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'There has been a band in Drybrook since the late 1800s. Throughout the years, the band has been home to many hundreds of musicians and contested in every section of the National structure from Fourth to Championship ... The band are fortunate enough to have sponsorship of the A. W. Parker Coal Merchants, who started supporting the band in 2004.'

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'Has been in existence for over 100 years ... Provides musical entertainment to the public, organisations and for civic occasions. The Band prides itself on its commitment to education and has a junior section where young people under the age of 18yrs can be given tuition in the techniques of playing a brass instrument and be taught to read music. The senior band (from age 11yrs) has a long tradition of contesting which raises the standard of playing both for the band as a whole and for individual players.'

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'Established before the turn of the 20th century. The Band is dedicated to promoting the enjoyment and performance of brass band music in Abingdon, the surrounding district and also in our twin towns across Europe. The Band is not sponsored and relies entirely on subscriptions, grants and fundraising to provide the finances necessary for its running.'

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'Since its formation in an Alcester coffee house in 1897, the AVSB has retained close links with the town of Alcester regularly playing at town events, including the Court Leet parade, the Remembrance Concert and the annual Street Market. The band also performs regularly at bandstands around Warwickshire and Worcestershire. The band has a strong regular core membership, some newer, keen, young members, and is always on the look out for new recruits with enthusiasm and a brass instrument!'

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'Based in Aldbourne, originally formed in 1860 by the church organist. The Band's aim is to provide consistently high standards of music performances on both the concert and contest platform. The Band presents on average 14 concerts each year along with 4 contests which are essential in maintaining and testing the playing standards ...'

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'This popular band has over 60 playing members, including a large Training Section (predominantly youngsters but also with a number of adults who have decided to learn a brass instrument in their more mature years). Unlike some of the more “household-name” bands, we do not compete in brass band contests; nor are we a "marching" band. Alford Silver Band is a straightforward concert band that enjoys making good music and entertaining people. The band has a wide ranging repertoire of music from the classics to pop, and everything in between ...'

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'The Band was originally formed in 1899 and was called the "Chobham Ex Service Mens Band" under the leadership of .... well, we can't remember to be honest. None of the present members admit to being there. They enjoyed considerable success both on the concert platform and the Contesting field ... They moved to Bisley in 1966 and obtained the Sponsorship of The Bisley Office Equipment Company ... After 20 successful years the Band and Bisley Office Equipment decided to end their relationship ... 1988 saw a local company in Bisley Almac Packaging take on the Sponsorship and so the band again changed to its present name Almac Bisley Brass Band.'

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'Social, non-contesting band ... Founded in the 1880's by a small group of mine workers ... In 1998, the Band was granted the princely sum of £45,453 by the National Lottery for new instruments. Supplementary funds were also raised and new uniforms purchased. Over the most recent years the band have performed for several charitable causes ...This is the band's contribution back to the community.'

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'Draw from a vast pool of musical experience not only from the brass band world but from Military band, Dance band and Orchestra. This wealth of experience not only attributes to a quality sound but achieves the ability to play any form of music. We are a non-competing band who mainly concentrate on performing entertaining concerts raising money for charities either independently or joining forces with other bands, choirs etc.'

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'Amesbury, and its nearby UN World Heritage Site of Stonehenge, has been confirmed as the longest continuous settlement in the United Kingdom. We can only trace our history back to the 1860s, but except for a brief hibernation in the mid 1960s, the band has been a regular provider of music at local community events held within our small, but historic, Wiltshire town. We are a non-contesting band. We play just for the enjoyment of playing brass band music at local events such as fetes, fairs, concerts and service dinners.'

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'Amington Band have been in existence for nearly 100 years, rehearsing every week, entertaining the people of Tamworth and taking part in contests. As a band we take pride in this, and we're committed to keep the legacy going, the entertainment flowing and brass players blowing. Over the years the Band has been placed in all sections; from fourth to the championship section. Right now we're a 2nd section band but we aim high and constantly try to improve ...'

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'A friendly competing band based in South Wales ... Brass bands continue to have a loyal fan base in the UK and Wales is proud to produce some of the best bands in the world. To make sure that we continue to develop future players for the band, Ammanford work hard with the young players in the Junior Band.'

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'Our members range from 10 to 80+ ... and most play instruments belonging to the band. These were originally purchased by public subscription when the band was formed. We are regularly invited to perform at various events throughout the Eden Valley and any funds raised are used to maintain the instruments, buy new ones and add to our collection of music.'

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'There are records of a Town Band in Appledore a far back as the 1880s and records in the bands possession show that from the turn of the century this was a Brass Band. It existed until the 1920s when lack of support and players caused it to be disbanded. The current band is the continuation of a Silver Band formed by Appledore Boys Brigade in 1942 ... The Appledore Silver Band as it became known was, and still is, very much a community band. The band provides services to the surrounding area playing for church services, parades, carnivals and ship launching!'

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'Formed in 1893 and has provided the town with a very strong band ever since. Today it is in much demand in Arbroath and the surrounding area, providing music of a very high standard for concerts, galas, charity events and church services.'

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'The Band formed in 2001, starting from scratch. We worked hard to raise funds from jobs to start to purchase uniforms, stands, banners and music. When the band formed our aims were to entertain and have fun! We did this by playing a wide range of music - from old to new. We even introduced a few singers to the band! This has set us apart from traditional brass banding ...'

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'Classic English brass band based in Inkberrow in the heart of the Worcestershire ... having moved there several years ago from our previous home in Alcester. Dedicated to the enjoyment of music, we have members of all ages from 9 to much much older.'

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'Formed in Ascot in 2001 when twelve brass-playing friends came together to play at a wedding. The ensemble continued to rehearse together and soon expanded to become a full size concert brass band that presents a number of high quality concerts per annum in the Thames Valley area ... The Band now rehearses in Maidenhead.'

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'We are always on the lookout for additional experienced and semi experienced players to join our friendly non-contesting band ... We also welcome players who are visiting the area to come and have a "blow" with us ... The band plays at many different functions including indoor/outdoor concerts, church services, parades, shows, garden parties, weddings and more ...'

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'We are always happy to see new faces, irrespective of your experience, or lack of it and whether or not you can already play. We welcome lapsed players returning after a period away, those completely new to brass bands and, of course, experienced players looking for a friendly and active band to play in. We can accommodate developing players within our training band set up or main band ... We are in demand throughout the area and perform for a range of public and private events throughout the year, the busier periods being summer and Christmas.'

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'A friendly and ambitious brass band ... We have our own purpose-built bandroom and pride ourselves in delivering varied and entertaining concerts. We are a contesting band having very recently gained promotion ... We welcome players of all abilities and have both a main band and training band to accomodate the needs of all. If you already play or would like to learn to play a brass instrument, or if you are already a player looking to return to banding, get in touch with us.'

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'Since its formation it has enjoyed success at the very highest of levels such as performing in the Brass Band National Finals at the Royal Albert Hall, winning the Grand Shield in 2006 and winning numerous other prestigious contests such as the Southern Counties Area Contest. The Band regularly give concerts and also play at fetes, weddings and corporate events. It has a large range of musical styles and ensembles available from a full brass band to five or ten piece ensembles and individual soloists.'

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'In 1928 a group of Salvation Army musicians from Aylsham got together, under the leadership of band Master Clifford King, to form the Aylsham Fellowship Band ... In 1939 the band was renamed the Aylsham Silver Band and was kept going by the tireless efforts of those not called up for service ... In recent years the band has concentrated on concert performances ... and continues to entertain audiences across the region, being a regular and much-loved feature at many local events.'

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'A busy and entertaining brass band based in North Tyneside near Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We have a proud history and (we hope) a very bright future! We perform at concerts, contests, civic events, weddings and parties in the North East and further afield. The band plays many varied styles of music from traditional brass band music, dance and swing band, modern pop, classics and film music, as well as the best of modern original composition for the genre.'

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'Has been in existence in the beautiful Peak District Town of Bakewell since 1907 and it now enjoys the position of being Derbyshire's premier brass band. Bakewell Band has its roots in the community and combines the all important job of providing music for community and religious events in the town as well as hosting a number of its own concerts around the area. The band also enjoys contesting ...'

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'Ballyduff Silver began life as a flute band in 1894. This type of ensemble were the most popular in Northern Ireland during the late 1800’s early 1900’s. They competed in all the usual band competitions with some success until 1951 when the decision was taken to change to brass, as this was a cheaper option, rather than purchasing a new set of flutes!! ...'

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'Formed in 1967. In our history, we have performed at many prestigious venues, including numerous civil occasions, and the honour of playing at Royal events. In common with most other bands, players perform entirely in their own free time, and are all proud to represent the Cheshire Constabulary. It's a common ( though understandable) misconception that the members of the band work within the Police Service. Whilst some do, most of our players come from all walks of life.'

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'Seindorf Beaumaris Band is based in the historical town of Beaumaris on the Isle of Anglesey. At the forefront of local traditional music making, the band is a prominent force within the town's community and has been part of its heritage for over a century ... We believe that the secret to our flourishing success is through inclusion and the development of individuals. Each member is regarded as an equal and encouraged to reach, and exceed, their full potential.'

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'Becontree Brass Band (1st section) are a friendly and motivated band based in Loughton, Essex.'

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'Formed in 1894 and is proud to use the Bedford town’s crest as its emblem. There are three bands plus a ten piece (Decibels) which form the family of "band" - meaning we are able to welcome players of all standards. Recently, we have provided a tuition scheme for youngsters and in the future hope to be able to support a Youth Band.'

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'One of the oldest and most famous brass bands in the world. We have been around since 1818 and have been wowing audiences all over the UK ever since - and a hundred years ago, the band undertook two world tours! A remarkable achievement ... Besses are committed to providing high quality, entertaining concerts for audiences local to us in north Manchester (and further afield), whilst maintaining our world-wide reputation and being true to the history and legacy of such an esteemed institution.'

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'" ... they were come unto the land of Beulah, where … the trumpets continually sound so melodiously." We support charities, perform community concerts, assist worship in church services, and play music in care homes and hospitals.' Based in Abergele.

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'We are a subscription based band and members of the band consist of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. We are always happy to welcome new members, whether experienced players or relative beginners provided they have some experience. If the idea of being involved in a friendly band, where you can relax and enjoy playing a wide variety of music, interests you, whether you live locally or are just passing through please come along to the band room on rehearsal nights where you will be made very welcome. If you do not own your own instrument the band keeps a stock of instruments that can be used by members.'

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'We are a very friendly, non-contesting, traditional brass band who performs a variety of music at the most beautiful venues in North Yorkshire & Cleveland. Subscriptions are free and instruments, jackets & music are provided to all players ... Everyone is welcome; we give a warm welcome to both permanent and guest players in all sections. The more the merrier is our motto! Why not come along one night? ...'

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'Throughout its hundred and several years of existence, Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band's mission has been to serve its community — in the first instance, since its formation in 1893 amidst the days of fervent social reform, to act as a "magnet" to redirect local youngsters from the streets and pubs and into more edifying pursuits, and in more recent times, as a form of entertainment through formal concerts, church services, parades, fetes and private functions. The main band maintains its reputation through a varied membership, continuing to nurture players with individual memberships of over fifty years, through to the attraction and welcoming of high quality musicians as the need arises, ensuring a healthy mix of knowledge, skill and raw talent across a broad range of experiences – this, together with the band’s policy of introducing less experienced players from the Training Band as soon as they are ready.'

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Active concert-giving Band probably formed in the early 1930s and which 'has continued to be engaged by many town councils at their bandstands and parks, providing music throughout the county and for several other organizations ... The Band welcomes player of all abilities. We can offer lessons for youngsters and people wishing to take up playing. We can also give access to instruments and we offer a warm friendly environment for all'.

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'We are a friendly, non-competing brass band ... We love the opportunity to showcase our music. Most importantly, we love meeting up as a band for rehearsals and also performing at our many engagements during the year. We welcome new members either beginners or experienced and also are happy for experienced players to come along for an occasional practice if they cannot commit to regular attendance at band practices ... We are passionate about the brass band movement in this country and would love to get a training band going for beginners of all ages.'

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'The Black Dyke Band is part of our National Heritage and during its long history has achieved an enviable reputation; with National as well as International fame. For almost 140 years Black Dyke was owned and financially supported by the textile company John Foster & Son plc of Queensbury. In 1996 the association with the Mill ceased when the Band became a registered charity; in recognition of this fact "MILLS" was dropped from the official name.'

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'Formed over 100 years ago, Blewbury and District Brass Band is a friendly and inclusive village band, and is the local brass band for the area surrounding Didcot, the Hendreds, the Hagbournes, the Moretons…and Blewbury (just south of Didcot). We play 15-20 events each year and can be heard playing at local fetes, parks and community events (such as free concerts in the Blewbury “Ticker’s Folly” bandstand, Remembrance Sunday, and carols on Christmas Eve) ... Blewbury Brass Band is very fortunate in having its own purpose-built rehearsal room – The Sonny Wilson Rehearsal Hall.'

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'Blidworth Welfare Band has established itself over the years to be an extremely successful contesting and concert band performing all over the country. Since ... 2009 the band, in National Competitions, has been placed in the top 6 no less than 22 times. In that time the band has also progressed from 2nd section and from 1st January 2017 are promoted to the “Championship Section” and will be playing in competitions against some of the top brass bands in the country such as The Black Dyke Band, Brighouse & Rastrick Band, Fodens Band, Carlton Main Frickley, Thoresby Colliery and Newstead Welfare to name but a few.'

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Formed in 1927: 'Recent years have perhaps seen challenging times for the brass band movement, and Bodmin has had more than its fair share of struggles in concentrating the attentions of players. This downturn pales into insignificance, however, when news broke to the banding world of a raging fire that tore through the Band’s rehearsal rooms in December 2009. Arsonists completely destroyed the bandroom, including its entire set of instruments, percussion, uniforms and historic music library. Yet the tragedy of fire has in fact galvanised support from local bandsmen desperate to ensure that the town of Bodmin does not go without a band it can call its own for long. And so from the ashes of the fire and within earshot of the remains of its bandroom, Narissa Hall, 2010 saw Bodmin Town Band begin the process of rebuilding a band for which the town will be proud for another 93 years to come!'

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'Was formed in the 1890’s and performed at many local functions, events and parades until 1939 when it was disbanded at the start of WW2. The present band was brought to life by Dr John Coope in the 1960's. The band has progressed steadily through the sections since we first gained promotion from the fourth section to the third in 1988. Further promotions followed to the second section in 1993 and to the first section in 2003 before the final promotion to the top level in 2011 ... From 2012 onwards the band have competed against the likes of Fairey's and Foden's and other well known bands often regarded as the finest in the world'

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'Formed in the mid 1970s when a group of young musicians finished their time at school, but still wanted to enjoy playing in a Brass Band ... The Band has contested at all levels over the years, competing against some of the top bands in the country ... Majors and Minors was formed in 2014 with the aim to provide a group for young brass musicians, run by the members for the members in an atmosphere where they can develop and above all, have fun making music! Music is chosen by the members and specially arranged to suit individual abilities. Players from our senior band are on hand to offer their expertise and support ... Since its formation, Majors and Minors have performed at a variety of events, impressing wherever they go. As the group is self-funding and supported by the Band Supporters Club, membership is also free!'

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'Fairly new band formed in 2004 ... BSI comprises players of all ages and rehearsals take place once a week on a Wednesday night. We play a wide variety of musical styles ranging from classical to modern light rock / pop. We always endeavour to keep our entertainment programmes interesting and varied. The band employs a resident conductor to deliver professional musical direction for both contesting and general performances and it’s our ongoing aim always to be improving.'

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'"Bret" band are the only surviving village band in Worcestershire. The earliest mention in public records which the band has found, is one in September of 1895 where reference is made in the Evesham Journal to an event to raise funds for the newly-formed band ... The band evolved from a Band of Hope based on a chapel in the village and when first formed it was known as the Bretforton Temperance Band (there’s no answer to that!) Some years ago the band was fortunate enough to purchase this chapel and now it is here that they meet to practice'.

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'Regarded by many as the best and most consistent "public subscription band" in the world. In its time the majority of premier band championships have been held by "Briggus" whilst the band has also attracted a formidable reputation for highly entertaining concerts for both the general public and brass band connoisseur. The Band was formed over 130 years ago through public donations given by the townsfolk of the adjacent villages of Brighouse and Rastrick that face each other across the River Calder in West Yorkshire, England.'

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'We are a traditional town band rehearsing and playing for fun! We have a busy calendar including Christmas and summer Quayside concerts. Players of any age and ability always welcome ...'

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'Aim to contribute to the local society of West Lothian and also the wider brass band community. We give a number of concerts throughout the year including community events in Broxburn and Livingston and concerts in the wider Lothian region, and further afield.'

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'One of the most famous names in Welsh banding of the last 40 years. The initials "BTM" stand for "Bedwas, Trethomas & Machen", three small mining villages in the South Wales valleys, and the BTM bandroom is located in the largest of these three villages: Bedwas ... As well as a busy contest schedule, the BTM Band undertakes a wide range of community-based performances such as hosting concerts at "The BTM Centre of Excellence", their own state-of-the-art facility ...'

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Established 1861: 'We were formed as a village band, with the patronage of the Church and Duke of Devonshire, to teach music without charge, provide an educational and constructive pastime, develop community spirit and entertain. The band has earned an enviable repuation and has taught many hundreds to play. Today, Burbage Band continues to promote and represent Burbage and Buxton both locally and abroad at a whole host of differing concerts, functions and celebrations, providing music in a wide variety of styles, and has active members from every generation. The band is one of the most successful, busiest and friendliest bands in the area and is renowned for having trained most of its own players as well as many now playing with more famous bands. Lessons, instrument loan and insurance are provided free of charge to anyone with the commitment to learn. This provision is popular with all ages, but particularly where pupils also use the instruments at school'.

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'Sadly, just before the outbreak of the Second World War the band’s fortunes took a turn for the worse and it disbanded. Gone but not forgotten, decades later in 1972 a group of local enthusiasts held a meeting with the aim of re-establishing the band. Old instruments and a library of music were discovered, and these, together with some new purchases, a place to rehearse and a keen group of volunteers, sowed the seeds of the band’s renaissance ...'

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'Welcome to the online home of the Camborne Town Music Society, an organisation which incorporates the famous Camborne Town Band, and the highly-successful Camborne Youth Bands.' The Society Objective is: 'The study, practice and encouragement of brass music in all forms in order to foster public knowledge and appreciation of such music by means of public performance or otherwise including training and education of brass and percussion players, male or female, from all age groups and backgrounds.'

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Formed in 1983: 'The past few years have seen Campbeltown Brass grow and develop into a three-tier organisation with a beginner, a junior and a senior (Contest) band. Many of the members of the Junior Band are also part of the Contest Band. Despite the average age of the contest band being so young Campbeltown Brass has always managed to compete successfully across Scotland, and the associated junior bands have consistently won their sections in the Scottish Youth Championships. Campbeltown Brass is one of the furthest travelled bands in Scotland. Every contest requires a minimum of a 300 mile round trip and frequently an overnight stay is required!' [National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain]

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'Carlton Brass are a community brass band based in the Nottingham suburb of Carlton. We are part of the Carlton Band Organisation which also encompasses the Carlton Brass Training Band:: Our purpose is to provide music making opportunities for local people of all ages (our current membership boasts both primary school children and pensioners). We have a busy schedule throughout the year, where we provide entertainment at various public events such as evening concerts, galas and fetes.'

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'Chiltern Hills Brass Band came into existance in December 2012, some two years after Denham Hendon Band moved to High Wycombe. It was decided to change the name to suit the area in which we are based, and community we serve.'

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'We are a friendly brass band made up of musicians of all ages and abilities who enjoy playing all over Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. The band is well known for their entertaining concerts comprising of music from marches to the modern repertoire. So if you are an experienced player or would like to learn, the band will give you a very warm welcome.'

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'Formed in October 1991 as a result of the amalgamation of the Alva Town and Alloa Burgh bands. Both bands were short of players and close to extinction until talks between their respective committees resulted in their merger. During its short history the band has had a remarkable contesting success, representing Scotland at the National Championships on no fewer than 3 occasions ... The band are available for concert work and gala days or can provide small groups for fanfares, church services or weddings ... We also have an Ensemble which meets once a week ... The Ensemble will be of particular interest to anyone wishing to learn a brass instrument. The Ensemble has its own concert schedule and will occasionally co-host events with the Senior Band. All are welcome (age is no barrier).'

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'Championship Section Brass Band ... The Band are invited to take part in many concerts and contests throughout the year, giving you plenty of opportunites to come and have a listen ... The co-operative Wind Bands ... have been set up to give young brass, woodwind & percussion players the opportunity of playing together as an ensemble.'

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'We are a friendly 3rd section brass band, with a varied concert and contest schedule ... We also have a community band ... This is aimed at both the young and older generation and is a foundation into ensemble playing. Finally we have a quintet and a 10 piece brass ensemble that are available for smaller functions.'

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Comber Brass is 'the name for Comber Silver Band and our junior band - the Laureldale Brass Ensemble. The original Comber band started as a flute band in 1902 before converting to brass in 1949. Each week the members come together to practice for concerts, contests, church services and numerous other engagements. The band aim to give back to the community in the area and are involved annually in Christmas celebrations and Remembrance day services. Many of the engagements are in support of local charities for example the RNLI'.

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'One of the oldest bands in the local area. Although the majority of our players come from Corby, we have players from Kettering, Rushden and other surrounding towns and villages in Northamptonshire and beyond. Our players are hard working and committed and this shows in the many indoor and outdoor concerts we perform each year. We also constantly strive to improve our playing ability by participating in contests.'

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Champion Band: 'In 2016 The Cory Band won an elusive Grand Slam of major titles (The European, the Open and the Nationals) – a feat only achieved twice before, both by the Black Dyke Band, in 1985 and 1995. However, Cory then went on to win the final major contest of the year, Brass in Concert, redefining the meaning of the phrase "Grand Slam" and becoming the only brass band in history to have achieved this four-pronged honour. 2016 also saw a tour of the USA, 40 years after the first one in 1976, and the band ended the year ranked as Number One for the 10th year in succession and with the highest points total ever attained'.

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'We are a non-contesting brass band who concentrate on playing concerts and engagements throughout the year. We are a mixture of local people of all ages and playing abilities who enjoy playing music together. New players of all ages are always welcome or even people visiting the area and would like to come along on our rehearsal night for a "blow" ...'

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Formed in 1875:' For the first few years the instrumentation of the band was far removed from the brass bands we know today. In fact, if you owned an instrument you were invited to play in the band. Gradually, over the years, it became all brass. Over the years the band gained in popularity and it was soon being called on to play at many of the local functions being held in the area ... The band has always had a strong tradition of supporting many local charities in the pursuit of raising much-needed funds. Indeed, during the 1921 and 1926 national strikes, the band played a big part in raising funds so as to feed the strikers and their families via the soup kitchens set up in Auchinstarry, Croy and Smithstone ... Many successes have been achieved by the band over the years ...'.

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'Traditional brass band ... We compete nationally and locally in the 2nd Section and have a very busy schedule providing music for various events including concerts, functions and carnivals.'

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'Founded in 1989 by the amalgamation of Dalkeith Burgh Silver Band and Monktonhall Colliery Silver Band following the closure of both pits. New brass and percussion players are always welcome. We are a friendly but hard working and ambitious band and have a busy concert and contest schedule. We play an integral part of the East Lothian and Midlothian communities.'

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'Established 1864 ... The Junior Band is the training arm of the Senior Band; 150 years old in 2014. The band has always trained young players from scratch. Over the years it mostly took form as individual lessons to quartet and small ensemble playing. Since the lottery funding in 1997 to buy a full set of new instruments we no longer have to trade in existing instruments to supplement the purchase of new ones ... Doon Valley Brass currently consists of 28 players, made up from existing Junior Band members, members who are now too old to compete in the junior section, ex senior band members and some new faces.'

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Also indexedDalmellington Junior Band | Doon Valley Brass
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'We are a friendly, welcoming band who enjoys making music and involving our audiences in our performances. New and returning players are always welcome and if you would like more information about joining us, please feel free to contact us. The band is very active throughout the year, attending and supporting local contests, as well as the annual Regional Contests, and is available to play at a wide range of events, including local fetes, parties and major concerts.'

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'Considered one of the finest exponents of the brass medium. Its wide range of styles and flexibility of performance has bought it world-wide fame. This British Band comprises of twenty-five brass musicians with percussion and performs a repertoire spanning Baroque to Jazz, its soloists some of the finest you will hear.'

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'Formed in 1996, the idea being to create a Band for the benefit of the local community. It aimed to enhance and widen the scope of musical opportunities, especially for younger players, within the Parish of Dodington but also throughout the Dodington, Yate & Chipping Sodbury areas ... The band performs a wide range of music including arrangements of musicals, pop-songs and classical pieces as well as more traditional brass band music. Engagements include concerts at various venues, formal events such as Remembrance Sunday, regular appearances at local community events, and family celebrations, including a 100th birthday!'

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'Entertaining the community since 1837 ... We have a versatile group of musicians of all ages who have a progressive attitude towards our music. Our aim is to provide a professional, friendly & welcoming approach to music and encourage full participation from all throughout our performances.'

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'Formed on the 4th March 1869. It is felt that the Band originally was formed as a works band at a time when the iron furnaces at Waterside were in full production. The band has always been self supporting. Through fundraising, local authority grants and the band's patronage scheme, the high standards of Dunaskin Doon Band are maintained and its future ensured. Dunaskin Doon Band has played at many venues over the years ...'

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'We perform regularly at concerts across the North East, including community events such as Dunston Carnival, Ponteland Beer Festival, Newcastle Pride and Durham Miners’ Gala ... We have a varied programme, ranging from traditional brass band arrangements to modern pop and film tunes, to classical orchestral arrangements. We are very versatile, playing at events including marches, park bandstand entertainment, evening concerts, weddings, and heritage and community events. We can also perform as a quintet or small band if requested.'

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'We enjoy serving our local community by playing at summer fetes, parades and horticultural shows as well as more formal occasions such as the D-Day and Remembrance services. We have a varied repertoire including marches, hymns, TV/film music and popular classics.'

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'We are a traditional brass band which strives to provide quality entertainment for the general public by playing concert music rather than entering contests ... In the main we play in the Wirral and Merseyside area with excurisons into rural Cheshire.'

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'Founded in 1870 from the basis of a woodwind and brass ensemble. The Band does have some mining roots, as do most brass bands like Grimethorpe and Carlton Main Frickley ... We are fortunate enough to have our own bandroom conveniently located opposite the White Horse Public House. We do approximately 30 concerts a year for a variety for audiences, and also take part in 4 or 5 contests, testing ourselves against other bands and aiming to improve our standards. We have an excellent reputation for highly professional and entertaining concerts ... Like all amateur Brass Bands we are unfunded so we have to try new avenues to raise vital funds to keep our organisation running. Check out our Real Ale Festival run every Easter in the bandroom!'

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'Founded in 1937 by a group of employees at the Fairey Aviation Works in Stockport, the Band achieved many musical successes under the brilliant direction of Harry Mortimer, their Musical Director for over thirty years. Since those early days, the Band has been 16 times British Open Champions and National Champions of Great Britain on 9 occasions. Winners of the BBC "Best of Brass" and Granada "Band of the Year" titles add further touches of distinction to this famous Band.'

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'Formed in 1881 by 6 men in a pub, Fakenham Town Band  has survived many ups and downs including 2 world wars. Nevertheless, sheer determination and commitment by members over the years have ensured that the band not only survives, but reaches high levels of musical performance for the enjoyment of audiences and players alike. Fakenham Town Band is very popular, often giving up to 40 performances per year ranging from garden fetes through to concerts. Most events are in North Norfolk and the surrounding area.'

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'Instead of one major sponsor the band has become self-financing and has joined a number of organisations who have become “Partners” in the Band ... The Band has a number of annual commitments including a Patrons Concert, Christmas Concert, Transport Festival Procession and a week in Ireland. They are also committed to taking part in various competitions around the country and have been very successful over the years winning numerous trophies.'

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Also indexedFoden's Youth Band
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'Community brass band in the heart of rural Dorset. The band are on hand for civic events, such as remembrance parades as well as church services, carnivals, and community concerts ... As well as performing concerts, Gillingham band takes part in several contests throughout the year. Perhaps the most important contest the band takes part in every year is the regional qualifier (also known as "the areas"). There are 8 separate area contests in the UK which take place on the weekends throughout March & April time every year.'

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'One of the oldest "village" Bands in the country, and was originally formed in 1847 ... We are a competitive band who take part in contests throughout the North West of England and surrounding areas. We are also available for private performances and public concerts to suit many different tastes and requirements. The band is comprised of a refreshing mix of personalities, ages and backgrounds. As a band we are well known for having consistently good attendances and a professional attitude. We also have an excellent social side and a great atmosphere within our group. As always, our priority is to enjoy making music and helping those around us to further their skills. Each brass band consist of up to 30 members (25 Brass Players + Percussionists), all of which have a vital role within the band.'

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'GYB Senior Band and Future Brass are always on the lookout for the next generation of players from established Brass musicians and Percussionists to anyone who has never even played an instrument in their life. Totally free to join and instruments are provided, so whatever your age or ability, we would love to hear from you. Don’t let the winter evenings get you down ... BE PART OF SOMETHING GREAT'

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'We are a competing third section band based in the heart of brass band country rehearsing in the village of Greenfield in Saddleworth. The infamous Whit Friday contest is quite literally on our doorstep and we have had notable success in all sorts of competitions over the years. We have a large concert repertoire for any occasion including: weddings, garden parties and as a marching band for processions etc. We also promote our own seasonal concerts throughout the year which are proving increasingly popular.'

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'Formed in 1917, during the First World War, Grimethorpe Colliery Band is a British institution. National and British Open Champions on numerous occasions, the band’s contest successes remain legendary ... Grimethorpe's diverse noted concert performances include those at the FIFA World Cup, BAFTA Awards, BBC Proms, Eurovision and London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony ... In addition to continuing to delight audiences across the globe, Grimethorpe also continues to invest in and support its local community in Grimethorpe, Barnsley and South Yorkshire, particularly through its youth music initiatives and community performances, both locally and on a national scale.'

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'Formed in the early 1890s. During the Second World War the Band disbanded due to members being called for active service and becoming part of the Home Guards. The reformation of Hartland Town Band as we know it today was in early 1960 ... The Band can be heard, twice weekly, rehearsing in the St. Johns Arts and Music Centre, as well as at various events and concerts throughout the year. Encouraging the "future generations" to carry forward the brass band tradition in the village is important to the Band: there is a small Training Band who meet weekly and we are always willing to welcome new members.'

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'The premier band based in Doncaster ... competing in the Yorkshire Championship section alongside the likes of Grimethorpe Colliery, Brighouse and Rastrick and Black Dyke Bands. The band is made up of a group of 28 musicians who play repertoire of varied origin inclusing classical transcriptions through to modern compositions and popular music arrangements. We are happy to provide entertainment for any event you require. We have performed at wedding services and evening receptions, corporate events such as conferences, garden parties, town galas.'

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'Our Band was formed in 1855 and we are based in Hawick in the Scottish Borders. We are part of a tradition of music making dating back to 1809 when the first civilian brass band was formed.'

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'Hawk Green Band has no commercial sponsors and its members work hard throughout the year raising the funds required to run the band. Each year the band represents Marple and Hawk Green at local functions and in contests and provides entertainment at several events which have become an annual fixture. Instruments, music, accommodation, uniforms and transport are a constant drain on resources which is why we are asking you, our local friends and supporters, to help us keep alive this great tradition by donating £10 or more per year ...'

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'Formed in January 1998, Haywards Heath Concert Brass provides an opportunity for people of all ages to play brass instruments within an accomplished brass band. We re-named in 2012 to Haywards Heath Concert Band to reflect the joining of both our Brass and Swing bands and our new and more diverse approach to music,'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)28

'It is not absolutely clear when Hebden Bridge Brass Band was founded but in 1978 they held their Centenary celebration. For many years it was believed that 1878 was the founding year, but an appeal to the local community for any information on the band’s history a few years ago revealed that the band was in existence around 1850 ... In the early days of brass banding, members were made up from the workforce of the local mills who sponsored them and they, the mill owners, in return got relatively cheap advertising for the mill and products, particularly if the bands performed well and won prizes and recognition at local and national contests ...'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)36

'Consisting of amateur musicians of all ages, the Hemel Hempstead Band continues the tradition of over a hundred years’ entertainment and service for the community. The full brass Band of 25 players regularly performs at a variety of public and private functions such as Carnivals, Fetes, Park Bandstands, Church events, Sports meetings, Shopping centres, Remembrance Day parades, and its own Concerts – mostly within easy reach of the Dacorum district of Hertfordshire.'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)11

'The history of Hitchin Band starts some time in the 1860’s which ranks it among the oldest “Brass” Bands in the world still performing. It has formed a cornerstone of musical culture in and around Hitchin ever since ... The band has performed in many venues ranging from river barges, open-air garden shows, football grounds, television and radio programmes and the Royal Albert Hall. Our activity is subsidised through a busy programme of summer and Christmas events ... In addition, we participate in regional and national competitions having appeared as finalists on a number of occasions ...'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)22

'Derbyshire’s friendliest brass band. We are a family orientated brass band based in Derbyshire, UK. Ilkeston Brass has a long standing history dating back to the 1930s, when it was known as “The Stanton Ironworks Band” ... We are proud to be a competitive 4th Section Band, based in the East Midlands Area.'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)42

'The Band was formed in Coventry in 1944 by the late Jack Major as the Air Training Corps Band. During the earlier years the band had a number of name changes including the Coventry Boys Band, Coventry School of Music Band and the Coventry Festival Band. In 1982 and for the next twenty years the band was known as The Rolls-Royce (Coventry) Band. In September 2002 the band entered into its latest chapter and became known as the Jaguar (Coventry) Band and in 2011, to further align with its sponsor the band became the Jaguar Land Rover Band.'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)31

'Based in the Scottish Borders town of Jedburgh. Instituted in1854, the JIB is one of the UKs oldest continuously running Bands. We are now one of the most progressive Brass Band organisations in the United Kingdom, having won a Major National award in 2005 in recognition of our presence and impact whilst raising awareness of Brass Music nationaly. Hailed as a model of success the JIB continue to explore new ground, fortify tradition and pioneer uncharted area's of excellence. As many as sixty players are involved in the band organisation, ranging in age from 7 to 65. We have two brass bands - a senior band and a "junior" band, which perform regularly throughout the year, at concerts, local festivals, church services, and band contests.'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)26

'Established 1871 ... Kettering Town Silver Band was originally known as "Stanley's Band" and was made up from workmen at Harry Stanley's Boot and Shoe factory in Albert Street Kettering ... We are a friendly band ... Anyone is welcome to come along for a blow, whether a beginner or experienced.'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)18

'The band exists at present as a Community Band, with the focus being on playing at local engagements, holding concerts and providing musical entertainment for the people of Ayrshire. As a non-competing band, players are able to come along and play even if they are registered with other competing bands.'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)64

'One of the oldest in Lincolnshire with a history stretching back to its foundation as the Cleethorpes Borough Band in 1880 ... Our Band is proud to be sponsored and supported by Kingsway Printers, a family owned company providing a variety of first class printing services and specialists in labeling for a broad spectrum of industries ... The Band plays a variety of concerts at local venues, supporting local charities and providing live musical entertainment for all.'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)54

'An established part of community life in this town and the Upper Eden valley and we play at most civic events, celebratory and commemorative. It currently has about 25 members ranging from almost complete beginners to very accomplished musicians ... We also have a group of new players of all ages who are having lessons until they are ready to participate with the band in performances in the near future ... There is a good, friendly spirit in this band ... Obviously people make mistakes, especially with new music, but more advanced players help newcomers because in the end everyone just wants the band to get better and better ...'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)19

'We currently have a Senior Band, Junior Band, Learner Band, Community Band and a Beginner Band. Over 90 musicians in all. The band has always been a subscription band and rely on the generosity of the public for support.'

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Views of 'Full' Record (& Map)25

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