Portal to the range of music genres offered by the BBC, including: Classical, Folk, Jazz & Blues.


‘BBC1 showcases the rich diversity of 21st Century Christianity in Britain through powerful storytelling and truly inspirational singing.’ The Corporation also sponsors ‘Choir of the Year’ Competitions, such as Young Choir of the Year.


Also indexedBBC Young Choir of the Year

‘The UK’s only 100 per cent classical music radio station. Since we began broadcasting in September 1992, the station has brought classical music to millions of people across the UK.’


‘We are the home of jazz, soul and blues. Our musical output is unique and is a mixture of truly eclectic new music and well known pieces by the legends of jazz, selected by the UK's finest presenters, each experts in their field.’


'Realised by a dedicated community of volunteer engineers and programme-makers, Resonance offers over 105 creative broadcast series every week featuring local and international artists, makers and experts. Resonance seeks to discover, encourage and support a diverse range of artistic voices through radio - from first-timers to seasoned broadcasters.'


‘S4C's aim is to deliver high quality content and media services in the Welsh language that provide entertainment, information and inspiration, and that reach the widest possible audience across a range of contemporary platforms. S4C provides a TV and online service through the medium of the Welsh language.‘


'Music videos and audios library, online concerts, International Music Competitions live stream and winners awards, all music activities at one place ... Free for every music love ... We listen to music together, enjoy music together, making music happen together.'


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