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- Blackwood Clarinets

- British Clarinet Ensemble

- Darlington Clarinet Ensemble

- East Anglian Single Reed Choir

- East London Clarinet Choir

- London Single Reeds

- South Wales Clarinet Choir

- Thornbury Clarinet Choir


Bournville Clarinet Choir is dedicated to creating and presenting new music for clarinet ensembles.  The choir is an exciting opportunity for committed and enthusiastic clarinettists to rehearse and perform to a high standard while supporting local community events. Although the majority of our members are amateurs (aged 18+) they include music students, teachers and retired professionals.  Some are local Brummies but others travel from as far afield as Coventry, Leicestershire and Gloucestershire. At present there about twenty members mostly playing the standard Bb clarinet as well as Eb, Bass, Contra Alto and Contra Bass.’


'Consists of 10 – 15 enthusiastic players, playing a variety of clarinets which cover most of the clarinet family. They range from the tiny Eb, Bb to the Alto, Bass, Contra-Alto and the enormous Contrabass ... We aim to hold at least 2 concerts per term, usually in the local area and often in churches but sometimes in care homes for elderly people ... We are the oldest clarinet choir in Europe, having been formed in 1970 by Roy Upton-Holder, a professional clarinettist.’


‘A group of enthusiastic amateur Saxophone players based near Victoria station in London. We have an inclusive membership policy and draw members from all walks of life and from across London and the south east ... We play a variety of music, from ancient to modern, and in a variety of styles, from the classical to music invoking the rhythms of South America. The Choir mainly consists of players of the mainstream Saxophones – Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone – but we are often joined by players of Sopranino and Bass Saxophones, adding additional layers to our sound.’


‘A talented and versatile saxophone ensemble of up to twenty members, incorporating the saxophone range from soprano to baritone. The aim was originally to give students an alternative avenue to learning/performing other than lessons and exams, but since the group started it has attracted new members of all ages. They have performed in venues all over Wiltshire and are always guaranteed to get your foot tapping with our wide range of repertoire and varied programmes of music, including classical, ragtime, swing and latin styles to name but a few.’


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