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OPEN CONCERTS AND RECITALS is primarily a Directory of Websites offering details of forthcoming classical music concerts and recitals in the UK. The events listed on the Websites will almost always be 'open to all' - though of course attendance at the majority will be priced or at the least encourage a donation. I have divided the generators of the Websites into three main groups: the bodies directly or indirectly responsible for the organization of concerts and recitals; the individuals and groups of people who are the performers therein; the various venues where the events take place. There are also two smaller selective sections of Links to Websites: the first referencing soloists who regularly perform at concerts and recitals in the UK; the second the participants who provide the infrastructure of the world of classical music.

Each Directory Entry in the three main sections is then cross-referenced to the locality, area, region of the UK where the organizers, performers and venues are principally operative.

I guess the main objective of my Directory is to encourage you to explore the really quite remarkable range, quantity and quality of classical music related activity which is taking place day in and day out throughout the various parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland: including so much of value that is happening outside of central London and the other major centres of UK musical activity. In our algorithmic, instant answer, social media driven world it is very easy - perhaps too easy - continually to be funnelled on to Websites (and Facebook pages) which everyone else is looking at; rather than allowing yourself just occasionally to discover ones which - you never know - ultimately might turn out to have been well worth engaging with.

*** Not surprisingly, recent happenings related to the Covid pandemic have significantly affected the classical music arena. But I have maintained the overall structure and purpose of the Directory in the hope - if not expectation - that things will eventually return to some sort of normality. Meanwhile, for many Providers I list, we have of course been able to enjoy the bonus of virtual interactions with their concerts and recitals.

Finally inevitably I must add that:

* I am NOT responsible for the content of the Websites (and Facebook pages) whose URLs I cite

* This is NOT a commercial service and no guarantees express or implicit are offered



Ray Lester started off in science but eventually ended up managing library, computing and networking systems at The London Business School and finally at The Natural History Museum. In retirement he created and now maintains this Website simply as an interesting challenge - and because he likes concerts and recitals ! This is a personal interest website - as are two similar Websites: Open Lectures and Talks and Open Paths and Trails.

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