With regular residential events, magazines and books and an extensive library of performing material, we aim to cover all aspects of the composer's life and work.'


'The Trust’s declared purpose is to advance the education of the public in the understanding and appreciation of music of the late Sir George Dyson and by making available his manuscripts, writings, scores, drafts and memoranda for the encouragement of the study of his work.'


'Formed by a small international group of English music enthusiasts to promote greater interest in Stanford’s life and music and to encourage and support increased performances and recordings of his compositions. The Society was officially launched at a Stanford Celebration Weekend held in Cambridge, England in March 2007.'


'Founded in 1953, the Wagner Society exists for the promotion of knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the life and works of Richard Wagner.'


Founded 1984, and is ‘one of some 130 societies worldwide affiliated to the International Richard Wagner Society ... The Society’s aim is to promote the knowledge and appreciation of the life & works of Richard Wagner ... We hold meetings monthly from September to June/July and a residential study course in the summer’.


‘William Alwyn (1905 - 1985) was one of our finest composers with a wealth of repertoire from orchestral to film scores, ensemble to choral ... His output - including five symphonies, four operas, ballets, chamber music, and many shorter piano pieces and songs - combines a strong romaantic impulse and a telling melodic gift with a rigourous compositional craft ... The Website allows you to explore his world and find out more about the man, his music and some of his other talents such as his love of painting.’. The Annual William Alwyn Festival is normally held in Suffolk Early October.


Also indexedWilliam Alwyn Festival

'This Webite describes the work and role of the William Walton Trust, together with its sister organisation in Italy, Fondazione William Walton. The aim of these trusts is to deepen the public’s knowledge of Sir William and to do this through a number of steps. Young people remain central to our objectives: we have developed a programme of residencies at La Mortella for composers, horticulturalists, researchers and performers ... We also continue to develop our strong links with The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, and the Oldham Music Service.'


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